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PowerPoint Ideas

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Here are some project ideas for using PowerPoint in your classroom.
Posted by:Ann #66796

A fun way to use powerpoint is to create alphabet books on a topic. For example, if you are studying egypt you can come up with a different Egyptian word for each letter. The student could create their page with the letter and a description of their word. You can then scan in a picture they drew or even use a digital photo of their picture and put it in their page. These can be printed out and laminated and they make an awesome ABC book of whatever topic you are studying.

I have also had children do powerpoints on whatever topic they are studying. For example, we just did biographies and I had the kids do a powerpoint on their person. They did these in partners and presented them to the class. For the first time you do powerepoint, I recommend assigning them in partners or groups. After the kids get...

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PowerPoint in second grade
Posted by:Airpplane #56838

I teach second grade and have used PowerPoint almost daily for the past couple years (not using much of the chalkboard or whiteboard for a long while). I use it mostly as a teacher toolbox and a digital "chalkboard" (my handwriting is not usually legible). I hook up the PC to a TV display using a scan convertor unit called AVKey. PowerPoint is then instantly displayed on the TV monitor. Some items I have displayed include daily schedule/assignments. Kind of like instant writing on the board without all that erasing. One of PowerPoint's neatest feature is not its animation but its special script that you can use to create an editbox/textbox for instant keyboarding (no need to prepare the slide in advance). Spelling list, daily language practice, math problem of the day, homework, reminders. It is useful for test format practice, especially item by item analysis. Also I...

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Posted by:Jennifer #94950

Our third graders did one of their book reports on powerpoint. They did their "paper draft" at home, then we showed them how to do powerpoint at school. The entire project was a huge hit. The kids were able to play around with their slides and learned more things about powerpoint than I ever knew in elementary school.

You could use any format, we used the following?

slide 1 - title, author, illustrator
slide 2 - main characters
slide 3 - setting
slide 4 - important event #1
slide 5 - " " #2
slide 6 - " " #3
slide 7 - ending
slide 8 "My favorit part"

As I stated they did the "paper draft" at home. Had to be a chapter book with at least 5 chapters. We spent about 4 hours in the computer lab (over a week) and worked on this at school. It was great

good luck

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PowerPoint fun!
Posted by:Janie #42215

I teach my 6th grade students PowerPoint. I start out with a model to demo and for reference. Decide what rubric to use for evaluation and what content area. The first project with PowerPoint addresses basic subject content. Before we even venture in the computer lab, I demo for the students. This draws them in so to speak. Introduce some language, such as, storyboarding, slide sorter view, and etc. Each students is expected to storyboard the project information out (write out the content of focus). Each sheet of paper is one slide representing data, graphs, etc. I have also done the same thing to show the students. Once I see this is done, we go into the computer lab. A checklist is provided to guide us through the steps of the project, step due dates, etc. It may sound lengthy, but not really. The students are great to stay on task and enjoy...

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Posted by:jennifer #78927

I have used PowerPoint quite often in my classroom (5th grade). The students performed a play to the school and parents about the Battle of Gettysburg. Prior to the play the audience watched a PowerPoint show of the events that led up to the battle they were about to watch. After the battle they continued to watch a PowerPoint from the battle to the end of the Civil War. The PowerPoint presentation was created by the students. It really turned out well. I hope this gives you another perspective on how to use besides inside the classroom.

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Posted by:Sabrina #10613

I teach 4th grade but I do know a 2nd grade teacher that has used powerpoint with her kids. First she taught them how to use the program. They researched a Native American tribe (any topic could work)in groups. Each group made on slide about their tribe. Some of the groups even used a drawing program to make their own drawings to be added to their slide.

A good tip is to give them a sheet of typing paper that they have to plan out what they are going to do before they get to the computer. I also make my kids get all their information down on the slide before they do any of the fun stuff like animations and sounds. Also you can set a limit like only one sound and two animations.

Hope this helps

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powerpoint slides
Posted by:tia #112540

i just happen to have a hard copy of mine here at home (because it was deleted TWICE off my laptop/server this past school year and i need to redo it AGAIN for next year). :mad:

here are my slides:
*a few pics of kids doing stuff (our back to school night is about 2 1/2 weeks into the year) like using SMARTBoard for interactive lessons, playing math games, using computers for centers, science experiment...
*background info on me (schooling, experience, family)
*my goals for the year (prepare for junior high, proficiency on state test, enrich lives with culture, become better writers, enjoy math, become a more fluent reader...)
*"important 6th grade info" (binder, planner, homework)
*info on Monday Folders
*picture of all my "strange-looking" incentives (Newbucks, Behavior Tracker, Tickets Out, Monkey Points, Extra Credit tickets, and Tiger Tickets) and explanations of them...

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"Powerpoint in 5th grade classroom"
Posted by:Tabitha #38910

I have used powerpoint a lot in my room this year.
I used it to introduce new concepts and to review concepts that my students were having a hard time getting. I also used it to review for a test. I typed the questions and then the answers and had my students in two groups and the group with the highest points earned 10 points to final semester grade. They loved it. I plan on using it more in math and science this year. I also had them create power point presentations in their group research on Bioemes this time. They got a chance to put one together in computer class. It is a great program to have and I plan on using it alot more next year.

