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Guided Reading

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Here are some ideas for implementing guided reading in your classroom.
Guided Reading
Posted by:Diane #30781

Guided reading is taking small groups of students(5-6) for reading instruction at a time. You group students by levels and reading problems. During guided reading you reteach and practice what that particular group of students need to work on to become better readers. For example one group may be very low in sounding out words so during 1 or more guided reading times you may practice the sh sound. Before you have brought the students together you have preselected a text that is a little above their reading level and incorporates words using the sh sound in it. Once you have brought the group together you quickly go over how to sound words out (prviously taught during reader's workshop) introduce the book and give each student a copy. Then each student reads to themselves at the same time and you go around and listen to each one helping...

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guided reading
Posted by:I teach 4th grade! #83760

Well, I've been teaching 4th graders for 10 years now. I am a big advocate of guided reading, especially for the average and low ability readers. They benefit so much from small groups where the teacher really knows their strength and weaknesses. I have 22 in my reading class...and it's just me. Here's how I do it:

The first 10 minutes or so is a minilesson at the carpet. I do short lessons at this time, right now it's about how to choose a book that's just right for them. We then begin Silent Reading time (I feel this is SO IMPORTANT to do EVERYDAY!). I try to give them 15 - 20 minutes a day. The rest of our class is our guided reading time. I have split the class into 3 flexible groups (meaning the groups change often depending on the skill we are working on and the students' needs). One group meets...

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Guided Reading and Centers
Posted by:linda2671 #128819

I struggled with this for years, but 5 years ago I came up with a plan that really works well for me. This is how I would do a class with 24 students and four different reading levels. Divide your class into four groups. One group does guided reading with you, one group goes to centers, one group does seatwork, and one group sits together to read their guided reading books to each other. When the first reading group is finished with you, they go to their seats for seatwork. The ones who were reading together come to you. Those at centers go read together, those at seatwork go to centers. No one is doing anything for more than 20 minutes or so, so you have to plan accordingly. I find that when I manage my centers this way, the kids are quiet and cooperative. They don't do any one activity long enough to get bored...

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Guided Reading Center
Posted by:J #46037

I love guided reading and found the following centers enabled me to work with guided reading groups:

1. Computers-I had computers with software, like Reader Rabbit or Living Books, loaded on them for students to listen to. The computers had individual headsets so the students could work quietly without disturbing others. Only two of my computers had the capability to run some programs so when this happened, I got a headset splitter from my local electronics story so two people could be on one computer. The pairs worked well together! (Teaching Target: Phonics skills, fluency, comprehension)

2. Reader's Theatre-students were assigned parts of simple plays. This works better if you have a parent or aide, but can work well as long as you model your expectations and help them choose parts. (At first my students would bicker about which parts they wanted. I solved this, by writing a...

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Guided Reading
Posted by:Arlene Fasbender #84140

We are using Guided Reading also it is absolutely the most wonderful way to teach children to read! We have presented "A Look into the Guided Reading Classroom" presentation at a Kansas Educators Conference and it was well received by many teachers.

Problem: We have a website in which my teaching partners and I have put lesson plans in for the books we are reading at each level. As you know, this takes hours and hours and hours of work to read books and write complete 2nd (I teach 2nd grade)-3rd -4th grade lesson plans for each level. (Some levels are reading 3rd and 4th already at the beginning of 2nd grade for us). We are looking for schools to join in the website to "dump" your lesson plans into so that we are all not "reinventing the wheel"...

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guided reading
Posted by:Joanne #62385

At our school, we use the PM Benchmarks. We do a running record on each child, find out which level they are at, then I group them. I take more running records as the year progresses i.e each reporting period or when I feel a child has improved i.e. is finding our guided reading session too easy. This year I have 7 groups.
In my sessions, rather than having them read aloud, once we have done a book talk and picture walk, I have them whisper read. I get around to each person to hear them read (usually 3 in a group). They often have a highlighter with them to highlight words they don't know (if they are using a Reading A-Z book of their own.) We talk about comprehension, but also about how they figured out the tough words: sound it out, look at the pictures, skipped the word then re-read, etc. I...

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guided reading
Posted by:silvercat323 #123060

From what I understand, guided reading is basically directing students through the text and teaching them what good readers do so that when it comes to read independently, they know what to do. I see it as giving them tools to unlock comprehension so they can see what successful reading feels like.

For the skills to focus on, I build on whatever skills I taught whole group, and I find out what specifically students need to work on. The materials need to be on their instructional level--not too easy, not too hard, so that will vary based on each group, but sometimes I use the same text with all groups and provide more scaffolding for students who need it. The actual teaching of the skill is really short though, just a few minutes while I introduce the book. I think the best thing for improving reading...

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Guided reading encouragement
Posted by:michelle #10779

Stephanie...just jump in. This is my second year using guided reading (the Fountas and Pinnell method) and it is working very well. Last year only two out of six of the first grade teachers used it and now it is all but one. I love being able to work with students at their instructional level and it has helped me to identify their individual needs. Read the book Guided Reading by Fountas and Pinnell. We actually used this book in a book study group. We also are continuing with a guided reading support group. This helps the teachers that are using gr to share ideas and just keep each other going. Our district purchased a new anthology series this year but I can't bring myself to open it! I use the work board approach to centers just like in the F/P book. Just start out slow...

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guided reading
Posted by:Cheryl #91338

Long Island Diva,
I'm just getting my feet wet too. I'm starting my fourth set of guided reading books tomorrow. For the first two I read every book and took notes about how I was thinking. Every group had a job to do (assessment) that I could look at. And for the first set of groups I had each group also accountable for a story map with story elements. Last week I had four groups, each with a non-fiction group. Each group had to create a jeopardy game. Tomorrow I start another round and I'm using a "Literature Circle" format that has been packaged so that every student is accountable for the nine days it will take them to read the book (discussion director, artful artist, etc.) This round I chose books that I read long ago and forgot so I have no notes to help me recall...

