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Theme - Patriotic Theme

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Everything you need to have a patriotic theme in your classroom.
Patriotic Theme
Posted by:Emily #46136

I did a patriotic theme 4 years ago and loved it!! I also teach 5th and with early American history, the theme fit well. Here are some ideas that I did.

Nameplates: I had the students use a piece of sentence strip to decorate with red,white and blue the first day of school.

Jobs: Classroom Heroes: on posterboard I glued plain white library pockets on and put a flag sticker on each one and labeled it with a job. Used red, white, and blue craft sticks with their names on them to rotate jobs. Laminate the posterboard for durability.

S.S. bb: Patriots in the News: had a current events board with stories from around the nation. Students could bring in interesting articles, or I would post newsy items.

Reading corner: Uncle Sam wants YOU to read a book!

Compliment chain: for each compliment our...

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Patriotic Theme
Posted by:Krissy #47025

*Check the local dollar stores, I found tons of red/white/blue things there to decorate my room for my hero summer theme. Many of these would work well for a patriotic theme, too. I found a calendar with pictures of government, American landmarks, etc. for $1 they made great posters when cut apart.

*I hung patriotic (red/white/blue) kites from my ceiling.

*Jobs board: Mine was "Heroes Help Out!" But, if you want something strictly patriotic, I would use stars and write the jobs on clothespins.

*Print out small banners with a Print Shop program that say the phrases to some famous songs like "Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies" and "My Country Tis of Thee" and hang these above your chalkboards all around the room.

*Have each student make a windsock to decorate your room at the beginning of school....

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Posted by:Jennifer in OK #77204

I have done a patriotic theme the last 3 years. I have put patriotic curtains up. I have a reading area that I have a sign that says "5 Star Books" with red, white, and blue stars with titles of books written on them. I also put up hanging stars from the ceiling. I have my students make patriotic wind socks the first few days of school and hang them from clips on the ceiling. I also put up various pics from the USA since I teach 4th grade and we cover the regions of the US. I also put up blue fabric on my bulletin boards and put patriotic border around them. A team member of mine has put up posters with the Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner, and Preamble that you can get at teacher stores. I do a money system for classroom mgmt...

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patriotic theme
Posted by:mel #76517

I did not think long, but I came up with a few ideas. Some bulletin board sayings might be It's a Grand Old Class(Flag)! Proud to be _____!
Do Uncle Sam and incorporate the saying I want you...(or whatever it is he says)That might be a goood idea for your jobs. You can use stars. There are a lot of sayings that go along with stars. Star students, shining stars, Room ____ the Red, white, and you. Another job chart idea... Our leaders or Our Future Leaders or Leading Our Class. You could also use the saying We salute_____ and incorporate it into a saying for something. I'll keep thinking. I didn't spend much time. I think that it is agreat idea to do a patriotic theme with the election happening this year.

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Patriotic themes
Posted by:Sharmin #60938

Our school had a patriotic theme last year for our AR program. Here are a few of the catchy themes some of the teachers used on my hall.

"Let Freedom Read" (the Liberty Bell)
"Rush into Reading" (this was mine - I had a poster of Mt. Rushmore and my letters were displayed on notepad paper that had Mr. Rushmore on them as well)
"Oh Say Can You Read"
"Four Score and Seven Books Ago" (Abe Lincoln theme)
" I pledge to Read More Books"

I hope these help.

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another theme idea
Posted by:Sarah #60013

This year I am doing a patriotic theme in my second grade room. "Second grade stars" is my welcome back b.board with a background like the flag and student pictures on some of the 50 stars.
Another b.board is titled "Freedom" that is where we will create our classroom rules- I was thinking "Freedom to play, to think, to learn..etc...
Another board I'd like to work into the room is titled "Free to be you and me" with self portraits of students after school starts.
What I am looking for though is a job helper board to follow this theme along with any other ideas to tie into this theme.

Good luck picking a theme-they all sound like so much fun! I may have to change to another theme next year.

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Patriotic theme
Posted by:Amy #38820

Our school made a flag out of handprints. The students traced their hands(fingers touching) on red, white,and blue construction paper and then cut the handprints out. We then assembled the flag by putting a square of white paper in the top left corner, placing blue handprints as stars on the white square(handprints are placed horizontally), then we made stipes out of the red and white handprints.It takes many handprints. I have also seen this done using paint.
Our kindergarten teachers also did the theme"United We Stand" and had large boy and girl cut-outs to represent each student. The students decorated the cut-out to look like themself. Then they made flags out of construction paper,attatched them to a vertical piece of brown paper(like a banner) and put them in each of their hands. It was quite a display! Hope these ideas are...

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usa theme
Posted by:4th grade teacher #78369

I used symbols of the US to coordinate my patriotic theme.