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Posted by:ann #55990

My 4th grade students have been doing powerpoint projects for the last 5 years. They have created personal information slides for open house night, rain forest presentations, railroad and pony express presentations, biome presentations, and book reports. They create several slides, import pictures, videos, and sound. They time them, incorporate slide transitions, scan pictures, etc. Then they present information to the class as an oral presentation. My students can't get enough of this project. Once they learn it, I can't keep them off of it. They are always finding a way to use it in the classroom. GREAT TOOL!!!!

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Posted by:teach4th #78785

I've used PowerPoint in my classroom for Science and Soc. St. student presentations. We have a comp. lab in our school and I was able to give the students basic lessons on using PP. Then, I assigned group projects and each group of 3-4 students worked together. One lesson in science was on vertebrates and I assigned groups fish, reptiles, etc. and gave guidelines for what needed to be included in the presentation. THe students had a great time with the work and we invited the parents in to see the final presentations.

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Powerpoint coupons
Posted by:jch #128860

I've always created my own coupons using PowerPoint. It allows you all the border, fonts, etc. and it allows you to move things around more easily than with Word. You can also manipulate graphics more easily - changing size or placement on the page. Inserting whatever you want is a breeze. Then you just print the slide!

I use Power Point for almost all my worksheets now too. So much easier to manipulate text boxes around the page!

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powerpoint at open house
Posted by:Kristin #43386

I love using a powerpoint presentation at our Meet the Teacher Open House Night. The presentation is given by all the fifth grade teachers and includes slides on a variety of fifth grade material. It takes the focus off of us and instead is put on the presentation. We will then let them regroup into the separate classrooms for a quick glance at their child's room.

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Explorers Powerpoint presentation
Posted by:Kathy #65199

My 5th graders worked with a partner last year to complete a simple Powerpoint presentation on their explorer. I assigned the explorer & required basic facts with sources cited (ex. date born, country, major accomplishment, interesting fact, etc) They really enjoyed adding sound & graphics- after the basic info was researched. I used a rubric to grade the project & each group presented the presentation to their classmates as part of the final grade.

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Posted by:Cheryl #50416

I've had my class take digital pictures of a science investigation on Aquatic Habitats. They took a pic every time they added something new to their habitat. I loaded the pictures in files for them and they will create powerpoint presentations using the pictures and writing the observations they kept in their science journal. They are really excited about the project.

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Posted by:Heather #55844

I am a second grade teacher, but I have used power point with my kids. One thing I did to start was to make a presentation as a class. We have projectors that can hook up to a computer so the whole class can see. We made a presentation about the planets when we studied the solar system. The kids had their research in front of them. I had already made the background and titles. They told me what to type. Then we added animation and pictures. You might try doing this to model how to put the presentation together.

You could also have a template that students can use if they need it.

Decide ahead of time what information should be on each slide, so students have a guideline for what they need to put where.

I hope this helps.

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Posted by:fourselfs #119081

I shot a video last year with my 3rd graders for something to do the last week and half of the year. It was a news cast for the upcoming 2nd graders. It did take a long time for every one to get their parts down but we had nothing else to do but practice so it did not interfer. I did not have the software to put it all together like a movie. I used Power Point and inserted the clips into that and set up the timing. Since it was a news cast it didn't matter that it jumped around. I had two anchors and they would send it out to reporters around the school. The kids absolutely love it. Especially when it was finished and we showed it to the whole 3rd grade.

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idea for vocab
Posted by:sj #62533

I just started this this year, but am really enjoying it. I created a narrated Powerpoint presentation that has me leading my students through high-frequency words, math fact drills, poem recitation, and vocabulary words and their definitions. My students arrive at 7:45 and class is to begin at 8:30. I start this Powerpoint at 8:00 and let it run for 30 minutes while I check in homework, take up popcorn money, tutor, or do other early morning housekeeping chores. I change the presentation every couple of days to keep it fresh. For the vocabulary, I type the word on the screen, then give a second or two for students to read the word and give their definition before my voice reads the word and gives the definition. My students are learning about 20 words per week, and they seem to enjoy it as much as I do. I made sure to put...

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Posted by:Carol #10615

Dear Patty,
I am a speech/language pathologist in a 3-5 intermediate school. My 3rd grade groups decided that they wanted to do a vocabulary unit on occupations. Each student had to interview an adult about their job - what did they do, where did they work, what 'tools of the trade' did they use. Each student had to present his occupation to the rest of the class.

The students then learned to use a digital camera to take pictures of each other. These pictures were inserted into Powerpoint along with graphics depicting job sites, workers and 'tools of the trade'. The students then recorded and inserted their voices into our 'living book'. The basic framework of the books was:

Slide 1: (Student picture and voice) "When I grow up I could be....."

Slide 2: (Picture of farmer/student's voice) "...a farmer and grow food for people all...

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Spelling PowerPoint
Posted by:silvercat323 #136048

In the past, I have used PowerPoint to give spelling pretests. I say the word. Students write it. Then I immediately show the word on PowerPoint. That way students can see right away if they made a mistake.

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