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Theme - Jungle Theme

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There's SO much you can do to create a jungle theme in your classroom. Here's a collection filled with lots of ideas and pictures to help get you started!

Posted by:Tigger518 #121807

I did a jungle theme in my room:

Door: Welcome to the jungle!

Behavior: We're the best bunch! (Children earn bananas for good behavior.)

I had a jungle painted on my wall and jungle print pockets for the back of my chairs.

On the first day we went on a "Safari" and I bought cheap safari hats for them and we took a tour of the school. I gave the staff an animal mask I bought from Oriental Trading and they took it off and introduced themselves when we came and each student got a mask by the end.

If I was going to be in a classroom next year i'd do the same.

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Jungle Fun!
Posted by:BuzyBee #57611

Student of the week/month: "Top Cat!" Put a large tiger to tie it into the jungle theme.

Classroom Jobs: "Spotted: Classroom Helpers!" OR "Hunting for Helpers!" Put up a green/grassy background, large pair of binoculars and a safari hat, Put some windy roads and a small safari vehicle (use a matchbox car for fun). Give each student an animal (use elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, monkeys, etc.) Put the job names on trees and rotate the animals around the board.

General Information Board: "Information Hut" Put up a solid background and cut a tall dome shape. Glue straw all over it to make it look like grass hut. Post information all over it.

Map of the U.S: "Making Tracks All Over the U.S." Cut out prints of several different safari animals and post all around.

Trivia: Make a bulletin board that is half brown (rocks) and half...

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Jungle Theme
Posted by:Christine Kully #77120

I teach 2nd grade and I had a jungle theme in my classroom.
At the beginning of the year I had a board that said, "Our class is on a safari for success!". I used green fabric to cover the board and I used exotic looking silk flowers from the dollar store as a border. I put pictures of safari hats and binoculars on the board.

To showcase good work, I had another bulletin board that said, "Good grades are something to ROAR about", and it was covered with tigers.

My behavior management system was a on a bulletin board that said, "There is no monkey business in Miss Kully's class". Each student had a monkey with their name on it. Each day they started with a green banana. If they misbehaved, they had to move thier banana to yellow, and if they misbehaved again,...

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Posted by:iluvpooh #136683

I have the monkey theme this year too. Here are a few thing I did:
Hallway BB; Swinging Into First Grade
Door: Welcome to Our First Grade Jungle
Behavior Board: No Monkeying Around
Word Wall: "Tree" mendous Words
Job Board:
Birthday Board: A Bunch of Birthdays
didn't get to put up Birthday Board or Job Board this year-will definitely do it next year
Student of the Week: Top Banana
Good Work: Banana's About Great Work

Here are a few pictures: will have to attach separately

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Posted by:iluvpooh #1434

Posted by:iluvpooh #1435

Posted by:iluvpooh #1436

Posted by:iluvpooh #1432

picture did not post, here it is

Download: proteacher-100_9874.JPG (55.886 KB)

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Posted by:iluvpooh #1433

Monkey theme pics
Posted by:Weezer #1437

Ihave some of my room finished. I would like your input and suggestions. Is it too busy I am making new curtains for the windows and am also making khaki color skirting for the bottom shelves. I am hoping by covering all my tubs on the bottom shelves my room won't look so busy. My reading center is called the Howler Hut; my literacy center is Banana Bluff-I work with guided reading groups or other small instruction group work;My behavior and assignment board are in the next pic- I use a money system for behvior managment; The research center i s called the Kapok Corner- students browse through books looking for specific information from task cards etc; and my door is the last pic. I don't have the wall decorations done yet.

Download: IMG_1628.jpg (65.156 KB)

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Jungle Theme
Posted by:Suzanne M. #79625

I did this theme last year and have added on for this year. I have a class mascot its a Lion (name not decieded on yet), so the BB has a Lion theme and so does the door.
* The hall board has a Lion dressed in safari outfit says " We're jumping through hoops for our safari adventure into kindergarten," and it has little animals with the kids names on animals jumping through hoops.
* The door has a Lion with the saying "Welcome to our Pride."
* As for the inside of the room I made poster size animals using the overhead projector to help.
* My reading area has a tree with branches over hanging from the ceiling and it has monkies and a macow hanging from it, for the bookshelve I glued bamboo sticks that I bought from a dollar store, and I have a child size park...