REading corner: "Oh say, can you see....All the great books we've read". Words are on a big Statue of Liberty, and each time kids read a book they wrote title on a red, white, or blue star. Looked really cute.

Welcome BB...Mrs. ___'s All Star Students. Students decorated a star cut out with some of their favorites with name printed in center. This was real "showy" and stayed up until Open House.

Hope these ideas help you! I'd love to hear other's ideas to add to my own!

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Me too
Posted by:Traci #78851

I plan on using the Patriotic theme also. So far I have labels, desk name tags, borders, and writing paper. For posters I found one that says "Liberty-imagine one dream that became a country" it has photographic pictures of the Statue of Liberty, flag, fireworks, and the Lincoln Memorial, which are fantastic. I saw a few by Carson-Dellosa. I also purchased a VOTE banner b/c I have a SS corner that has info about the election, Who's who in America, State Map.

I wish I had thought about this as a theme around the 4th of July, there would have been plenty of Patriotic decorations then!

I also plan on using Red, White, and Blue stars to put the names on them for classroom jobs. I also plan on using them for a section of my class where students write down about someone...

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Job Title
Posted by:Rhonda #59458

Last year I did a patriotic theme in my second grade classroom. I also had a job bulletin board..My grandma had made me a quilted (flat) Uncle Sam one year as a door hanging. I used it to the side of the bulletin board and the title was (You've been drafted). I used laminated white stars with red/white/blue trim for the students' names and put job slips inside the star "pocket". If you'd like, email me and I can send you a picture of the board. I don't know if I can do it here. It turned out really cute. I also went to the army recruiting office and got a picture of the "We Want You" (Uncle Sam pointing) and Changed the words (used computer) to "We Want You for The Second Grade" and used it for my door. It wasn't very big, though, so underneath I...

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Posted by:Kate #78742

This is my 5th year in 5th grade. I usually have just 5 rules and keep in simple. My room has a patriotic theme so I have looked for new ways to present them. With it being election year I plan to put over the rules, "Elect Good Behavior".
A friend also gave me this statement based on the Preamble perhaps you can use it with your idea:
We the students of Mrs. _______'s class at ________ school in order to protect ourselves and our property, have a better classroom, and help each other learn, listen and have fun, will complete our work and keep a safe, clean classroom and do promise to follow these rules.
I will be put this on a poster and have all the students sign it.
Also on the internet I found this idea:
Here is a unique way to display your rules in your...

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Patriotic Theme
Posted by:Tabitha/5th #43339

How about:
We Want You in _____ Grade! You can put an uncle sam picture up next to it.

(Your Name) Class Shines Forever

We Salute You in Having a Red, White, and Blue Year!
The Stars Have It In (Your Name)Class!

Just a couple quick thoughts. Hope they help with some ideas. Good luck!

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Posted by:Gloria #79048

I use a patriotic theme "In God We Trust" and take photos of each kid. I also incorporate the money theme in the BB.

We are called to act with Justice, ..Love tenderly, ...serve one another... and walk humbly with God - Micah I use this theme as a beginning theme for the year to prepare the kids for what is expected of them as christians

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Me Me!
Posted by:Ashlee S #125500

I am using a patriotic theme. I am thinking lots of red, white and blue. I am going to use symbols such as the liberty bell, statue of liberty, etc. as table names. I am going to call my reading corner. Mount READmore and have a picture of mt. rushmore. I am going to have students have red, white, and blue stars of their desks so I can call them by color for lining up and for dismissal, etc. My class newsletter will be called the STATE OF THE UNION.

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me too
Posted by:Tre #80244

Hi! I am doing a bb with Citizenship also to go along with my patriotic/ election theme. I found a mini-unit and I have the Character Ed. poster. I plan on doing a year round bb by having students write down when they see someone showing good citizenship. They will write it on a red, white, and blue, star shaped paper. For a title I was thinking: Star Spangled Citizens (not positive about this)

Hope this helps.

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year 2 for patriotism
Posted by:Chris #61903

This is my second year doing a patriotic theme..

My jobs board: HEROES HELP OUT

Current Events: U.S.A. and World Reports

Reading Goal: Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Read!

Hopes and Dreams: All American Hopes and Dreams

Birthdays: Star-Spangled Birthdays

Hope this helps you... I just made everything color coordinated but didn't go overboard!

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BB title
Posted by:snowpoppy2 #140221

Maybe for a good work board or even a reading could use it with anything really if you change the middle.

"Oh Say Can You See, I Can Do My Work Carefully!"

"Oh Say Can You See, I Can Use _________ Carefully!"-fill in with the skill that your students are working on.

For a job chart, Uncle Sam with pockets in his suspenders with each job listed, then you could slide the names of the kids in and out. The kids' names on flags? or something else patriotic like?

Hope that helps a little!

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