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Theme - Fishing Theme

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Lots of ideas for putting together a fishing theme for your classroom.
"Fishing" Theme
Posted by:Krissy #18509

Here are some ideas that I recently got together for a "fishing" classroom theme. Maybe you could use some.

A Bulletin Board: "A Great Catch" or "Fishing for a Good Book" or even "Get Hooked on a Good Book" made with a fish net and print out several different book-cover pics to put in the net.

Instead of using marbles in a jar for a class goal, hang a string from ceiling to floor and hang small paper fish on it. Tell students that they will have a class party, or watch a video, etc. when the fish reach the ceiling. (OR use a large cutout of a paper fish and cover it with paper scales each time they earn one)

For an opening day - get to know each other activity, cut out some blue paper in the shape of a pond and put it on the floor. Write each students...

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Posted by:Deb S. #40325

A couple of years ago I did a fish theme. For a behavior board I had "Don't be a fish out of water" I drew a large fish bowl and made a fish for each child. Their fish were all at the bottom of the bowl. Everytime they broke a rule, their fish would go up higher in the water and there would be a consequence. The last step would be out of the bowl with the most severe consequence. Kids who were able to stay at the bottom of the bowl all week got a small reward of some kind. I used velcro on the backs of the fish and at various spots in the bowl so that I could move their fish easily. Hope this helps.

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I think a Fish theme would be cute
Posted by:KAN #124583

Your class is your "school" of fish.
Your good work board could be titled--This work's a keeper!
Your jobs board could be titled--Tackle these jobs
Reading area--Reel in a Good Book
Lunch count--bait? Fish food?

You could use inexpensive items found at yard sales or possible things you have in your own garage to decorate your room. Tackle boxes for supplies. Hang some fishing poles and nets. If you want you could have a small tank of fish. There are many ready-made items for this theme as well. I hope this helps:)

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Fishing for Friends
Posted by:Sharon #24410

I did a cute bulletin board to start school called Fishing for Friends. The students had to interview one another and write a paragraph about their partner on the shape of a Fish. Then I created a 3-d fishing pole out of a stick and string and got blue cellophane for water.

You could also do the same theme for learning your multiplication or division facts...Fishing for facts

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Fishing Ideas
Posted by:Melissa #95533

My classroom this past year (and the previous 5 years) have been a fish theme. I used the title "Fishing for Good Writing". I think you could use that for anything, such as Fishing for Good Readers. What about "Floating with Good Books" These are just a few that I could think of, hope they help, or atleast spark something else for you.

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Fish Theme
Posted by:Amy #78720

I've used a fish theme in my room for the past two years. It's GREAT!! I have a fishing pole on one board and I use it to "Catch Students Being Good" and then they get into my treasure box. Some bulletin board titles I've used are "Make a Splash in 3rd Grade", "Oceans of Opportunities" and "Get Hooked on a Book". I carried the theme throughout other subjects by using Goldfish and gummy sharks in math. I even used sand pails for my crayon and marker holders and had a tackle box for everything from scissors to glue to pencils. Have fun with it!

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Posted by:jp #47662

I used fish as my theme. One of the boards I had Fishing for Fabulous Work and then I used a real fishermen's net and some plastic fish as accents. On the window I have fish, and the words Swim into Second Grade. I also do a fishy fact every morning which is any kind of trivia question. Hope this helps!

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Welcome Idea
Posted by:Nadine in FL #76815

I also did this theme one year...
I used "This Year's Catch..."
each fish under water had each students name...
then i had a fisherwoman (Ms. Ruiz) catching the fish with a fishing pole. i made it 3-d by adding blue cellophane as the ocean. hope this helps!!

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Fishing for Good Students
Posted by:cherylhobbs #139034

Fishing for Good Grades....

Make A Big Splash in Ms. ________ Class

Reel In The Big One

Reading Is Rainbows Of Fun (Read The Rainbow Fish and let them make rainbow fish using old CD's and tissue paper. The CD's reflect off the lights and make the rainbow colors. They love it, yes even 5th grade! Then tie in your habitats and etc. of Sci to meet standards.)

Oh you can have a lot of fun with this Theme

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No title
Posted by:2ndGradeDeb #139035

I saved the following ideas I found on PT:

"A Sea of Learning"/"Work to Treasure”/Star students (pictures on starfish)/"Swim into Success"/"Fishing for Good Behavior"/"Fishing Buddies"
"Catch a Wave"
*For a background use blue paper, then twist green paper to make 3-D seaweed. You can use different shapes of white circles to show "bubbles" coming from some of the sea animals' mouths.
"Ms. _______'s 1st graders are swimming in the right direction!"
"Welcome to Ms. ______'s 1st grade class...swim on in!"
*You can use fish cutouts with each child's name on it. You can put a fish net up with the fish inside.
"Sea Star" -Student of the week
"Dive into Diversity" - You can use a lot of different colors and types of fish and sea...

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