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Theme - Rainforest Theme

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Here are some ideas for your rainforest themed classroom!
Posted by:Tina #55853

I turn my whole classroom into a rainforest. I begin by introducing the rainforest by reading the Great Kapok Tree. Each day I introduce a part of the rainforest, ex: layers, animals trees, plants, people, resources. After students have a lot of background info. they choose a part of rainforest they want to do a report on. We research in computer lab for each topic (I make a simple outline of questions to answer)students write facts, rough draft, edit, final copy, type in computer lab. All reports done in class. I send home a time line for parents to know when to expect things are happening. Parents help students make replica of what they did their reports on. I have two days before replica's are due that I ask for parent help to turn the room into a rainforest. I have students in groups that want to make things in the...

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3rd grade teacher
Posted by:Tonya #140566

I am also doing a rainforest theme for my classroom. I have found some that include: Reading Rainforest, Wild about Reading (this has an animal print background and book covers with big google eyes that looks as if are looking at a book), Hanging out in Mrs._____ Room (hall display), Mrs. _____ Bunch (Tree with a monkey and bannas), Wild About School, Wild About Books. These are just some that I have found, I have more but, I wrote them down and they are at school so I could decide which ones to use. Hope this helps.

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Posted by:Weezer #1945

I bought the hut in the above picture at Big Lots. However, I used to have a hut that I made and I used a grass table skirt for the top. I attached a pic of this hut!

Download: proteacher-IMG_1651.JPG (61.901 KB)

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more trees
Posted by:Weezer #1944

Sorry for three posts but I made 3 different kinds of trees.

Download: proteacher-IMG_1631.JPG (79.028 KB)

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Classroom tree
Posted by:pxydst07 #1943

I attached a picture of our hut and tree. I did a rainforest theme for the last 2 months of school. The kids loved it. I'm hoping to add to it this year.

Download: proteacher-100_1417.jpg (65.028 KB)

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Rainforest Behavior Chart / New Travel Theme
Posted by:jwithere #138399

Ok, I need your host of brilliant ideas. This past year my classroom was a rainforest. My jobs were "Who can Help? Toucan You Can!" and the kids names were written on toucans that rotated, I had vines growing across the room to post work, the kids built a Kapok Tree the first month, their name magnets were on snakes, the library had birds that asked you to "Branch out with a good book", blow up animals around the room, and I painted the room green and brought in a bunch of live and fake trees and plants.

We were a jungle :). My favorite idea was taking the layers of the rainforest and turning them into the behavior chart. All my kids snake magnets started out in the emergent layer of the rainforest, if they had a bad day, the moved it to the canopy, and so forth until if they...

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No title
Posted by:nythirdcc #140555

Go to WalMart and buy some of the brown paper that is over in the area where they sell the boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap. Take several rolls. Then unroll it and twist is tightly make "vines". Hang these from your ceiling by draping them and attaching them in various spots. Then hang monkeys, parrots, etc from the branches along with some fake greenery. I'd also see if you can't find some inexpensive plants to sit around your room to form a jungle type atomosphere!
Good luck!

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this is what I did....
Posted by:kristen123 #140556

One year I did this theme in my 3rd grade classroom. I made a huge tree at the entrance of our classroom. THe trunk of the tree was the entrance into our jungle. My door was covered with brown paper and I decorated the tree with crumpled green tissue paper and green leaf cut-outs. I also placed a few pictures of animals that would live in the tree (monkey's, birds, etc.) in the leafy area. Inside my room I bought rainforest themed fabric from Walmart to use on the bulletin boards (ferns, vines and frogs were some of the fabrics I used). This was a great investment because the fabric didn't fade and I can reuse it again. I also bought green and brown party streamers and I twisted them and pinned them up to the ceiling to look like vines and branches. I also hung huge colorful butterflies...

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I have a Rainforest Theme
Posted by:Wrigley #138618

I am doing this theme this year. I have had so much fun! I have a word wall that is "We're Wild About Words" with the words on monkeys and synoymns of those words underneath them. I also bought a BB set that had monkey and jungle pictures for items such as the lunch count, class rules, class news, and class schedule. It also came with a card that said "We're Swinging Into Third Grade". I also bought a paper cutout tree to place in the hall with each student's name on a monkey. I have a big palm tree in front of my window. I also have toucans with the students' numbers on them for keeping up with their AR points. They move their Toucan through the three levels of the rainforest (up a cutout tree) to the number of points they have on AR. I just recently made a...

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No title
Posted by:1956BD #128639

Look Who Stopped Monkeying Around! Then put up examples of good work.