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Here are mine...
Posted by:bamagirl #113333

I have Jungle Bucks as my classroom money. They come in $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 dollar amounts. Each amount is printed on a different color paper. I store them in an index card box.

I have attached the $1 bills. To change them...
Right click on the black line around the edge of the Jungle Buck.
Click on "grouping"
Click on "ungroup"
This should allow you change the text and delete any pictures.

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Jungle Theme
Posted by:teacherkasey #57183

I am also doing a jungle theme and I found this awesome idea for making plam trees in a Mailbox magazine and I cannot wait to try it. You need large flower pots, 6 foot of PVC pipe (2 inches wide), plaster of paris, an umbrella, and green and brown paper. Mix plasterof paris according to directions and put into pot until it's almost full. After plaster has set for a few minutes, insert pipe in center of pot. Allow plaster to completely harden. Wrap the pipe in brown paper to resemble a tree trunk. Open the umbrella and put in the top of PVC pipe. Decorate with leaves made from green paper. I cannot wait to try this for my reading area!!! I also found these inflatable tiger chairs in an old Oriental Trading catalog but they don't make them any more!!! But I am going to get some brightly colored inflatable chairs to go along...

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Posted by:SusanTeach #113009

I'm doing a jungle theme this year, but I've had others in the past depending upon what grade I teach. I prefer to stay in 3rd now, so I hope to keep my jungle theme for a while!
My other themes were:
Bright colors/sun
jungle (did it several years ago)

My room will be decorated by:
*Reading Corner - vines hanging from ceiling, animal print body pillows to sit on, a few stuffed and blow-up animals.
*Door - brown and green backing, vines hanging from frame, monkeys with kids' names on them hanging from the door, "swinging into 3rd grade" as title
*Word wall - leaves showing the letters, either brown paper as backing, or jungle border to frame the words (not sure which I like better yet) under each letter, "wild about words" as the title

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Posted by:Susan #93698

There are so many things you can do with the jungle. Here are a few:
1. Use brown paper as backing and rafia or brown hula skirt for the top, to look like a hut. Write "information hut" on the roof. That's where all the calendar, menu, etc... goes.
2. Buy animal print fabric (sometimes in the $1. stacks at Walmart) to make curtains and pillow cases (to make for easy washings). Use big body pillows in the reading corner.
3. Use similar animal print to cover under your computer table (or other tables that you want to hide what's under there!). Just hot glue it - looks wonderful!
4. Make a large tree out of brown crumpled paper - let the vines be part of a word wall - add words throughout the year. The vines can go through your accoustical (sp?) ceiling.
5. Put similar vines over the...

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Jungle Bucks
Posted by:BuzyBee #58773

I have a card system, and if students end the day without moving their card, they get 2 bucks. If they get a warning, they get one buck. After that, they get no bucks. I am going to have them move their card first thing in the morning if they don't turn in homework, this makes them lose a buck for not turning in work as well.

I will ocassionally give out bucks for other things like, pick a mystery person to watch in line and if they do a good job, they get the buck in my hand when we get back to class.

At the end of the day or when we need a five minute filler, I ask trivia questions pertaining to the curriculum. If students get it right, I am going to have a small basketball hoop in my room. I am going to place masking tape at 3...

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Posted by:Susan #58820

I used a rainforest theme last year. I had a "Calendar Oasis" bulletin board. I used blue cellophane paper to create a river, I added moss along the edges and added a blow up snake I bought at Wal-Mart (sold in garden area to keep small animals away). I made 12 paper canoes and wrote the months of the year on each. I added plastic insects I bought from Oriental trading along the river. I also had a "Going Bananas for Books" bulletin board in my classroom library area. I made a banana tree and added stuffed monkeys I bought at Rainforest Cafe (you could make them out of paper and stuff them). As the kids read books, they filled out a paper banana cutout with the book info (title, author, summary, and rating) and I added it to the tree in bunches of 10 (great math activity). I made a huge...

