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Student Teaching Advice

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Congratulations on becoming a Student Teacher! Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your student teaching.
Tips for Student Teaching
Posted by:Tessa #136884

Tips for Student Teaching:

So you have made it to student teaching! Congratulations! Here are some things that you can do as a student teacher to make your life just that bit easier while student teaching!

1. First and foremost, introduce yourself with a smile on your face and a firm handshake for your cooperating teacher. If you are teaching older students, a handshake may benefit them too. For younger children, a wave hello may do.

2. You have to read two documents on your first day:
-The school discipline policy
-The school emergency procedures handbook

KNOW THESE LIKE THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. If you get caught disciplining in an inappropriate manner that doesn't fit into school policy’ you are going to be having difficulties. If there is an emergency in your school (even just a...

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Student Teaching
Posted by:anm #136885

When I was student teaching, I used a 3-ring binder. I used tab dividers to make different sections. I very rarely brought papers home with me - so I didn't have to worry about that. My Coop and I stayed after school to go through papers we didn't get to during the day. I also keep a paper that was meant specifically for my classroom. I did not carry anything else in it nor did I carry it to class when I was back on campus. I think the best thing for you to do is just go with whatever organizational technique you have been using. Good Luck and always remember to laugh, everything will turn out.

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Student Teacher
Posted by:tish #136886

For my student teacher that I will have this fall..I bought a big file box from Walmart and put inside a set of hanging files Also bought a three ring binder. I thought the file box could be used for copying ideas and contain papers that they might want to file. The binder will be for immediate things they need to know plus for their plans. It also can be kept inside the box. I think this is a good way to keep everything together.

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binder and folders
Posted by:SammiJo1511 #136887

I have a file box with hanging files separated into the different subjects (reading, math, science, etc.). I also included folders for recipies, songs, game, classroom management, etc. Whenever I get papers I want to save, I just drop them in the folders.

Another thing that I thought was useful is a tip from one of my professors. She suggested getting 31 different file folders numbered 1-31 and keep them in an accessible location or you could get a binder with 31 different simple tab dividers. Whenever you get papers that are due on certain dates, you put them in the corresponding foler. For example, if a form is due on March 10th, you would put it in the folder marked 10 or possibly 7 or 8 so you can get it completed early.

I go crazy if I am not organized and I know that these have REALLY...

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Student teaching
Posted by:txteach07 #136893

I student taught last semester and had a wonderful experience.

* Go in early if possible or stay late. (Sometimes I did both!)
* Make yourself available~if you see something that can be done-do it. Bulletin boards, stamping calendars, checking homework, etc.
* Be flexible, sometimes the best laid plans don't work out.
* Find a time to meet with your mentor to discuss lesson plans or reflect on lessons, but respect that she will want her own time and space too.

* To stand out, I would plan inventive lessons that align with standards. Also, be on top of classroom management. THis is a biggie-administrators want to see that you can handle the class. They are looking for future teachers.

* If you are able to, take on extra activities-recess duty, after school tutoring with...

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Student Teaching
Posted by:newspedteach #136894

The one that stuck out to me is flexibility!! I just finished student teaching in a primary resource room in June. My teacher was very appreciative of my flexibility. I didn't always FEEL flexible, but even if I did not agree or want to do as she asked, I not only did it, but I smiled :) as I did it, LOL. I got a glowing evaluation and I really did end up having an ok experience. My university professors really stressed that we did not have to agree with our coop teachers...but we should do as they asked with a great attitude. The goal is to leave with a glowing eval and get a job!!

One other thing. I had no problem with this, but I did notice that some of my younger classmates did.....when your coop. teacher or univ. supervisor ask you how you could have done a...

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Student Teachers
Posted by:Tex #136895

Some thoughts:

1. So much is conveyed to students by means other than verbal. When you teacher is teaching look carefully and listen. Teaching is really an art.
2. Ask questions...what, why, how. Learn not only what your teacher does in a particular situation but why. Don't be afraid to challenge...pick their brain.
3. Be on time and be prepared. If you know you will be presenting an assignment tomorrow read the assignment - look for possible lulls...problem areas....compnesate.
4. Use everything you've learned and modeled from your teacher.
5. I'm sure your teacher won't expect you to copy them as you'll need to find your style. However, until you do emulate your teacher until you feel comfortable enough to successfully deviate. I didn't mind my student teachers trying to find their style...the caveat is it can't be at the expense...

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Re: Suggestions for Student Teachers
Posted by:BooBug #136896

I had a very difficult student teaching last semester. I truly love teaching and know that I will be a great teacher (as soon as I figure out NCLB complaince and Cali. licensing!). However, my student teaching was a challenge because I felt I was always playing catch up with my coop. teacher. Here is some advice that would have helped a lot when I did my ST

1) Go in a few days before you officially begin. Ask if you can help set up the class (if it's before the school year starts). If it's after, ask to volunteer a few days to get to know the students.

2) Find a time to sit down with your teacher and ask questions. Provide the teacher with a copy of your univ.'s requirements for you and discuss them. Things to talk about is how you start, lesson plans, projects/quizzes/tests,...

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Re: Suggestions for Student Teachers
Posted by:Bertie #136897

-ask questions, then listen to the answers, take notes, write things down
-reflect, know yourself, your strengths, your weak areas to work on
Three student teacher later, here are some things I could add

-take advantage of this time in a school to soak up all possible experiences, staff meetings, parent meetings, grade group meetings, report cards, marking, supervision, after school stuff - its all part of the package.
-If you get a prep, observe or volunteer in another grade, to expose yourself to more information and more experiences.
-Get some file folders and make copies of everything you are allowed to copy, from everyone. File by grade, by subject, by theme, by month - whatever will help you find them again. There is a wealth of experience and material that you have at your fingertips, so take it all!
-don't speak...

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