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First Day of School

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Ideas for the first day of school
first day of school
Posted by:heather #18724

Hi--this is the one question I get from my new teachers and I've been working on a any help/add on's would be great.

7:30--in classroom, praying --a little calm time before the rush.. I always nibble on helps my nerves (yes even old time teachers get nerves the first day)

7:50--greet early birds --they're often there with mom and dad and I let them in on day 1--reminding them that school doesn't start until 8:00am, but they may go in for today, hang their coat and find their chair. Have something for them to do on the board or at their seat (seating name tags are already out)and books for them to read-look at afterwards...remember if you always let them in early you could be the 30 min. baby sitter for the rest of the year.

8:00 kids arrive...great each...

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First Day Ideas
Posted by:Pam L #58766

Great topic!

* I give a short "test" about me--- a ten point multiple choice test (what is the name of my husband, my favorite food, etc...) That lets us "practice" how to take a test in my room, and they practice checking their own work- something that we do a lot of during the year. We also review the the grading scale! Then, for their homework that night, they must write a "test" about themselves- 5 or more questions. Then the next day I take each test during class, read the questions aloud and give my answers. I usually read about 2-3 whenever we have a transition time- it might take me 2 days to get through each test. Students think this is great fun, and I actually learn a bit about my students. This also gives an opportunity to learn about how to bring homework back to...

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First Day
Posted by:Lori #58788

Here are some things I have done, I like to switch things every year though.

1. I always read How I spent My Summer Vacation and have the children make a little suitcase that opens. They draw a pic. on the outside and then write a few sentences about it. Gives me a good idea where I stand with stuff too.

2. I read the important book. The children trace head and shoulders and decorate to look like they do. Then they fill in the poem prompt:
The important thing about me is that I am _____________. I can _______________ and ______________________. I like _____________ and ____________________. But the important thing about me si that I am __________________________.

3. I love the all about me posters from scholastic, we take a couple of days to do them and share it is...

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First Day
Posted by:Jane #57938

I have had great success with writing a class contract with my students on the first two days. I begin by randomly putting the students into groups of 4. Their job is to compose what a good teacher does and what a good student does. The lists are recorded on chart paper. I, as the teacher, also compose these two lists.
Following the discussion of what a contract is... a promise and agreement which both parties sign their name to as a way of committing to the document, we review the lists together and cross out those items that cannot be part of our contract. For instance, the students (I teach 5th grade) will inevitably put down that a good teacher doesn't give homework. I then explain that this is not true of a good teacher because I am required to prepare them for...

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Routines and procedures
Posted by:Tammy #24790

You have probably thought of most of these but this is what I cover on the first day. We start out by taking care of where to store our materials. We go through each textbook and arrange things neatly in our desks. Then we assign and put the rest of our things in lockers. By now they have had some time to be social with their friends and I usually need to quiet them down. This is where I move on to rules, rewards, and consequences. I explain my system to them and show them the items in the Treasure Box that they can earn. I also explain the consequence steps for misbehavior. Then I take time to show them the room. Point out the things that they will need to use throughout the year, the centers, my library, the game shelf, where the extra supplies are, cleaning...

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Goody Bags
Posted by:Petunia #75413

The first day have a cupcake welcome back to school party. Have your opening. Pass out cupcakes and while they are eating them tell them about yourself, share pictures of your family and etc. During read aloud, read “First Day Jitters”. It’s about a girl who is afraid to go to school and in the end they find out it’s the teacher. Our lower grade read “The Kissing Hand”. At the end of the day, give students “Welcome Back” goody bags. A sack I got mine from the school concession stand ---popcorn sack. Decorate the sack with a curly ribbon bow. Attach a note, on the cover put “Welcome Back”, and inside list the items in the sack and what they stand for.
Pencil---Sharp pencils to get us all pointed in the right...

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