It's a Jungle Out There! Then post poems or actual writing about the rain forest.

Come in Out of the Rain. Then show pictures of rain forest dwellings and descriptions of the materials used written by students. Also rain fall reports on the amount of rain. Maybe some maps showing rainfall.

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Posted by:Weezer #140558

Sounds like you've done a lot. I hope you are able to post pics soon. I do the rainforest theme and love it! So do my kids. I haave mycenters titled Kapok Corner- this is science/social studies/ reasearch skills center; Parrot Point: the table where I do small group work/guided reading groups etc. TreeMendous Words ; working with words skills Monkey Math Center and Plantation Poetry Center Of course my Reading Center is titled the Reading Rainforest and I have a reading hut in it. I put my children in groups based on animals I have toucans, boas, jaguars,

I've placed real banana plants in my room and they really add to the jungle theme. I also bought little sound things that I use tao get attention or change activities. I found them at Big Lots. they are parrots and the...

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reading hut
Posted by:Weezer #1946

We used 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe. We cut the legs in 6 feet sections because that is how tall I needed it because of my couch. I would make it shorter if the kids are going to be sitting on the floor. We have 3 pipes going across the top. Cut these the length you want your hut to be. You will need 6 T's and 6 elbows to conect it all together. I spray painted the PVC pipe, and used double sided tape to attach the grass table skirt as a roof. Hope this helps!:p

Download: reading center.jpg (66.629 KB)

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rainforest theme
Posted by:teachersheart #140559

You use brown bulletin board paper and scrunch together to make vines that could hang from the ceiling. Oriental Trading has inflatable monkeys, etc. Palm tree made out of a carpet roll with a natural rope wrapped around, a burlap bag scrunched around the top, then add some artificial palm leaves sticking out of the roll. You could use blue or clear Saran Wrap and make a waterfall in one of the corners. If you use clear, you'll have to have blue bulletin board paper underneath. Then at the bottom crumple some brown paper and make rocks. You could even use aluminum foil crumpled in to a ball then sprayed painted brown. I'll try to keep thinking of more ideas. A fellow teacher used this theme last year. I'll try to talk to her and get her ideas.

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rainforest pics
Posted by:Weezer #1947

I've done the rainforest for a couple of years..inspired by an actual vacation to the Amazon. I made a hut out of pvc pipe and grass skirts. I have each of my centers named like Monkey math, Kapok Corner, Reading Rainforest, Treemendous Words.My title on my behavior board is "No Monkey Business". The children love iat. I put a huge monkey on my door and wirte each students name on a banana. The title on my door in 3rd grade,,,What a great Bunch! I've attached pics.

Download: Door.jpg (51.187 KB)

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Rainforest jobs
Posted by:Dave #140560

Get the book "A Day in the Tropical Rainforest" by Jean Craighead George... very fast read... but she talks about various jobs/critter/etc that are in the rainforest, and what's happening to them... might help

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I work in a Christian school, too
Posted by:myoung #140562

and am also doing a jungle theme. I'm going to go the "He's the King of the Jungle" route (you know, like the VBS song?) I'm going to label our memory verse board "A Word from the King", and that's about all I've got from a Biblical perspective. I've got a huge tree with stuffed animals in a corner of my library; a leopard print bulletin board that says "Spotted: GRRREat Books" for reader recommendations; an information hut made of bamboo and onion grass roof for lunch menu, announcements, etc., a FROG poster (Fully Rely on God) over my Gecko curtains, and that's about it. This site has been great for getting ideas about classroom themes!

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Rainforest Theme
Posted by:missjohnson #140565

I have read majority of the threads on here about the rainforest and jungle themes however I need a little more help. I am having a hard time thinking of a catchy phrase for my beginning of the year board which will be decorated with toucans. I was thinking of "We Tou-Can Succeed in Third Grade" I also need a phrase for my reading corner, computer center, and rules board. I want to use a different rainforest animal as the theme for each section in my room. So far I have:
Word Wall- Hung Up on Words focusing on monkeys
AR- Hopping Towards AR goals focusing on frogs
Good Work- Sss..Sensational Work focusing on snakes
Math Board- Bird's Eye View of Math focusing on birds

Any other suggestions? Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance for your help and comments!

