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Various October themes
themes..long and jabbery!
Posted by:teachingranny #49053

I taught first grade for 6 years. I always loved October! The first week my theme was always SIGNS of FALL-We take nature walks then do interactive writing about what we saw. We read the book I Went Walking as a jump off for our own class book...We went walking. What did you see? We saw_______.Each child gets to tell and receives help to write one page in a class made big book, which was later illustrated by that child during centers.We make leaf texture rubbings and spatter paint a T-shirt. Then I write a sentence frame..and let them make their own sentence and illustrate.ex..My t-shirt has _______leaves.(orange ,brown,red,etc.)We make a torn paper collage picture of a fall tree on black paper.VERY pretty! Math is fun..." Lanaya has 3 green leaves in her hand. Devin, get two leaves and bring them...

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edible craft!
Posted by:Laura #84909


I LOVE how teaching becomes more fun in October. I enjoy exposing my kids to other cultures, so we do Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) from Mexico and other Latin American countries. The kids love making this edible "tombstone" craft, and it would be appropriate for Halloween too!

box of graham crackers
package of fudge covered square graham crackers
mellocreme pumpkins
bag of caramels (cubes)
shredded coconut (died green)
can of chocolate frosting

Use a graham cracker sheet as a base. "Glue" one fudge covered cracker (standing up perpendicular) on the plain graham cracker using chocolate frosting. Prop the "tombstone" up from the back using a caramel cube. "Glue" down a mellowcreme pumpkin at the base of the front of the tombstone using more icing. Smear a little extra icing in the front of the...

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Posted by:stephanie a. #64953

I love Halloween! This year I've put up a background...night sky, green field, and told the kids, during their free choice time, to feel free to add to our Halloween creation. Each day it grows with student made jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and other unidentifiable creatures...including what I think are flying rabbits (oh well!). Some students decided to write little (and I mean verrry short) stories to accompany the pictures. They are very proud of their evolving bulletin board.

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October BB
Posted by:gel2981 #116647

I use a scarecrow in the middle of the BB and put pumpkins around it--entitled something like - Welcome to Our Pumpkin Patch- then the students cut out pumpkins to put around it. Then in my art center, they make jack-o-lanterns by choosing a pumpkin shape (tall and skinny or fat and round) and choosing eyes, mouths, stems, noses, etc to create their own jack-o-lantern. All the pieces are different and the jack-o-lanterns turn out different and so cute! Hope this helps!

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pumpkin display
Posted by:Donna #49609

Just finished this project with my kindergarten which they enjoyed. First we bubble mapped how a pumpkin felt, looked, etc on the outside. Then we gave students a bag of shell macaroni which we dyed orange. After it dried we glued shells on an orange pumpkin shape. Then we cut the pumpkin and did a bubble map which described inside. We then colored a shape which depicted inside of pumpkin. Orange on outside area and yellow inside. We glued on pumpkin seeds and yellow yarn. We mounted the two projects on construction paper and hung in hall with our bubble maps. It took several days but it looks great. This idea comes from a Mailbox Craftbook for October. It can be purchased from

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Curly Tailed Cat Mobiles
Posted by:sj #49483

1. 8 x 12 black construction paper
2. lid from small can of coffee for circle patterns which will become the head, hips, and tail of the cat
3. 4" square of green paper, from which pointed-end ovals will be cut for the eyes
4. white crayon for outlinine on the black paper
5. scissors & glue
6. Fold a piece of construction paper so that you have made two long, tall triangles. Cut others from tag paper to use for patterns for the cat body
1. Trace around the lid four times so that you have four black circles. Trace around the triangle tag paper pattern once to have a tall triangular body, Glue on of the circles on the top of the tall triangle, forming the head. Cut another circle in half and glue each half to the sides of the triangle to form hips of the...

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October Bulletin board
Posted by:Nan #65242

I just put up a bb with bats flying around titled We're Batty Over Reading (not original but my artwork was) I made the bats from black con. paper and glued on white eyes with black pupils that looked googly. White background/black border. I have some pictures of my students (4th graders) reading with their reading buddies(kg) that I am placing all around the board. SO CUTE!

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October Board
Posted by:First Grade Teacher #62800

Here a few ideas I used in first grade that you could adapt to 2nd grade.

The first idea I did was have a parent volunteer paint one foot of a child with white paint and then stamp iton black paper. When it dries turn the foot upside down and add two eyes and it's a ghost! Then we wrote, Some people may be afraid of a ghost, but it is ________that scares me most. Students then fill in the blank with what scares them. In 2nd grade you could start with the poem and then add a short story about what scares them.

The other thing I did was gave students an orange piece of paper and they painted a black tree trunk on it. Then I gave them a watered down glob of black paint right at the top of their tree trunk. Students...

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costume idea
Posted by:chris #14706

Here's a really simple one: scarecrow. Wear old clothes, and an old hat. Stuff some raffia (from the craft store, it looks like straw)in the pockets. Putting it in your sleeves is itchy - voice of experience here. You can "paint" on a face using everyday makeup: make ^ shapes above your eyebrows, expand your mouth with an exaggerated "smile". Throw some patches on the clothes, if you want.
What about a farmer, farmer's wife or a harvest maid (a la mother nature). For the last one, just wear a long dress or skirt, put a wreath of fall leaves/flowers in your hair & carry a basket of fruit & veggies. These can be fake or, better yet, real. Pass them out to the kids!
Simply dress in the colors of autumn: gold, orange & a touch of brown. Add a wreath of leaves your hair & say you're...

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