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Fact Families

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Activities to help your students remember their fact families.
fact families
Posted by:teach2 #67410

1. Write out several fact families - each number sentence on a different index card or sentence strip. Give each child a number sentence and then tell the class that their job is to find their family. The four number sentences that belong together should find each other and then sit down, raise their hands, or do some other signal to let you know that they are done.

2. I bought the triangle fact family cards at a teacher store. The sum is at the top and the addends are at the bottom corners. We play around the world. We start with two people. The first person to finish a number sentence gets the chance to finish the rest of the fact family. If they are successful, they move on to face another challenger. If they can not name all 4 number sentences, then the other person gets a...

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fact families
Posted by:c #63788

Some quick ideas:
1. Make sets of fact families on index cards. (2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-3=2, 5-2=3)Hand them out to the students and have them find the other children that should be in their fact family.

2. Have them draw pictures to go along with fact families

3. Give the kids cubes or other counters and have them show how to move them around to show the different number sentences used to make a fact family.

4. Make number and operation (+ , -, =) cards and pass them out to the kids. Call one set of children up to make one number sentence in the fact family and then guide the rest to make the remaining number sentences.

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Math Fact Families
Posted by:Marilyn #85815

I have my second grade students do the following activity for fact families.

A Fact Family Booklet

Materials: for one page of the booklet

I cut ahead of time circles (any color) with a diameter of 3 inches -enough that each student has three circles, a white triangle 6 ins. X 6 ins. X 9 ins.-one per student and half of a regular piece of construction paper (any color).
You will also need two dice per student.

You will need to multiply the materials depending on how many pages you do in the booklet.


Have the student roll the dice. Put one of the numbers on one circle, put the other number on a second circle, and the sum on a third circle. These circles are then glued to the points of the triangle. On the inside of the triangle the students write the...

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Fact Families
Posted by:Kimberly #20638

I introduce fact families using a house. The numbers in the fact family such as 3,4, and 7 go in the roof part of the house. The facts are the supporting beams of the house. I use a triangle for the roof and 4 long, thin rectangles for the supporting beams. The kids love it. I actually give each kid a different set of numbers that I write on the triangle and they create the fact family to go with it. We hang these up around the room. Everyday after that I give 3 numbers as a warm-up and ask them to create a fact family for me as a class. The student of the day actually makes the house and hangs it up for us. When I get too many, I put them in a center.

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Fact Families
Posted by:msamyb #546

Maybe you could use this fact family worksheet - someone here on Proteacher shared it over the summer. I love using it with my second graders. :)

Download: FactFamilyHouse2.doc (77.824 KB)

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Doubles House
Posted by:msamyb #263

Here is the house for doubles. :s)

Download: DoublesFactFamilyHouse.doc (84.992 KB)

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Fact Families
Posted by:Traci #68525

My first graders just learned the concept of fact families using stuffed animals. To introduce the concept I taped nametags on 3 different animals. On each animal's nametag I wrote a number. ex.(8,4,12)We then moved the animals around the plus, minus and equal sign to create 4 different equations.
The kids were then given 3 blank cutouts of kids with a different number on each one. Given story-paper (blank at the top with lines on the bottom) the kids glued the cut-outs to the top of the paper and wrote sentences below as follows:
Hi my name is 8.
Hi my name is 4 and my name is 12.
We are a fact family.
We can do 4 things together.
8+4=12, 4+8=12, 12-4=8, 12-8=4.

This integrates reading, writing and math. The students definitly got the concept.

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Fact Family Game
Posted by:Hollie #69070

I have a game that I got from someone over the internet, so I'll share it. This game is played with a partner. Put a bowl of several dominoes, at least 10, between the two partners. On "Go," they each take a domino and write the 4 facts that go with that domino. When they have done that, they get another domino and do the same thing, and keep doing this until they have completed 5 dominoes. The first one done is the winner, providing they're all correct. This can get competitive. You could have the winners play the winners, etc. I have found this is a good game, but if a child doesn't quite get fact families, they sometimes will let the other person win. It would be good practice even if it wasn't a competition.

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round the world and number sentences
Posted by:Judith #33810

You probably know this one, but just in case. The students sit in a circle. One person stands behind a seated student. The teacher shows them a flashcard with a number sentence. Who ever answers correctly first gets to move to stand behind the next seated person. He can keep standing until a seated person answers first. Then that person does the standing.