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Rainforest ideas
Posted by:C.C. #46052

I am a librarian for a K-4th grade school. I am going to also try to do a rainforest this year. I have bought nets at a craft store to hang in my reading corner from the celing,then I can hang vines, monkeys, and snakes from it. I also purchased raffia in large packages in natural and green colors. Have hung it over my large windows to look like grass. Could also make a grass hut with a cardboard box. Have seen it done. Also a teacher used an alligator air mattress as a reading chair. I purchased items from a teachers store that are for bulletin boards,etc. I also purchased a rainforest book with activites and information on the rainforest, such as what animals live there, the different layers of the rainforest, and locations of different rainforests. I plan on purchasing a coconut and cutting...

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Rainforest Theme Ideas
Posted by:Krissy #47026

*Hang vines (brown paper rolled up) all around your room with giant green paper leaves on them. Get a couple of stuffed or paper monkeys to hang around

*Classroom Jobs: "Hopping in to help out!" With little frogs with students names and leaves with jobs on them.

*Classroom Events Timeline: Call it the "Swing of Things" and put a little monkey for the graphic. OR "Hopping Through the Year" with a little frog.

*Student of the Week: "Look WHO's top student this week..." with a big owl; OR "Top Toucan" with a giant toucan to display

*Word Wall: "Word Waterfall" Put up a large sheet of white paper coming down from your ceiling, draw/scribble or paint blue lines flowing down. and keep a pile of paper fish to write important words on. Glue them on throughout the year.

*Classroom Management:
Use these layers of the...

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Posted by:Rebecca #77395

I did this a couple of years ago. Let me see if I can remember back...........
I put up a huge tree at the entrance of my room. I twisted brown paper to look like vines and hung them from the ceiling. I had snakes coiled around the vines, with flowers growing around it, and toucans sitting up above.

On one wall, make the different layers by putting up the things that would be in that layer of the rainforest. Distinguish each layer by a roll of paper across the wall adding those things found in that layer. You could set up a waterfall somewhere in your room (just those little ones you put together).

I got some ideas from this board:
I put up a board about myself and called it "Queen of the Jungle". It had pictures of me and my family.

"It's A Jungle In...

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Rainforest/jungle Theme
Posted by:missjohnson #114087

My School's Theme This Year Is "wild About Learning" And We're Using The Rainforest As The Focus. I've Already Started Decorating My Class And It's Looking Great. I'm Teaching Third Grade So Around My Cursive Alphabets, I Have Vines Going Through With Toucans. For My Math Wall, I'm Using "a Bird's Eye View Of Math" And I Have Different Birds Found In The Rainforest Going Around That Wall. For My Good Work Board, I'm Using "ss...sensational Work" With Snakes All Around The Board. I Have Different Trees Going Up My Walls That I Created Using Butcher Paper. For My Word Wall, I Have Monkeys With The Title "hung Up On Words". Also For My Welcome Back Board, I'm Using A Huge Palm Tree With Toucans With The Title "we Tou-can Succeed In Third Grade". I Don't Assign Jobs In My Class, I Just Choose A Different...

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rainforest decorations
Posted by:gator gal #92532

A couple of years ago we did the rainforest/ jungle as our reading theme schoolwide- "Wild About Reading." Several teachers went all out and hung vines with leaves all over the room. One purchased stuff from the floral department another made vines from twisting newspaper and painting them green. Then she added die-cut leaves. She put a stuffed animal snake in the vines and little butterflies. It made the kids really feel like they were in the rainforest. In one classroom the teacher let students bring in their own rainforest stuffed animal to read to during independent reading time (she provided for a few who couldn't bring one in).

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Posted by:Lenore #66844

I started the year with a rainforest theme. My students loved it and begged me to keep some of the decorations up even after we were finished. I did an attendance chart with a lion on it. Names are put up each day and I used the caption "Who's Li-on around in the K room?" I hung 12 bananas on a bulletin board and added a monkey. The months of the year are on the bananas and I added students' names on the bananas. The caption is "Go Bananas! Its Your birthday!" I have a safari character with binoculars on another board and it says "Searching for good work". I put student names on monkeys and used the caption "Look who's hanging out in the K-1-2 room. I stwisted brown crepe paper for vines and added some silk leaves and it looked super. I hung vines aound the...

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Rainforest Theme
Posted by:Megan Vittitow #73913

I am trying to think of ideas for Rainforest bulletin boards. I came up with a few.

* A monkey hanging from the bulletin board, licking a lolly pop..."We've Licked Fourth Grade"

* A monkey hanging from a banana tree... "You'll go bananas over these books!" Each student can write about a book they have enjoyed over the summer.

* "Meet a wonderful bunch" A bunch of bananas

* "It's a jungle out there" I haven't come up with an idea for this bulletin board, but I like the saying.

* A big gorilla, holding two people "Being a helper is a big job"

I hope these ideas help.


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