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Interactive Whiteboards

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This has ideas for how to use your interactive whiteboard, including SmartBoards.
Posted by:George #28223

A SmartBoard is a touch-sensitive surface that looks like a whiteboard, but instead of writing on it with dry erase pens, you write on it with your finger (or a special no-ink "pen"). How?

The SmartBoard needs to be used with an LCD projector. Both the LCD projector and the SmartBoard are connected to a computer. The LCD projector shines an image of what is normally on the computer screen onto the SmartBoard. Then, special software on your computer allows you to write on the SmartBoard, point and click as if you were using a mouse, and other things you would normally sit down at your computer to do.

Here's a brief example of what you can do with a SmartBoard:

Open a word processing document on your computer to share with the class. Let's say a sample paragraph. Use your SmartBoard to underline and highlight certain...

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Posted by:NJ Teacher #131750

I use it to enhance my math lessons. When we were doing time telling, I was able to bring in clock games as well as clocks from the Gallery for SmartBoard and the internet. You can write on the website page on the SmartBoard. I also use a virtual timer when doing fact tests that the kids love. In writing, I use typed texts and we write on the text to highlight specific elements of the writer's craft. We also have our math text available online, so sometimes, I just have the kids gather on the rug by the Smartboard and they don't need their own books, just individual whiteboards and dry erase markers. The possibilities are endless-you will love it!

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My favorite thing...
Posted by:cheri #131826

I have an Activboard, but you could do this with a Smartboard, too. Every morning, my meteorologist goes on and asks the class questions about today's weather. We look at radar maps, discuss types of precip, directions, locations of cities in our state, etc. Then we compare our weather with that of our pen pals, and different regions we are studying in social studies. They have gotten so much out of this! I love it. Of course I use my board for everything else I teach, too. Enjoy!

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Some Smartboard ideas
Posted by:KinderTeach #111732

When I student taught in a 3/4 combo class, the students were doing reports and had made Power Point presentations using the board. You can also type up lessons in Microsoft Word and present them with the Smartboard. When I was subbing, one teacher actually had scanned her worksheets into the computer and used the Smartboard to teach the kids. They loved coming up to the board and doing the worksheet. There is also an awesome website called United Streaming. Your school does have to purchase a membership to it but you can try it free for 30 days. Basically, they have different lessons and video clips that you can show on the Smartboard. I use the site in kindergarten and love it. There is also another site called storylineonline which is free. That site has celebrities reading stories. Hope this helps.

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Posted by:BeaJay #56608

I use the smartboard in my classroom on a daily basis. My kids [3rd graders] love the interactive powerpoints. I use them in each subject area. I also use it with my overhead. Example: English lesson where students go to the teamboard [I actually have a teamboard, essentiall the same thing as a smartboard.] and correct sentences on the board. Math lesson: use my laptop to project divided circles on the board and students go and shade in for fractions. The Tom Synder graph it software works well with it as students can create class graphs and also the Timeliner software where students can manipulate and make time lines. Hope this helps.

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I vote for a Smartboard
Posted by:Gloria #116644

Last August one was put up in my room. It is my only board so I use it daily. The kids love it and always want to participate. They think it is soooo cool. Even those with learning difficulties and behavior problems tune in when it is on.

There is so much to download and to use it for. I type notes and kids copy them, I play games, I bring things up from the internet and the kids can all see it at one time.

There are so many interactive games and fun things to do with the Smartboard.

THe kids probably know more about it than me. Its really funny. Many of the kids have went on to the internet and learned how to use it.

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Posted by:Liz Sheldon #47849

Although a smartboard does allow the projection of the computer screen to one that is viewable by an entire class, its real plus is that it can be intereactive. If something is drawn on the smartboard (i.e. circling specific items, adding notes, etc) those changes become part of the document on the computer, thus they are great for meetings, brainstorming sessions etc. The other interactive feature is if you are using a "shape up" , Inspiration or such program where things can be "dragged and dropped", or on the internet, your finger becomes the mouse on the smart board! You just put your finger on what you want to move and "drag" it across the board or point/tap on whatever you want to "click" and the computer reacts. It is very cool!
As for cost, I am not sure, but you can investigate by going to their website. I do know that in the...

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Smart Board...
Posted by:Brooke #95764

I have had a smart board now for about a year and I love it. Recently, I had to move into a portable for the last month of school due to construction and couldn't take my smartboard with me - ohhh, how I missed it!! First of all, it's great to show kids things on the internet that assist with your teaching. There's lots of great websites out there that have smartboard lessons, OR are just meant to be one on one lessons, but you get to use them in a whole class setting now. It makes math and writing a lot more interactive because you can model a lot of strategies on the smartboard. I use the smartboard for the internet, powerpoint, and also smart notebook. I HIGHLY SUGGEST you take a training in smart notebook. I'm pretty computer savvy, but when I first looked at this...

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Posted by:tia #110786

our entire school had them purchased for us (along with laptops and projectors) last year because we bought into a curriculum that had many on-line components.

i make a lot of "dragging" activities--where you type individual words (otherwise you can't drag them around!) like for compound words--i listed one half: watch, light, police...and on the other side listed the other half: dog, house, man...but not in order, and the students had a copy at their seats and one at a time, they took turns going up to the SMARTBoard to drag one word over. caution: make sure to "LOCK" any images you don't want to move!

i use a lot of online games--like quizzes from and other places--i've just found them by typing in "syllable game" or "adjective game" or what have you.

we watch a lot of BrainPop videos (need to...

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interactive whiteboard
Posted by:Garden Gal #136337

SmartBoard is one manufacturer of interactive whiteboards-others include Promethean and Mimio. SmartBoards and Prometheans are more interactive than Mimio-but much more expense. They include a special whiteboard that is layered to be a touch screen. Mimio is a device that attaches to any existing whiteboard and uses wireless technology and a special stylus that they call a mouse (don't confuse with regular computer mouse).

You and the children can

write on images projected on the interactive whiteboard-good for creating word banks, circling information, completing fill in the blanks, etc
use interactive online activities-I often model websites that I allow the children to use on the classroom computers-you can click, drag, write, etc
view videos-stopping to highlight information if desired-yes you can mark right on the images on the video
record markings on such images and move on
the recording...

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Posted by:School Time #136346

We have electronic books available with our Math and Social Studies books. So I can go to the publsiher's website and put tectbooks pages on the board and write on them. There are also activites that go with the pages that we can do toghether.

I often look for images to explain things we are talking about. For example, today we were talking about drums. I found pictures of different kinds of drums. When we talked about recylcing paper, I found a website with pictures and an explanation of how a class made recycled paper. We have looked at the geyser camera at Yellowstone Park. I can write on the board, and highlight whatever we are talking about.

When we learned about counting coins, the kids had play money on their desks. I have pictures of coins on the Smartboard. We...

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Oh...the places you'll go!
Posted by:Webmistress #53768


Great things with the long as you let your imagination run wild.

Have kids practice their handwriting. Then 'lasso' that word and tap to convert to a font and see if the computer recognizes their print -- the kids have a blast with this and for once you're off the hook.

Great to have scrambled sentences and have the students 'move' each word object into it's correct location.

The only problem that I've really found is that if your SmartBoard is on a moveable cart (mine is), even though there is a locking position students tend to bump into it. My solution? Assign 2 students to be 'goalies', one sitting on either side on the floor by the legs. Rotate this duty.

Hope this helps!

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