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New ProTeacher Community Archive Features

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This is a quick tour of the features of your new ProTeacher Community Archive now located at
My Scrapbook
Posted by:GB Hein #59

Each member has their own private scrapbook, which can be used to gather items of interest. You can gather old items from the archive and new items from the discussion boards! Your scrapbook has tools, which allow you to save your items as a collection, or individually move items to collections you have already created. There are also convenient printable views that allow you to print individual items or all items in your scrapbook at once. You can then remove items one by one, clean out your scrapbook all at once, or just leave items there for later use.

Download: my_scrapbook.jpg (115.978 KB)

Search Results
Posted by:GB Hein #58

Here's the new search results page. Use the scissors icon to clip any items that interest you to save in your scrapbook. Or, use the printer icon to display a convenient printable view.

Download: search_results.jpg (131.008 KB)

Collection Tools
Posted by:GB Hein #61

Here is a screenshot of the very same collection you are reading now. Notice my "Collection Tools". Using these tools, I added each of the images in the collection. I also edited the collection to change my introduction. Collections can be a mixture of items you find on the boards, in the archive, and new items (including attachments) that you add directly yourself.

Download: this_collection.jpg (100.355 KB)

Add New Items
Posted by:GB Hein #57

The "Add New Items" option lets you add new items -including attachments- directly into your collection.

Download: add_new_items.jpg (96.236 KB)

Edit Collection
Posted by:GB Hein #62

The "Edit Collection" tool lets you make changes to your collection. In this screenshot, I am changing the order of the first two items in my collection by renumbering them. When I click "Save This Collection" the items I renumbered will be switched.

Download: edit_collection.jpg (89.313 KB)
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