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Theme - Survivor Theme

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Survivor Theme Ideas and Challenge Ideas
Survivor Rules!
Posted by:Leah #75515

I also teach fourth grade and I have been using this theme in my room for the last two years. You have some great things planned. A couple of things I can add are....I have my students sitting in groups. These are my tribes. At the end of each subject block we have a survivor challenge. I ask a few questions based on the information just learned. I add this to the group points that they recieve for good behavior etc. I also take advantage of this theme to teach coordinates on a map. Since I do a rainforest unit later in the year I pick places like Brazil and Madagascar that have a rainforest. The tribes are named after a location within that country and the tribes use the actual flag of that country as part of their logo. My door uses the survivor creed " Outwit, Outplay, Outlast". Instead of...

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Spelling Survivor
Posted by:Chicago Teacher #84915

I had the same problem last year, so I developed "spelling survivor". I had the kids line up and each would spell one letter in the given word. Whoever completed the spelling word drew a popsicle stick with a student name on it from a cup that I held. That student was "voted off the island". Then we would continue. Kids were also "voted off" if they said the incorrect letter on their turn (either because of misspelling or not paying attention). Last student left would be named "spelling survivor". I like this game for 2 reasons - 1= there is chance involved, so the smartest kids in the class don't always win; 2= even though it sounds like a sort of dumb game, the kids got really into it. the boys would cheer if a girl's name was chosen, and the opposite. it was sort of fun to watch. *Also, I varied...

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Jen L: Survivor theme
Posted by:teach4TX #113139

I love your ideas, especially "postcards from the edge"! You sound a lot like me, only I'm jealous that you're already up at your school decorating. :) My school is under construction, so I can't get in until the first week of Aug., at the earliest! Usually I'm up at school off and on throughout the summer.

However, I decided TODAY to change my theme. Yikes! I'm going to do "Wonders of the World" instead of the survivor theme. I'm still a big fan of the survivor theme. Using the wonders theme (7 wonders of ancient world, 7 wonders of modern world, etc.) we are going to "discover" "wonders" within ourselves, our town, state, and country. I also plan to use the theme as a culminating activity w/ units. Ex: Plant Unit: What are the 7 Wonders of the plant world?

Keep me posted on your survivor room. It...

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Posted by:Jen L #113137

I'm doing a Survivor theme, too! I did it last year and I think it is so fun. I know I'm crazy, but I've already been up to school decorating. Some of the things I'm doing are: grass/flower skirts around my desk and large tables, tiki torches hanging from the ceiling on either side of the door, mini-tiki torches on the bookshelves, tiki men decorations on the wall, palm tree hanging in the corner with parrots and toucans around it, animal print border with black fabric as the background, an "information hut" bulletin board made out of raffia for stuff like schedule and lunch menu, a bulletin board labeled "Survivor Skills", a bulletin board labeled "Postcards from the Edge" (for postcard exchange), and a bulletin board labeled "Survivor of the Week". I know there's more, but that's what is done so far. I think I get a bit carried away with the...

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Posted by:Lisa #17557

I did a Survivor unit for my 5th graders, and it worked great. It was based on Heat and the Sun's Energy. I divided the class into different tribes. They named themselves(and worked really hard for unique names) Each day I wrote a different task and delivered it to them via tribal mail, sorta like they did on the real Survivor. They then had until after lunch to contemplate what the rhyming task meant. After lunch we did a different hands on experiment/activity each day. Each of these activities were pretty well inquiry based. I never stood and gave out directions or anything like that. I gave each tribe a task card. They would then earn points based on completion of the task. They might also loose tribal points for bad behavior or unbecoming sportsmanship...things like that. We did things like make insulators and...

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Survivor Posts.....
Posted by:Jeannine Magarelli #80933

I've posted alot of stuff and ask alot of questions. Behavior board each child gets a monkey with there name on it. Laminated and put velcro on monkeys hand laminate colored bananas to go on monkey's hand as well as monkey.
Green banana-good behavior/reward
Yellow banana-warning/no reward
Blue banana-lose privileges/no reward
Red banana-teacher call parent for conf./no reward
At the end of each week if they keep a green banana they go to treasure box on friday last period of the day. BB is Titled "No Monkey Business In Ms. Magarelli's Room"
I will also give out Banana bucks during cooperative group work for students that show good listening and working skills. They can be redeemed once a month at the "Jungle Junction Store" for example: 5 banana bucks-HW Pass etc...
Front Door of Classroom:...

