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Lesson Plan Formats

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A variety of lesson plan formats created on the computer for use in a classroom.
Personalized Plans
Posted by:Joy #40329

Do you have to use the big, blue plan book? If you don't have to, I suggest that you try something else.

When I used the blue plan book, I made a template on the computer and stapled it into the blue book.
It was much easier than writing the same schedule and routine week after week. There are some things in your plan book that will not change like lunch, snack, special areas, opening routine and dismissal. I now use a three ring binder for my plans. I like to copy my plans for each month on a different color and I divide them by colored tabs.

I really like personalizing my plans on the computer. I even use a fun font and some cute graphics to make it look more inviting. Perhaps you might be able to do this also. This way, you can make small blocks for...

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Here's mine...
Posted by:SSIA #1761

I've attached my weekly plans. Subs have commented how much they like it because I put in who goes where and when. (It seems like there's kids coming and going all the time)

Download: 07-08 lesson template.doc (104.448 KB)

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Lesson Plans
Posted by:NIUTeach #1788

I just print these two pages out for the year, hole-punch them, and put them in a binder...I write on my plans... I am sure you could type in these though....

Download: NEW LP Grid 1.doc (36.864 KB)

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and the second page...
Posted by:NIUTeach #1789

I didn't know I could only attach one page at a time...

Download: NEW LP Grid 2.doc (38.912 KB)

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Lesson Plans Checked Every Week
Posted by:Amy Lee #29103

My department head checks and signs our lesson plans every Monday morning. The principals check with her to see who has turned in plans. There is no certain way we have to write the plans but the Standards of Learning for our state must be written in our plans. I write detailed plans because I never know when I may need to be out of the room for an emergency and another teacher or instructional assistant must cover my class. I teach special education. I use the format the learner will with the actual percentage, grade, etc. I want the student to achieve. It helps with documentation of IEP objectives and lets me know what students have mastered or need to work on. I happen not to use our school issued lesson plan book. There just not enough space. I created a template using a word...

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Posted by:soph #139769

I agree with another poster. It's a waste of valuable teaching time to spend so much time on overkill of lesson plans. I'm glad I don't work at your school. I doubt very much anyone even takes the time to analyze them.

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Here's the template I use...
Posted by:christina4062 #1790

but I hand-write in the information... it's just easier for me to do it that way.

Luckily, we don't have to turn plans in or anything. They just have to be available for our principal to look at at any time.

Download: Lesson plans.doc (78.848 KB)

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And more plans
Posted by:liketeaching1 #1372

Here is the template I have used for RW and WW. (I'll have such a great foundation to use next year as I reflect back and see where I was at certain times of the year. It will also help me in my long-range planning.);)

Download: Rw-Ww-template.doc (30.72 KB)

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One Page Design
Posted by:3grteacher #136796

I came up with this one page design after looking over many samples from PT last year.

The colors keep me more organized, but aren't necessary. I don't have to write in the standards into my plans, so that saves on some space.

Sometimes I type my plans and sometimes I copy off pages and just write them in. Depends on where I am when I'm working on them. :)

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What I did...
Posted by:hrush #136835

I created my own lesson plan format using Excel. It allowed me to color code my subjects. It also made it easy to copy and paste information.

I also created unit binders instead of an actual lesson plan book. I have a break down of what to do for each chapter, section, or whatever. I have a detail of what I used on the pages in front of each unit in a page protector with a tab letting me know what it is about in the binder. I have one for each topic in social studies. I have all of the lit. sets that I have ever taught in several binders. I have one for math as well. My English varies a little. I have binders for each area kind but not with specific plans. Each year it seems that different classes need different areas stressed more than...

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My FIRST DAY plans
Posted by:kspotter #1803

I have seen lots of requests for what other teachers do on the first day of school. I am attaching my plans to give you some idea what I do. I will probably not complete everything on the plan but I prefer to have "too much" rather than "too little".