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Jungle room picture
Posted by:SusanTeach #115134

I've never tried to attach a picture to my posts, but I thought I'd try it. I got my room ready!!!!!!!! We start with kids on Monday, so I'm pretty excited about it. Here are some pics you can click on. In order they're the front door, word wall ("Wild about Words"), library corner (with vines hanging), morning math board, and the cubbies.

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Omg I Love It!!!
Posted by:TEACHERLVNV #1438

I Started The Monkey Theme But Wow You Sure Finished It!

Download: proteacher-Picture_002.jpg (57.291 KB)

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Posted by:Wrigley #1450

This is a picture of my classroom library.

Download: Classroom Pics. 2007 008.jpg (63.799 KB)

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Good Creative Thoughts
Posted by:TeacherLinda #136883

WOW!!! What some wonderufl creative ideas!!! We have some creative teachers out there!!! I will be using some of the ideas. What about piggyback songs to go with the theme.

I Went to the Jungle One Day
(Sung To: "London Bridge")

I went to the jungle one-day, jungle one day, jungle one-day
I saw a monkey on the way and this is what he said, "oh-oh-oh-oh"
I went to the jungle one-day, jungle one day, jungle one-day
I saw a lion on the way and this is what he said, "roar"
went to the jungle one-day, jungle one day, jungle one-day
I saw a snake on the way and this is what he said, "hiss"

Do You Know the Jungle Animals
(Sung to: "The Muffin Man")

Do you know the slimy snake, the slimy snake, the slimy snake

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Jungle /Rainforest Themed Room Pictures
Posted by:Wrigley #510

Thank you to all of you who posted ideas about a jungle/rainforest theme. I finally remembered to take pictures of my finished room. Here they are. This is my information, buddy reading and fluency area.

Download: Classroom Pics. 2007 002.jpg (50.139 KB)

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Posted by:Wrigley #1451

This is my door. I have my rules and consequences on this board as well as a pocket for each child.

Download: Classroom Pics. 2007 003.jpg (36.878 KB)

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Jungle/rainforest/survivor decorating ideas
Posted by:Lisamay #136882

This year I'm doing a jungle/rainforest/safari theme. Here are some of the things I have done so far in my room:

1. I built a 3-d tree in my reading corner using crumpled bulletin board paper for the trunk (hot glued to the wall over the corner of the wall). I bought (about 3 yrs ago...this is not the 1st time I have used the tree idea) these leaf sections or picks (they are about 12" in length with lots of leaves)...I got them at a discount floral supply near our town (3/$1.00)...I attach them to the celing tiles by using bent paper clips, and so when completed it looks like you are standing underneath a tree. My kids, parents, and other teachers love it. (I came up with the idea when we went to the rainforest cafe and the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN a few years ago....

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Chimp Chores
Posted by:AussieBird #1449

I did a search for 'Weezer' and found pictures of her great 3rd grade room . Here's her job list

Download: Chimp Chores.doc (74.24 KB)

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Another monkey BB idea...
Posted by:christina4062 #1452

I had this BB in my class last year.

I did share it on another thread, so sorry for cross posting, but it is really cute.

It's "A BUNCH of facts about Mrs. Bainbridge". The kids really liked being able to have a peek into my life- especially my 2nd grade picture!


Download: IM000328.jpg (22.696 KB)

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More monkey theme pics
Posted by:Weezer #1453

In my literacy center I have a 6 Traits Tree. My calendar area- the tubs below are part of my poetry center; The next pic is just a view of my room from the door...I can't wait to get my skirting done to cover all my theme tubs on the bottom shleves! The pic with the large tree is outside my room..I display student work here. My job chart is called chimp chores!

Download: IMG_1633.jpg (63.819 KB)

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