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Classroom Library Organization

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Libraries, libraries, and more libraries, the staple of the best classrooms! Problem is we are constantly trying to organize how they are displayed, what genres and topics are important, and how to get more books into kid's hands. This collection includes library photos, links to helpful sites that will get your library where you want it, and all things useful to the classroom library!
finding books
Posted by:clkelley #74

I got so frustated trying to find my books that I finally got busy and organized them. (See attached picture.)

Download: bulletin boards 148.jpg (23.277 KB)

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Here's what I use...
Posted by:msharkey #1902

Well... I came up with this
Posted by:iluv2nd #1901

myself. Suggestions to make it better

Download: Take Home Book Contract.doc (34.304 KB)

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something to add
Posted by:hazeleyesinnc #1905

In my 5th grade classroom when I taught Reading, I had a library of over 300 books. When I was losing books I decided to make a chart (file folder usually purple- my fav. color with large colored index cards that I would stagger and tape down. I would assign numbers to my students so I only put a number on the chart. Students could check one book out at a time- more control of the books then- two books won't be too many either. When I came up with this system I was teaming with 1 other teacher so there were always 2 cards in each pocket. Brain is waking up....I would allow the librarian to fix books. I only checked books out during my AR or silent reading time. I also had a chart with pockets with their numbers that they would put the card in to say they...

Download: Picture1.jpg (45.191 KB)

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Another Pic
Posted by:hazeleyesinnc #1906

Here is another....

Download: proteacher-.jpg (27.916 KB)

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Next one...
Posted by:hazeleyesinnc #1907

is my AR board....empty at the beginning of school.

Download: Picture4.jpg (40.364 KB)

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Final one....
Posted by:hazeleyesinnc #1908

AR board at the end of the year........

Download: Picture3.jpg (53.192 KB)

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ups guy came
Posted by:charya824 #1909

I just got these delivered. I'm attaching a picture. It's a little wobbly on it's own, but once you put stuff inside it's fine. I will probably need to put packaging tape on the bottom to keep it closed tight.

Download: BookBox.JPG (100.718 KB)

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No title
Posted by:MrsCroak #140375

if i were you i would think in the long term. finally i have a system that i love, but i had to redo everything a few times to get it right. so, think it out first and just put "getting more books" as a part of your planning. it's okay if you put bins out that may be empty at first. if bins are empty then you will know that those are the types of books you need more of.

i used beth newingham's book bin labels (, but the first thing i did was find colorful bins. of course, if you find one color, you can do different colors of book bin labels. my library has yellow bins for fiction, blue bins for favorite authors, and red bins for non-fiction. i do have quite a few more fiction books than anything else. i have some bins...

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No title
Posted by:MrsCroak #140376

don't be scared when i tell you i used a power drill to put holes in my bins. a lot of my teacher friends can't believe i've used one before and i think they are possibly one of the best inventions.

anyway, i put holes in the front of my bins with a drill:

then i slit holes (a hole puncher would have worked) and used zip ties from the hardware store:

the only changing of my library that i really do is adding more bins. i haven't actually switched any out.

the thing that i like about the drill is, if i hadn't found these bins i could have used dish pans from the dollar store, and just drilled the...

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Posted by:MrsCroak #1910

lol. no need to camp out...i've got back up bins if i need to add more. just an FYI, if dollar tree has something you like but you need more, they offer online ordering (in bulk) at -- there is a 5 dollar processing fee, but you can get free shipping if you have it delivered to your local store. the online stock changes frequently.

as for my checkout system, it took a lot of prep, but only had 4 missing books last year and my kids were fined for them without arguing about it. i glued a library pocket in the back of every book (and had some students do this as well). then i put an index card in the back with the title and author's last name on it, and a space for the kids to write their name and the date.


Download: permissionslip.pdf (59.188 KB)

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Colored Dots
Posted by:Angel Star #140377

The leveled part of my library is divided into 6 different "Polka Dot" baskets. I teach 2nd grade and have a wide range of reading abilities (from 1st grade reading level to 5th grade).
Red - K/1
Blue - 1
Yellow - 2
Green - 3
Orange - 4
Lime Green - 5

Personally, I don't "graduate" the kids to the next polka dot basket, I allow them to let me know when they think they are ready. I let them try it and get back to me during a conference.

The other 80% of my books are categorized differently. I have baskets such as:
Animals (fiction)
Series (there are many of these baskets)
Authors (there are many of these too)
Fairy Tales
Tall Tales
Tales from Other Lands
Jokes and Riddles
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Book Baskets
Posted by:tbsrwilson #1714

I have some of mine labeled by level, some by series, and some by theme. Here is a copy of the labels I made. I printed them on lable sheets and stuck them on the ends of the baskets.

Download: Book Basket Labels - Frogs.pdf (295.429 KB)

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