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Morning Routines

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Morning routines for the intermediate grades
Morning Meeting
Posted by:ogteacher #109818

For 17 years I have started every school day with Morning Meeting for my class of combined 4th - 6th grades. We pass a Speaking Stick (special carved stick) around the circle. The child with the Speaking Stick has the floor - everyone else is a listener, although they can respond to what the speaker has said when the speaker is finished. The stick gets passed aroung until every child has had the opprotunity to share. Children can pass without speaking.

Often the children talk about what they did the evening before, but all kinds of things can come out of Morning Meeting once children are comfortable with it. Topics such as illness in the family, concern over something in the news, a plan to raise money for disaster relief, an idea for a great project, come up out of this forum. Children build a sense of trust and...

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Morning Activity
Posted by:Jessica #20222

Each morning, my 5th Graders know the routine! They come in the room and look at the board. The first activity of the day is: THE QUESTION OF THE DAY. I write the question on the board. They are to copy the question down in their folder, date it, and then answer it. A few of our questions have been: What is a desparado? How many Providences does Canada have? Name them. When did Labor Day start? What is an arcitect? and so on. They can find the information in encycolapedia and on the Internet (I bring up a page with the info on it for them to read through, so I don't have them wandering into strage sites.) Then I write under that what I want them to get started on next. Usually it's hand in their homework, and then work on their monthly activity packet until everyone is...

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Morning Stations....LONG!
Posted by:Leslie #24947

Hi! I will try to explain this the best way I can! Let me know if you need any clarification!

I do "Morning Stations" with my fourth graders Tuesday-Friday (Monday mornings are reserved for morning meeting and teaching of the new spelling skill) . There are four stations in my classroom that remain the same each week, and students are placed into preassigned groups.
The groups rotate Tues-Fri, so for example on Tuesday a Group A will go to Station #1, Wednesday this same group will go to Station
#2, and so on. The activities remain the same for one week, then change. Here are samples for each station:

Station #1 : Reading Comprehension (they read various high interest articles or stories and answer questions, usually open-ended questions).

Station #2 : Math (Usually a brain teaser from, or similar word problems)

Station #3 : Language...

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Morning Meeting
Posted by:jane #118910

You start the day with a message written to your class. The idea is to give them a heads-up about what's on the agenda for that day and you try to build the class's enthusiasm and motivation. Finishing the morning message is an interactive question where each child makes a response. (can be a survey type question and should be related to your curriculum and current lessons. Example: What do you think was the most difficult challenge for pioneers? Leaving their, threat of Native Americans, sickness, other) This will be reviewed and discussed at the end of Morning Meeting.

Start with everyone sitting so they can see each other. A meeting circle is great but I have had large classes turn their chairs in a way where we form somewhat of a circle; some might call it a puddle. Begin with everyone greeting each other. Teach social...

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morning message
Posted by:Lila #78696

I really don't like the morning message. But I use it almost everyday. In the beginning of the year the messages are short. Today is Monday. We will have gym today. I hope you wore your sneakers. Later on it becomes longer and deals with topics/themes we are studying. I also add blanks for letters. The students need to fill them in. I may add some math stuff also. To_day is _onday October, __ __, 200_. 5, _10, __, 20
I discuss sentences, grammar, commas, speech bubbles, spelling words, special words, anything that we've been discussing in our L.A. portion. In fact, it's kinda a review. It is a great learning time for all.
Now, I don't like it because the time it takes to write every day. At times it is difficult to come up with exciting things to say. A few years ago I...

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