Download: September 4, 2007.doc (91.648 KB)

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Posted by:Mr. C #1804

Here's the one I created on Microsoft Excel. The format was modeled after the district's lesson plan book. It is actually a 2-day spread, so you could copy front/back and insert these into a 3-ring binder.

Download: blank lesson design.xls (17.408 KB)

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Posted by:Lilacs #1805

I used MS word and created a table. You can add cells, split, delete. I find it very easy. I use text boxes to mark little things that happen during the day (volunteers, pull out, sped, etc.) It is a one week span. I put it in a three ring binder and copy the pages front to back. That way you have the whole week at a single glance. I prefer to plan weekly. Good Luck.

Download: GR2 Schedule 2005.doc (146.432 KB)

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I don't think it is great..
Posted by:Linda #517

but I will try to attach my template.3507

Yeah! It worked!!!!!
Hope this helps!

Download: Lesson Plans - 2006-2007-2.doc (59.904 KB)

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My Template
Posted by:NCP #1806

Here is my template. I do it in Word.

Download: Lesson Plans.doc (52.224 KB)

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My template
Posted by:CATeach #1807

Here is mine. I use Excel to create it.

Download: Lesson Plans.xls (26.112 KB)

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Posted by:KT1st #1808

I have lots of differnet templets I've tried out--here are a few

Download: bellomo lesson.doc (99.84 KB)

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Lesson Plans
Posted by:KAS112 #1809

KT1st - you're like me, so many templates - but that's what I like about doing them on the computer - you can change them! :D I've attached one of mine

Download: Master10.doc (226.816 KB)

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Here's mine.
Posted by:linda2671 #1810

I like it because the boxes expand as you type. You can make your plans as detailed as you like. I think I got this template from someone here on PT.

Download: Lesson plan template.doc (50.176 KB)

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For an individual lesson or the week?
Posted by:Lottalove #1811

Here is what I use for my weekly plan book.

I type in what I need and/or what rarely changes and add the rest later--sometimes by hand. Of course, as SpEd, I rarely know in advance how many days it will take to get a concept across and we do a lot of review too. Then again, SpEd changes constantly so I rarely print them out too far in advance in case I need to change the headings or other blocks. I personally print them out and put them in a three ring binder but another poster once said that she prints hers out and puts them in the book the school provided using a glue stick.

I made this in Word so you can change it up however you need. If you want the boxes rearranged, delete what is in them and use the...

Download: Weekly plan book.doc (38.4 KB)

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Lesson Plan Format
Posted by:TeacherBee #1812

Here is mine - I really liked using this format. I just copied front back and kept it in a 3-ring binder.

Download: Lesson Plan 2006 07.doc (64 KB)

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Posted by:liketeaching1 #1813

I adapted mine from one that I got off ProTeacher last August. I just changed it to meet my needs. I'll have to adapt it again for next year. I did like it because I didn't have to constantly write the same things (such as routines) every week.

Download: plans2.doc (44.544 KB)

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template to share....
Posted by:mrssimon2gr #1815

I've used this one's pretty simplistic

Download: lessontemplate.doc (30.72 KB)

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My Lesson Plan template
Posted by:KT1st #1816

Here are three lesson plan formats. The first one is two pages for the whole week. The last two are formatted to be on page for the whole day.I think this year I'm going to stick to the 1 page per day format. Hope this gives some ideas. :)

Download: bellomo lesson.doc (99.84 KB)

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Plan Book
Posted by:Mrs. R :) #656

I've made my own now for a few years. I've attached a couple so that you can see. I used Word instead of excel. I think it's easier. Once I get the basic schedule down, I photocopy it and then fill it in by hand. I know some teachers do their plans on the computer, but for some reason, I like to write out my plans in pencil. Anyway, I hope this helps! Good Luck!

Download: Shooting Stars Lesson Master.doc (28.16 KB)

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Very simple
Posted by:nblions #1817

Here is a copy of my lesson plans. They are very simple but I like them.
I have a weekly schedule on my desk that outlines the general times for each subject but I don't write them in my plans like many people do because I don't always stick to them.

Download: Blank lesson.doc (39.424 KB)

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