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Tips for First Year Teachers

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You on your way to a great career. Here are some tips to help during your first year.
Ways to Conduct Yourself as a Teacher
Posted by:mshunny #136975

1. Establish an air of formality in class.
2. Be the adult in the classroom.
3. Watch your mouth.
4. Drink moderately. (Especially out in public)
5. NO DRUGS!!!
6. Understand what the word "inappropriate" means.
7. Keep kids out of your car and house.
8. Don't "burn" leave.
9. Keep your own records and phone logs -- away from school property.
10. Imagine how it would play on the 6 o'clock new or the newspaper before you do it.
11. When it comes to your conduct, perceptionis reality.
12. If you don't know, ASK!

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a few tips I have found helpful
Posted by:Gloria #112284

1. I do have students put their # of their papers. It helps me to figure out who forgot their name and # when I have no name papers. If they forget their name and # I subtract 10 points for my effort.

2. I give out behavior bucks for my treasure chest. Once a month, they get to go into the S**** Shoppe and shop for what they want. I use a 3 strikes and your out system.

strike 1 is a warning (green)
srtike 2 is a cansequence (yellow) lose your behavior buck for the day
strike 3 and your our. (red) you owe me today's behavior buck and 1 more and you also get a behavior slip sent home.

3. I use a large poster paper and put library type envelopes with each students # on them. I use a card system for where they are...

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Posted by:bamateach #112299

Here are a few things I do:
1. Sharpening Pencils - I personally cannot stand to hear the pencil sharpener. I post a sign above the pencil sharpener that says: STOP! You may only sharpen pencils from 7:30 (that's when the bell rings) until the pledge. On Monday I give each student 2 new sharpened pencils. I explain from the beginning that they are responsible for keeping up with them and for sharpening them at the appropriate time. If they get lost they will need to borrow one from a friend and be responsible enough to return it to the person when they are done with it.

2. I do bonus bucks to reinforce good behavior. They visit the Bonus Buck store 1 time per month. Prizes are mostly freebies. The most popular prizes were shoes off all day and read to the class. At the end of the year I offered bonus bucks for...

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Posted by:Sue W. #66059

Here are a few hints from a background of 30 years as a teacher.
1. Don't let the Vent board scare you! Have you ever talked with a happily married person or parent who just has to complain confidentially about a normally great spouse or child? This is our spot. A lot that you see here is from people who try to take one day at a time and have had several days hit them at once. No matter what job a person has, there are frustrations. Many take care of themselves or are manageable.
2. When you are working with kids, don't let yourself take misbehavior personally, it seldom is, and even when it might be, keeping your cool is the teacher's "First Rule In A Crisis Situation". If you teach good behavior, as if they never heard it before, rather than getting upset, it can work wonders.
3. Assume parents mean...

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during your first year
Posted by:Cathy-Dee #93274

First of all congratulations on moving into your first year of teaching.

Here are some tips I've used and also shared with others.

1. Sleep - it is easy even after a few years of teaching to not get enough sleep and that affects everything in your classroom.

2. Start off organized - try to have plans in place for the first few months of school, figure out how you will record marks, attendance, etc., Where will you store your student's works, what about notes for home, etc.
- I have a table set up in my room with a lot of little shelves and all the student's work is kept on that table. It is easy for me to grab a group of booklets to mark this way. One "shelf/tray" is for work to be put when student's are absent - so if a parent calls wanting homework I can quickly grab...

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Posted by:SusanTeach #122753

I find it best to have binders for most items, as well as a planner and lesson plan book.

I write out my lesson plans in my lesson plan book, but I also have them typed out in detail with any worksheets attached, and those go in a binder. I have one binder per quarter.

The class roster and schedule is in the front of my grade book. I also have a poster with my schedule on it - to prevent my students from asking what time something occurs (they'll drive you crazy with that otherwise!).

I have a folder with my state benchmarks, so I can easily look up something.

I have a binder with my "year-at-a-glance" that I just worked on this summer. I have pages in it with other ideas (decorating,...

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Managing Your Time
Posted by:Kristie #86344

It is CRUCIAL that you set a plan for time management and then stick to it!! Don't let school overrule your life, even when you're student teaching, which is the most stressful time. I am a 3rd year teacher, so I can relate to your stress level! Here are some tips that may help:

1. Set a time to LEAVE school, and stick to it!! Unless I have a meeting, I ALWAYS leave by 5:00 and don't take any work home during the week. The evening is my time to be a wife and a mother, 2 things that are more important to me than my "teacher" role.

2. Tackle the most pressing things FIRST. When my students leave I first get things ready for the next day (materials laid out, copies made, homework and date written on the board, etc.) If I walk into my room in the morning and things are not...

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Some Advice For New Teachers
Posted by:mshunny #138598

General Advice to Protect Oneself:

1. Do not transport students to and from school.
2. Do not allow yourself to be placed in any compromising situation.
3. Use extreme caution when touching any student. There are very few times when touching of a student could be considered a safe action.
4. Do not discuss subjects of an intimate nature with students.
5. Do not invite nor allow a student to visit your place of residence.
6. Report suspected student crushes toward your counselor or fellow teacher near you.
7.Do not discuss your personal life with students.

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first look at your new room!
Posted by:johnsju #138736

Congrats on your new job! I was in your shoes a year ago, and I remember how excited I was to first see my classroom. Before you go, try to get a general idea in your head of how you want things to look. Then when you get there...

-I agree with the PP about measuring windows for curtains. Also measure walls in case you want to bring in bookcases, and bulletin boards for fabric/paper.

-Check to see how much cabinet/drawer/closet space you have. If you have a lot, good for you! If not, plan on bringing in some sort of storage containers or shelves.

-I also agree about teacher's manuals. Also make sure you've got your textbooks...if they're not there, ask where they can be found.

-Look to see if there's somewhere for backpacks/coats to be...

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Posted by:ccteacher #138737

You may want to bring a measuring tape with you.
*measure windows if you want to make some cute curtains (you don't need to sew if you just use the iron-on seaming and mount with a tension rod)
*measure bulletin boards so that you can start shopping for borders and bulletin board sets

Also look at the storage that the room offers. You'll want to be planning for anything that you'll need to purchase so that you can keep an eye on summer sales.

Be sure to find out when the school re-opens and when it'll be clear for you to get in and start working. Some schools have pretty strict guidelines about this.

Pay attention to where the outlets and technology plug-ins are so that you can be thinking about your room arrangement. Often, things like computer placement or TV...

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