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Student response, or 'need help' devices

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This collection addresses the various ways students can interactively signal their responses or indicate they need help while sitting at their desks.
Please Help Cards
Posted by:MDteacher #137597

I made cards that were about the size of an index card and typed on the cards HELP PLEASE. I photocopied them onto red paper or any bright clored paper would work, then cut them out and laminated them. I made enough copies for each student to have one. You can either let them keep them in their desks, collect them at the end of the day in some type of bin, then have the students take one as part of their morning routine. So during work, then can simply place it on the corner of their desks and as you walk around you can see who needs help.

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laminated colored feeback cards
Posted by:Risa #137598

I laminated sheets of red, yellow, and green construction paper. (I didn't use any wording of any sort so that I could use them for different situations.) I cut them up into small index card size and bound the three colors together using the book binding machine. This made them into a or of 'mini 3 page book' that I could use in a variety of ways as a 'signal card' to give me feedback at a glance.

I found lots of uses for these 'feedback' cards:

Hold up green if you AGREE, red if you DISAGREE, yellow ifyou're NOT DECIDED.

Hold up green for YES, red for NO or yellow ifyou DON'T KNOW.

Hold up green if you 'get it', yellow if you 'need more examples', red if you're 'lost'.

Place the green...

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Tent Card
Posted by:IMSaved2 #137599

What if you made a 3 sided (prism shaped) tent card with red, yellow and green on each of the sides? The student can put the appropriate side facing forward on their desk - would that work?

I've heard of other teachers having a take a number system like you see at the deli, but then the students have to get up and it might be distracting.

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Great Idea
Posted by:PREteacher #137600

I think I will also use the binding idea as for it could be used in multiple situations. However, I almost bought these tri-fold Stop signs from-Really Good Stuff, that read "Please Stop By" if they needed help, and it also served as a name plate for when subs were in the class.

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Laminating red, yellow, green constr. paper
Posted by:Risa #143642

Can you laminate and entire sheet of construction paper first, and then cut it out, or wil the laminate peel off.

I tried using the rings first, but they kept ripping off and seemed to cause more problems with repairs, which is why I ended up using the binding. As for laminating whole sheets, that's exactly what I did, then I cut them up. They lasted the whole year with minimal problems.

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yes/no Frog
Posted by:teachntx #2441

ok, I am going to laminate them, cut hamburger style, fold, and then staple to a popcicle stick. Does that make sense lol

DJInkers Frog

Download: response cards yes no.doc (342.967 KB)

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No title
Posted by:ancientciv #143659

I do A B C D on a long strip for response cards. I made them using wordart, so the letters are fancy, then glued them on construction paper and laminated.

They're still in pretty good shape for this year!

Some others that might work:

A cute one for inference/mood:
smiley face, flat face, frowney face

How does this character feel?
How does the setting/description make you feel? etc

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No title
Posted by:room1128 #143660

You could also use die cut shapes with yes/no, +/- whatever you needed on each side.

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signal cards
Posted by:tbsrwilson #2454

I couple of years ago I made cards for a few of my kids who were too timid to ask questions. They had a question mark on one side, indicating that they needed help, and a light bulb on the other, meaning the "got it." I just glued these to construction paper squares and laminated them.

Download: Question Card.doc (55.296 KB)

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smile/ frown
Posted by:greenapple #143661

I made some for one of my classes... each kid had a stick with a smile :) on one side, and a :mad: frown on the other... they could use them as True :) or/ False :mad:. Yes:)/ No :mad:... or I understand :) or don't :mad: understand.

the kids get a kick out of using these, and it's such great feedback while you're teaching!

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