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Posted by:Carla #22518

In my class I did a bulletin that the kids loved. It was Survivor Trivia. Each student created himself/herself and was put on the board. Each day, one trivia question was asked. They had the day to find the answer without asking anyone, but any other resource was ok. Those missing the question, were "booted" from the island. The lone survivor received a giant Hershey's candy bar. The kids begged to do this over and over. On Open House, the kids created their parents as the survivor and a quiz was given to the parents, entitled, Can You Survive the Sixth Grade? It was great!!(parents loved the way they looked on the board, too!)

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Posted by:Ms. D #95216

hmmm, well, raising their hand to participate in class discussions (appropriately) earned their team points. Everyone having all class materials in hand when they arrived earned them points. If they started shouting out and not waiting to be called on, they lost points. She assigned roles and one person was a point keeper. She kept tally as well, but that way, she could say, "I'm sorry point-keeper, but you'll have to deduct 5 points for your team because......" letting everyone in the room know what happens when you fail to come prepared or follow the rules. They could earn points by doing extra credit assignments or researching and presenting related material to the novel. They played jeopardy and all of the points they won were added to their tally - so the winning team got more points, but all got what they...

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Posted by:Ms. D #95215

I just had a very creative student teacher. She tied the unit we were working on to the tv show "Survivor" They competed for points in a variety of ways, but a big part was linked to the character traits of a survivor = she included focus, preparedness, resourcefulness, perseverence, etc. and gave examples of each that were linked to behavior in class, homework, studying, etc. It worked really well. She also did several group activities and review games for her unit that were "challenges" for their teams. Points were tallied each week and at the end of 5 weeks, the highest scoring team had a pizza party. You could do something every 5 or 10 weeks maybe. Just a thought. The kids loved it.

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Survivor Islands....behavior management
Posted by:Tara #17556

This year, beginning in the spring, I began an Island behavior management program. I teach 5th grade and in the spring they really get hormonal. This is also the time of year when we begin to go on several fieldtrips. What I did was to come up with different islands and each student put their name on a shape ( so that they could physically move their name and have a constant reminder of where they stand). I forget the name of the islands...but they were something like...paradise, warning, boot camp, outlaw. Each Monday, everyone got a chance to start over and move their name back to paradise island. They enjoyed this and it helped them to monitor their own behavior. They knew if they got to out law island, they were missing out on something. In my case it was a fieldtrip. But it could be used with...

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Survivor: In the Classroom!
Posted by:BusyBee #60101

That is a neat theme! Here are some decorating and bulletin board ideas...

If you have a Deals dollar store in your area, they have mini bamboo toches for $1 each. You could put a few of them around your room.

Hang ivy vines over the top of your boards so it feels like the outdoors.

Craft stores and even Walmart sell bamboo stalks. You could put these around the edge of a bulletin board.

Make a big palm tree for your wall.

Party supply stores sell luau decorations and I've seen neat grass skirts (velcro around a table) and tiki doll statues that you could hang on the wall.

What type of bulletin boards are you interested in...behavior? good work? interactive?

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Posted by:MK L. #22632

I highly suggest that you read the book Hatchet, by Gary Paulson. My fifth grade classes LOVE this realistic book about the survival challenges a boy faces after the bush plane he's traveling in crashes. Brian, the main character, has to learn how to survive, how to find food, etc, but also has to deal with his emotions and attitude towards his situation and learns how his attitude affects the chances of his survival. There's also a movie called "A Cry in the Wild" that you can show your class. There are also two other books by Gary Paulson you can read. One is Brian's Winter and the other is The River. Check 'em out!!!

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Posted by:jennmcg72 #111815

Thanks to everyone who has replied with ideas for Survivor week. This past week was absolutely a blast! We did lots of team and individual challenges to earn points and the kids have had such a good time I'm going to continue the challenges through next week, which is our final week of school.

The kids have completed the following:
Logic puzzles and Sudoku puzzles (found on
Geography searches (A to Z geography - kids had to find two countries beginning with specified letters of the alphabet)
Find the misspelled word (I used 6th grade words)
Database challenges (answering questions based on a pre-made database)
Research challenges (Students had specific questions to answer about our Social Studies unit on Canada - did research in library)
Math challenges (computation problems with missing digits - kids...

