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Ancient Egypt

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Some books and activity ideas for a unit on ancient egypt.
Posted by:kate #60707

Hi there. I teach 6th gr. and we study ancient egypt each year. My students' all time favorite activity is stuffed animal mummies. They are in groups of three and one person brings in an old stuffed animal to "sacrifice". (preferably not their younger sibling's animal!) They then follow a step by step guide that details "what the ancient egyptians did" and "what we will do".

It's a lot of fun....they have to take out some of the stuffing and put it in canopic jars, sprinkle salt in the body and wrap the body in toilet paper, etc.
Good Luck!!

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Posted by:Lori 2 #37179

Here are a few ideas. Some may be too old for your students to read for themselves, however, so take a look at them in a library to see if you can use them.

Picture a Country: Egypt by Henry Pluckrose -- Nice easy photo book format

Ms. Frizzle's Andventures: Ancient Egypt by Joanna Cole -- The teacher of Magic School Bus Fame goes on summer vacation to Ancient Egypt! -- My daughter's current favorite book!

Senefer: A Young Genius in Old Egypt by Beatrice Lumpkin -- picture book

Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki -- neat picture book about mummies -- a reading rainbow book

Look What Came From Egypt by Miles Harvey

The Star-Bearer: A Creation Myth From Ancient Egypt by Dianne Hofmey

Vinnie in Egypt by Elizabeth Bott

The Shipwrecked Sailor: An Egyptian Tale of Heirogyphs by Tamara Bower

I am...

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Posted by:Jen #50627

I did an Ancient Egypt Unit with fifth graders. Here's something I thought worked well. In one of the older issues of Mailbox magazine for intermediate I found a page with an outline of a mummy coffin (like Tut's) that had lines on it. I ran a bunch of these off and had the kids cut them out to make pages for a booklet. They used one page as a pattern to cut a cover and back for their book out of manilla drawing paper. They decorated the cover and did some research to create a little book about Egypt. The books turned out really neat (one student used glitter on her cover). I hung them out in the hallway outside our classroom. Also, check the social studies section of your local teacher supply store. They sometime have unit books and would likely have one on Ancient Egypt.

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ancient Egypt
Posted by:MaryM #73636

When I taught Egypt last year, we mummified an apple in class to learn about that process. We also worked on a webquest and I found it by doing a google search. We found out some really "gross" stuff about mummies, but I doubt that my students will ever forget it!
Good luck!

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Egypt and Greece books
Posted by:Laurie #36529

I just finished a unit on Egypt where I used Egypt Game and Magnificent Mummy Maker. I teach 6th grade, and the two books provided a more challenging and easier to read option for the range of reading abilities in my room. I'm hoping to do a mini unit on Greek mythology, and have found two resource books from Scholastic, one that's a cartoon book and another that has plays of the different myths. Let me know if you'd like the names of these other resources.

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