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Guided Reading
Posted by:Taita #30789

As with anything, they key to success is balance. No, when I started teaching 4 years ago I knew nothing of guided reading. Does it work, YES! You just can't meet the individual needs of students with whole group reading. At the beginning of the week, I meet whole group and cover a story from the basal series. Tuesday through Friday I meet with my guided reading groups and assign the other groups work related to the basal story. I don't believe one could properly analyze a student's challenges in the whole group setting, especially if the student isn't functioning on the same level as the text you're using for whole group. What about ESE, ESOL, and kids with specific needs. Guided reading provides an outlet to reach all readers needs. You also have to be flexible, I also work on reading skills needed in the content areas (SS and...

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a little bit...
Posted by:QW #115884

1. I spend about 20 minutes, sometimes 15 per day.
3. Fountas & Pinnell (sp) have two books on guided reading with huge lists of leveled books in them.
4. We have master files at our school--each student gets a file in Kindergarten and it travels with them. It is for DRA tests and CAP tests only. I put this file in a hanging file and add my own personal stuff (benchmark tests, etc) to the back of the file for conferences. Really, there isn't a lot of paperwork. :-)
5. My students do any assignment I may have given them in group first, then they read independently and keep a reading log.
6. We don't have basals, so the guided reading book is their book and these books change very frequently.
Good luck! I think you'll love it once you get used to it.

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guided reading
Posted by:audriana #115899

1. How long do you spend with each group? 20 minutes per group
2. What are some good books I can use for 3rd grade? do you have a lit person at your school or a section in your library with leveled books?
3. Is there a master list floating around out there somewhere that I could use that has the books & levels? I use Fountas and Pinells book, too.
4. How do you organize your paperwork for your groups? I have a clip board with index cards taped on top. (They are on top of one another where just the bottom part of the card is showing so I can flip to the student's card easily while I'm working. Does that make sense?) I make anecdotal notes on their cards. I have folders for their running records.)
5. What are your other children doing while you are doing guided reading? Lit work stations -- 2...

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Guided Reading
Posted by:DebS. #78176

Hi Jen,
I've also read this book. I've been doing the Guided Reading and Literacy Stations in my room for about 3 years now. The students enjoy the independence and I like the "small group"teaching.
Depending on my class size, I vary with the amount of time I spend with the guided reading group. Last year I had a large class and was only able to meet with each group 2 times a week for about 20 min. While I meet with my group, the rest of the class is busy with literacy stations. The stations usually consists of computer time, partner reading, listening station(books on tape), spelling activity,and independent reading ( students select leveled books for their reading bag at this time)
The students rotate during the week so that they are able to complete each station before the week is through. Throughout the...

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Guided Reading Lessons
Posted by:Beckie #62384

Our school has a book room with books "leveled" from A-M. When school starts we check their folders to see what level they were reading at in June, and go back 2 levels to be safe. We have a lot of books from Rigby and Scholastic.

I don't like more than 5 kids in a group.

1) Introduce story, and up to level G I give them the whole story, problem, solution, and we take a quick picture walk as many of the words they will encounter are in the illustrations. Around level H I start to leave out the ending and discuss it at the end instead.

2) Children read the story out loud, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This is VERY hard to get used to, but as opposed to round robin reading, they are all reading, no one is just sitting waiting for their turn, nor embarrassed to be reading alone....

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Guided Reading
Posted by:Cathy #30783

My district uses guided reading so I hope this helps. Guided reading is NOT whole class instruction. It is small group instruction for students who read the same text. The group is homogeneous: the students read at the same level, demonstrate similar reading behaviors and share similar instructional needs. These small groups are temporary; they change as you assess students' growth and needs. In the small groups, you introduce a text that you've selected, and the students read it silently and independently. Students usually read silently, though you might ask individual students to read orally at regular intervals and talk with them individually about the book. You select teaching points based on the reader's needs and may assign oral and/or written responses and extensions. I don't know if this is different in the younger grades (I teach 4th) My class is divided into three...

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Guided Reading ideas
Posted by:Suzie #51061

I teach Year One and I do levelled reading groups Mon-Thurs. It sounds like you are trying to have every child read in small groups at the SAME time. This cannot work- certainly not in early childhood. YOU need to teach reading STRATEGIES. I have 27 kids and 4 groups. Only one group does guided reading- with me- each day.

Now it's 4 weeks from the end of Year One 2002, the kids are good readers (phew!) so I can split my guided reading group and run 2 books while I watch and participate. This way, I keep my very highest group at only 3 children.

Other groups do: word attack, language games, computer and another that I call a 'book box'. My 3 trusty parents run these other groups. My classroom is never big enough- brand new that it is- there is 1 corner!! (the others have either a door, a computer power...

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Guided Reading Levels
Posted by:Anne #42151


I also have a wide spread of reading levels each year. The way I handle it is to use the reading series the parish provides, teaching the vocabulary and skills whole class...following curriculum guide lines and then test based on this. Our reading series is set up to teach one story a week with lots of related activities to that story.(Whole Language approach)I don't like it! I feel children need to be exposed to lots and lots of reading practice, phonics, and repetition of the basic sight words so....... I run a balanced literacy program in my classroom. The children rotate from independent work, to centers, to guided reading with me in smalll groups. (Tuesday - Thursday) It is the 30 minutes they spend at the guided reading table with me that I use supplement readers and trade books on their group...

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