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This is a quick tour of the new features being added to your ProTeacher Community!
My Collections
Posted by:Editor #65

This is the My Collections page. It shows all the collections I have created myself, and all the other collections I have bookmarked. To start a new collection, I click on "Create a New Collection".

Download: my_collections.jpg (80.261 KB)

Create a New Collection
Posted by:Editor #66

To create a new collection, I just fill out this simple form. I can always change this information later. I don't need to have any items in my collection yet. I can add the items later.

Download: create_new_collection.jpg (91.92 KB)

New Features Tour
Posted by:Editor #67

Here is the collection you are reading right now! Notice the "Collection Tools" area. I am going to be telling you about the 'Add New Item' tool in just a moment. Notice that the tools I see in my menu are not the same tools you see. Only the owner of the collection can add items and make changes.

Download: new_features_tour.jpg (98.457 KB)

Add New Item
Posted by:Editor #64

The "Add New Item" option lets me add new items (like this one!) directly into my collection. To add an attachment, I click the "Browse" button below and locate the file on my computer.

Download: add_new_item.jpg (93.645 KB)

Test File
Posted by:Editor #73

This is a test word document file upload to collection

Download: test_file.doc (24.064 KB)

Search Results
Posted by:Editor #68

This is an earlier search I did for Grandparents Day. I clicked on the scissors icon to clip out each item that I wanted. You can clip items directly to the collections you have created or first to your Scrapbook! I added some items from this search to my Grandparents Day collection.

Download: search_results.jpg (135.616 KB)

My Scrapbook
Posted by:Editor #69

Did I mention My Scrapbook? I can clip any item in the archive and save it in my private Scrapbook. I can also clip any item on the discussion boards! My Scrapbook has tools, which I can use to make a new collection; move specific items into any of my other collections; and print or remove items from my scrapbook. I can keep items in My Scrapbook as long as I want.

Download: my_scrapbook.jpg (113.913 KB)

Printable View
Posted by:Editor #70

The printer icon lets me print specific items, or entire collections of items in one convenient printable view.

Download: printable_view.jpg (145.746 KB)

Clip from the Boards!
Posted by:Editor #71

Did I mention that I can clip items from the boards? Every post on the discussion boards will now have a scissors icon in the upper right corner. I can simply click on the scissors to clip an item to My Scrapbook or directly to one of my Collections!

Download: clip_from_boards.jpg (113.951 KB)

Share this Collection
Posted by:Editor #72

Collections can be either shared or kept private. Private collections are listed only on your My Collections page. Shared collections are listed on our new ProTeacher Community Archive website!

Now that I am ready to share my New Features Tour, I am going to use the tool "Edit Collection" to change the privacy setting to "Share this Collection". That is why you can see this collection I made! I hope you will enjoy making collections of your own to share!

Download: share_this_collection.jpg (90.403 KB)
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