Everyone morning during AM business, I put the current date on the board, ie. 6. The kids come up with math sentences using that number. We started with just using numbers to = 6. Now they do fact families also. I write all their answers on the board. They love it. Now they're giving me sentences like 108-102 = 6.

Of course they are still using those darn fingers, but at least some of them are memorizing the facts.

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No title
Posted by:PacNWTchr #136613

Or you could cut out shapes (like hearts or three leaf clovers for March) and write the three numbers on the "corners". Have students cover up one corner at a time and the students have to figure out what number is under there. Then they can write the FFs and check it on the back.

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fact families
Posted by:Jennypie #136614

I play a game with my students called "find your family." We discuss before playing the game, that there must be four members in your family (unless it's a double fact), and that each member has to share the same three numbers. Each student is given an index card with a fact on it. (no one else sees it). I play music, and when the music stops, I say "find your family." Once students have found all the members of their family, they sit down. The children love playing this game, and it helps them to remember what needs to be included in each fact family. :)

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we made
Posted by:calumetteach #136615

candy corn fact families. This would still tie in with Thanksgiving. You make a big orange pattern (about 10 inches tall)for the candy corn. Lightly write in the middle of it:


Then I gave them 3 numbers for their fact family. (6, 7, 13 etc.-- I tried to give everyone a different fact family) They wrote them on the lines I provided. Then they added yellow paper on the top and bottom and put the two smaller number on the top two corners and the big number in the "point" of the candy corn.

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fact families
Posted by:KAS112 #136616

I bought the fact family pocket chart from Lakeshore and we use it during calendar, we do one family a week when we start and then as they get the hang of it we'll pull out old families and review them. I also have some fact family house work sheets that I fill in with the three numbers and they can fill in. I put some in page protectors for work time that they can practice on. I also explain it to the parents and put it in my weekly newsletter so that the parents can give extra help if needed.

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No title
Posted by:lovebug422 #136617

I explain it this way - there are three members in each family. The biggest number is the Daddy, the middle number is the Mommy and the smaller number is the baby. In a fact family there are always four number sentences; two addition and two subtraction. When doing the adding number sentences you NEVER start with Daddy (he's always the answer). If you decided to start with Mommy first, then the next adding number sentence has to be the flip flopper. When doing the subtraction number sentences, you ALWAYS start with Daddy and can subtract Mommy first or Baby.

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Posted by:Bob #136618

I always highly recommend manipulatives. I find that kids need to do the math, not just do the right answer.

I like base ten blocks. For a fact family of 7, get out 7 blocks. Break the blocks into fact families and write them.

Fact family greeting cards are a lot of fun. On the front, write the sum number. Inside, paste beans to show a fact from the family. Put one addend on one side of the card and the other addend on the other side. The kids can write all kinds of fun messages to the family.

Breaking kids into fact families while they act out a story is helpful. They get up and moving, and I like to keep kids active at some point in a lesson to get blood into the brain if for no other reason. 10 kids stand up. They are building a fort. One kid goes home to get a hammer. When he...

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story boards
Posted by:LittleHeather #136619

Last year I made these little story boards out of construction paper and die cuts for teaching fact families. For example, one of the boards was a pond with a frog family. I cut out blue paper for the pond, drew small waves, some cattails, trees, and rocks around it. Each frog had a number on its belly (the mom had #2, the dad had #5, and the baby had # 7). The kids had fun making up a story about the frogs jumping in the pond. Then we wrote number sentences to go along with the frog family. Other story boards that I made were: snowmen on a hill, sailboats on the lake, fish in a fish bowl, people in a house, and so on. The kids enjoy it because it is hands on, they get to create their own story, and the numbers are on pictures/characters rather than on a...

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No title
Posted by:istoleahalo #136620

Lets see if I can get this out

In a "strangers" (other numbers) are allowed in the house.

"Big Daddy" = big number (5)
Mommy = middle number (3)
baby = small number (2)

Big Daddy is always first or last, because he is protecting his family.

Sometimes Daddy goes to work leaving Mommy and baby home together. 2+3=5

Baby is the most important person in Mommy life so she always puts him first, except on Mommy's Birthday 3+2=5

Sometimes Mommy goes to get her nails done and leaves baby with Daddy. 5-2=3

Sometimes Mommy and Daddy go to see a movie and leave baby with a sitter 5-3=2

A teacher at my school did this and I thought it was really cute. She drew a house and all and had the...

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