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Cooperating Teacher Advice

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If you are a new Cooperating Teacher, here is some advice that will help you adjust to having a student teacher.
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Posted by:stlcardinals #136888

I am getting my first student teacher next year. I have been searching for some good ideas. Here are a few of the better ones I have found.

:) Have a binder ready with schedules, policies, behavior management, class list, school handbook, 3rd grade policies, teacher dress expectations, standards, school calendar, lesson plans pages,

:) Have kids write to introduce themselves BEFORE she comes

:) Have desk ready with a few supplies such as paper clips, sticky notes, pens, clipboard, stapler, etc.

I am going to work on the first one this suummer. I am going to have a binder ready for her. I am going to include such things as our schedule, a copy of the state standards, lesson plan pages, teacher dress guidelines, etc. I think it may make things go smoother in the beginning. Hopefully she will feel welcome from the...

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other ideas...
Posted by:professor #136889

I have been a coop and now supervise student teachers as one of my responsibilities in the college where I teach...

The desk and space idea...wonderful! They love this because it makes a statement to the students...I am a teacher, too...and coops who have made the effort to create that just means a lot to the student teacher...

Think about a journal type of communication...I used this throughout my student teachers' stay...each day...I would write how that day went for he/she...then the student teacher would get the chance to write his/her thoughts back to me...would leave the journal on my desk in the then became an excellent resource for them to keep...could go back and read comments I had made about a particular lesson or possibly behavior management...

I always made time for...

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Posted by:jzsquared #136890

I'm still currently student teaching, so I think this question is right up my alley. :)
As far as the gradebook is concerned, it must be dependant on the state you live in because my CT's allowed me to do all the grading for my classes, which I think is also important. ST's need to know what it is like to grade things and/or enter grades into the school's computer system.

First and foremost, make sure you introduce your ST as a fellow teacher, not a student teacher. Students, no matter what age, will only hear that he/she is a student and may not give her the respect she deserves as a teacher if they know he/she is not technically a teacher. I had 2 CT's - one who introduced me as a student teacher, the other who just introduced me as a visiting teacher who...

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Posted by:NewTeach2007 #136891

I just completed my student teaching experience two weeks ago. Helpful hints that I could offer to you:

1. I agree - please try to give your ST their "own" space. My CT had a small desk in the back of the classroom for me and I was so happy. My college required me to full-time teach for four weeks and I needed the space.

2. Allow your ST to ask any questions. My CT was available 24 hours a day if I needed her. Student teaching is daunting because you are there as a visitor and feel as though you are invading. A friend of mine had to transfer schools mid-semester because her CT was not helpful and did not answer any questions for her. Honestly - she was downright rude!

3. Try to explain to your students what the ST is...

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cooperating teachers
Posted by:Cathy-Dee #14239

I know when I went through my student teaching I also wanted to ensure once I began my teaching career to offer my classroom as a learning place too. However once you actually do start teaching, having a student teacher is a responsibility that sometimes is hard to take on. I've been teaching 8 years now and I will be having my first student-teacher at the end of January and I'm looking forward to it.

However I can see why some teachers hestitate to have a student teacher in their classroom. First a cooperating teacher has to be willing to share their time and knowledge (not always easy for some) and then they have to be willing to let go of their class for a short time (also not easy for some). I think the comment made about someone following them around was not meant necessarily in a negative way, but in that as a teacher...

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Cooperating Teacher
Posted by:Eileen #14421

I have just finished my first placement and also had a positive experience. My Cooperating Teacher included me in all activities, asked my opinion, and made me feel as though I was part of the group no matter where I was in the school (in the classroom, teacher's lunch room, etc). One thing he also did was on the first day. He told the students that now there are 2 teachers in the classroom, so that when I am speaking, they would behave well and have to listen to me. He really made me feel comfortable and important.

He also gave me very positive and useful feedback when I taught in front of the class. He would ask me beforehand what I wanted him to watch for. I learned so very much from him. He gave so much of himself. I always felt comfortable asking him questions and he always...

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cooperating teacher
Posted by:twinsister #118667

I have had many student teachers and have really enjoyed the time with them for the exception of two. I always have a place (hopefully a desk) that they can call their own space. My room is wide enough that the desk can be up front on the left side of the room across from mine. I want the students to see that we are a team. The first day is mainly for observation and getting setted in, but I give them an opportunity to read a story to the children. This also gives me an idea of how the student teacher interacts with the students.

At the end of the first day, we sit down and talk about expectations. They often have objectives that they have to meet such as a unit plan etc. I expect my students to complete "detailed" lesson plans complete with objectives, standards, and easy to...

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student teachers
Posted by:Cathy-Dee #14599

A few other nice things to include might be...

- copies of your year plans - nice for your student teacher to see how you plan and where they fit into the schedule

- copies of your unit plans or at least a guideline as to what the topics will be during their teaching time.

I agree with the last post - talk with your student teacher daily if possible. During my student teaching, the most successful ones were the ones where I had a lot of feedback. During my most important (longest) one, I rarely saw my cooperating teacher. I met with him about 3 times over an 8 week period. He left the school when the kids did.

Whenever possible try to include your student teacher in your activities or school activities outside the classroom. For example if you belong to any school or...

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student teacher
Posted by:Cathy-Dee #29443

I have a couple of questions and suggestions.

I know as a cooperating teacher we feel a lot of responsibility when we have a student teacher. And depending on how our student teaching was very much reflects on what we do as cooperating teachers.

Is this your student teacher's first student teaching experience?

If so she is bound to be nervous and may actually be more nervous the more you suggest things to her. She may be feeling that all your suggestions mean that she's not good and this will foster her nervousness, etc., While suggestions are good, I think sometimes asking questions and letting the student teacher do the reflecting is better for them. And as we do with our students, it's important to find the good things she can do and point those out as well. It's amazing what a little...

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some ideas
Posted by:Sarah #66113

I will tell you about what made one of my cooperating teachers really helpful and memorable when I was practice teaching four years ago:

- she called my home just before I started and gave me a personal welcome (a little thing that really helped to set me at ease and feel welcome)

- she gave me my own place in the classroom- a student desk where I could sit to observe and keep my plans, etc. (none of my other cooperating teachers did this!)

- she introduced me to the other staff in the lunchroom the first day, took me to staff meetings, helped me get involved in extra-curricular activities

- she had an informal workbook for me; whenever I did a lesson, she would jot comments in it- positives and suggestions, and would give me specific tips (e.g. how to better pass out papers)- I...

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