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National Board Certification

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Here are some tips and advice to help you with your National Board Certification.
Books That May Help With NBCT
Posted by:mshunny #138448

Here is a list of books that may be helpful to you while pursuing National Board Certification.

1. So, You Want to Become a National Board Certified Teacher?: A Handbook of Teacher Tips for Successfully Completing the NBPTS Certification -- by Jerry L. Parks

2. The National Board Certification Workbook, Second Edition: How to Develop Your Portfolio and Prepare for the Assessment Exams -- by Adrienne Mack-Kirschner

3. Navigating the National Board Certification Process: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Teachers -- by Martha H. Hopkins

4. The Teacher's Guide to National Board Certification: Unpacking the Standards -- by Adrienne Mack-Kirschner

5. The National Board Certification Handbook: Support & Stories from Teachers & Candidates -- by Diane M. Barone


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No title
Posted by:Linda/OH #138449

Yes, I thought it was better to show student completed work.But I think you can show blank sheets.

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Videotaping Suggestions
Posted by:bamagirl #138450

Here are a couple things I did:

Make sure you close your blinds to block the outside light. The light from outside will make your video turn dark.
If you are using group work...I told my students to speak up when I come to your group...whisper when I leave your group. That way, you only pick up the voices of the group you are recording. I (or my videographer) would use a thumbs up or thumbs down signal to encourage students to speak up or whisper.Good Luck!

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E4 Communication Log
Posted by:kidtch #126837

Good for you! Surveys to show impact on student learning! You're right on target!

I was not going to use a communication log, but became insecure when push came to shove. So I included one in the same accomplishment where I used my website. I added the log to show another way to show how communication enhanced and made an impact on student learning. HOwever, you are right. I know many who achieved and did not include a Communication log. Submit your strongest evidence -

If I remember we had to show ourselves a learners, leaders,collaborators, our work with family and community etc. I even recall a part of the entry as needing to show an ongoing community project. Is that a part of entry 4 for you?

As an organizational strategy for E4, I listed each area (Family and Community, Leader, Learner, Collaborator,...

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NBCT Tips for Beginning of the Year
Posted by:lucida #125354

Since there quite a few of us who are trying for National Board Certification this school year. I thought it would be a great idea to have a thread which will provide us with tips to do at the Beginning of the Year to start us all off on the right track.

Here are some tips I found as I was doing my research:

~ Issue out Student Release Forms right at the beginning of the year along with all the other forms that you issue out (ex. Syllabus, Classroom Expectations, Internet Usage Policy Forms, etc.)
~ Start your communication log with parents. And, be sure to log in ALL types of interactions you have with parents.
~Be sure to save a copy of all forms, letters, etc. that you send out to parents. And, vice versa, save the letters that you receive...

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Posted by:angelangst #125376

Plot out the ideas you may want to use for each portfolio entry, remembering that each entry must come from a different unit.

Set aside a notebook or file folders for each entry and as you collect letters, evidence, etc. file them away immediately for future use.

Begin writing down accomplishments you can use for entry 4 and revise through the year.

Keep a copy of the standards with you and refer back to them often to be sure you are aligning your teaching with them.

These are some things I have done over the summer....

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National Board Tips
Posted by:bamagirl #125693

I went through the NB process last year, so I'll try to help in any way I can. It sounds like you already have a great start. Here are a few things I can think of:

Remember to save email correspondence with parents...both ones you send and receive.
If possible, find a mentor in your school or district. My district has a group of NB certified teachers that met with us to provide help. They proofread our entries and made suggestions that made my entries much stronger. This was extremely helpful!!!
If you haven't already, read and study the standards.
I suggest reading all the requirements for each entry before you begin. This will give you an overall "picture" of the portfolio and each entry. Make notes/highlight ideas as you read the entry requirements.
Go ahead and start video...

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Nat'l Boards
Posted by:ncteach3 #115306

I began the process in the 2004-2005 schol year. During the summer I started to collect my professional development materials. When school began I was ready to begin video taping science. Next I tackled SS and finally writing. I submitted in March and tested in May. Unfortunately, I missed passing by 12 points! UGH!
I redid the professional part and retested in 2 areas in 05-06. I passed the second time.
It seems to be the average in my area to take 2 years to complete the process. Fortunately you can bank your points and only redo the parts that you feel you need to.
I did not see much of my husband or children during the initial process. I spent many nights and much money at Barnes and Noble with a friend. Most weekends were consumed with it.
The assessment has 6 parts....

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Take One Activity Book
Posted by:mshunny #140653

As I am starting on my NBCT adventure, I am always looking for anything to help me.

I recently attended a NBCT writing workshop. We each were given the TakeOne Activity Book. It is very helpful. ETS is the company the prints the book. I am not sure how much it costs, but I think it is well worth the money.

It includes the following things:
1.Overview of NBCT Standards
2. Learning Goals
3. What is coherent instruction?
4. Writing about Teaching
5. Enhancing instructional decision making
Plus much more.

This book is filled with exercises to make your NBCT expericence easier.

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Posted by:mshunny #141452

Here are a few other tips for you. I attended a summer NBCT retreat and it has helped me a lot.

1. Make sure you know the Big Ideas for science. I believe there are also some for math.
2. Have someone read your writing. This way you can get a clear idea if you are answering the questions.
3. When you are answering in the questions for an entry, you might want to write the question and then answer it underneath. Type the question in red and the answer in black. When your done, you can put it into paragraph form.
4. Video tape your class a few times before you film your lesson. That way you tell if you can hear your students. It will also help the students get used to the camera.
5. Send home student permission slips for videoing home at the beginning of the...

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when starting the writing -
Posted by:benteach #141453

a good format to use is make a template on your computer in word in which you list all of the questions and then type in and save what you write as you write need to answer the questions that they ask in writing your entry.....and address the standards as you are writing - the book by Jerry L. Parks that I recommended on another thread has three lists of buzzwords......hope that helps.

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