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what grade?
Posted by:Jalon #112049

What grade do you teach? I'm planning on doing something similar (4th grade).
I am going to implement "tribes" next year (Tribes: A New Way of Learning and Being Together, by Jeanne Gibbs) so am planning a tribal/jungle/Survivor-like theme. I've got some tropical/jungle looking fake plants that will be in the room, a bamboo ladder that I plan to use for something (read a certain number of books and add your name to a rung on the ladder...reach the top and get ____), and I've got a thatch umbrella (on sale at Big Lots) that I will put in the Reading corner, etc. I'm changing the cushions on my wicker loveseat (also in the Reading corner) to look more jungle-like We can't hang things from the ceiling in our rooms, so most of mine will be on walls & floors. When my students get divided into...

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Other Pics
Posted by:Nikki #1818

The quote above my desk in the above post is just one I like, didn't really put it up to go with the theme.
All of the pics were taken before students started, so the word wall hadn't been started yet.
I arranged my desks in 3 groups, and I like how they were open in the middle, because I could walk into the middle of that group and be able to check and see how everyone was doing. Each group was a tribe and they came up with their own names and made totem poles out of empty carpet rolls to represent who they were. I reserved the right to move tribe members incase I had any conflicts or behavior issues between students.
I had an immunity necklace for turning in all homework for the week. All students who turned in all of their homework had their name put in a hat,and on...

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Love the Ideas
Posted by:Phyllis43 #139992

I used the Theme Survivior in my classroom a couple of years ago and plan to use it next year. I'm a middle school teacher and used it for discipline,attendance,challenges etc. Points were given for perfect attendance/tardies deducted points for each team Participation of all members in the team earned points and Challenges- quizes over the weeks content in Math (since I teach Math). I actually had teams randomly selected then the teams randomly selected the color of their team by the bandanas tied to the desks representing each different tribe..cute ones at Michaels! Team names were created by the Teams and at the end of 6 weeks we then randomly selected new tribes and started over. I'm always looking for more ideas to incorporate into the classroom. My past students come by to ask what Theme I'm doing this year,...

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Survivor Theme
Posted by:cherylhobbs #139994

I used this theme a couple of years back and my 6th grade class loved it. We did much of the same things they did on the show except doing a vote off. You can't do that but we did do something similar to the immunity challenge. This was done on Friday afternoon for the group that would have first in everything the next week. Immunity idol was their's for the week and they got to go early to break, lunch, PE, music, art, computer, etc... I had set that up early on with all the teachers and they knew the class with immunity would line up early and walk on over. It was great and they all loved it.
The art teacher helped the students make group torches from the bamboo ones you can buy at Wal~Mart or Dollar Stores and they were great. They made Banners from...

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Posted by:cmpern #139995

I have done Survivor for two years and my class loved it. There are tons of things on the Oriental Merchandise website....I used their Luau party scene wall decorations for my bulletin board backing and hung fake vines from the ceiling and a bunch of tiki decorations. I used review games to get our "Sole Survivor" and had bulletin boards titled "Outwit" Survivor A's "Outplay" Extracurricular activities and "Outlast" our review game with the last survivor standing. I put a grass table skirt around my desk and used another grass table skirt for a curtain across my windows. It was a really fun theme. I hate to get something else but I am going to get the same students so I want to change it up.
Good luck....You will love teaching.

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Survivor theme
Posted by:wowpatse #139996

To keep your Survivor theme positive why not vote students "in" to the tribal council for the positive things they have done for others, decisions or choices. Students will strive to make better choices and make for a more positive class environment.
Suggestions: Immunity can be given to a student who showed good citizenship for the week.
Tribal council is held weekly? or whenever you decide to hold it.
Rewards can be given out as incentive to other students who didn't quite make the challenge and haven't made tribal council.
I would give them a weekly challenge to make students practice more positive traits: sharing, complimenting each other, random acts of kindness, etc.

At tribal council have the students give documentation by verbally mentioning when another has showed positive behaviors (challenges).

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Survivor theme vocab titles
Posted by:MissHumphrey #139997

My brain hurts from trying to come up with un-cheesy titles, but sometimes what we think is lame, the kids end up loving :)

Surviving Semantics
Wild Words
Untame Terms
Lost Lingo

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