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First Year Teacher

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Tips for surviving your first year of teaching
First year
Posted by:A first year survivor #48913

The reality is, your first year will be hard. With few exceptions, those who tell you they're having a good first year are lying. I know I lied during my first year when people would ask, "So, how's teaching?" I didn't want to seem negative, so I would just say, "Great." The thing is, everyone warns you before you start that the first year will be difficult, and that you just have to get through it. But somehow you don't really believe it until you see it for yourself. And you think it's going to be difficult because you put in a lot of hours or because you're unfamiliar with the school ... but the difficulty runs much deeper than that. It's learning to deal with the stark realities of classroom management, diversity of abilities, and school politiics. Also I think it's difficult to build up that...

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first year
Posted by:Mary #85846

Man, the first year of teaching is really, really tough. I feel for you. I teach sixth grade language arts and in each of my classes, I have reading levels that range from second grade to ninth grade. I differentiate like crazy. It's like that all over. Also, the paperwork and meetings and just general crap are everywhere, too. I would like to encourage you to rethink your decision, though. The poster above was right, you sound like a wonderful teacher, and I promise, promise, promise you, IT GETS EASIER. The stuff that's giving you headaches this year won't go away, but everything is easier the second year and nothing will take you as long to complete next year as it's taking you this year. You will also learn to pick your battles, learn what in your mailbox can be thrown away,...

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1st year
Posted by:Alicia #93230

Here's my advice as a teacher who has almost completed year one!

1)Make one of your desk drawers a "personal drawer" Make sure you have: snacks for any late nights or mid day snacks, IBUPROFEN for those headaches/cramps, tampons, hairbrush, hair spray, breath mints, change for the pop machine, mouth wash, chapstick, band aids, etc.
2)Be organized-have a place for everything. If students need to turn in assignments, notes from parents, etc, have a place for this (mine is a plastic bin). Don't tell them to "set it on my desk". If you do this everyday for every student, you won't be able to see your desk.
3)Plan as far ahead as you can but be flexible to change it.
4)Keep a calendar/daily planner-if I lost mine I'd be lost forever. Immediately write down important dates (meetings,...

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Posted by:leah #36425

I think that your jitters are normal. Going into a school is an experience you'll never forget. Believe me, those who are natural teachers get the same feelings as you're having. before going into the schools, I totally freaked out. It was then I decided I needed someone to talk to. I'll tell you what my professor told me, "How will you know what it's like if you don't give it a chance." To be successful you only have to do two things-- be on time & do what you say you're going to do. Of course students know when you know what you're talking about, even the best of us have to play it off sometimes. I think you'll be fine.

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second year jitters
Posted by:Julianne #18841

Most teachers have some first-day jitters every year, no matter how much experience they have. Teaching is a little like being on stage. You're "on" when you teach and so you are likely to experience the old adrenaline rush when you think about it. A few things you can do to help:

Make a list of the things you need to prepare for the first few days of class. Then check them off as you do them. A fully checked off list will give you visual proof that you are ready.

Aside from the times when you are preparing, try to keep your mind active with other matters. Read a good book (non-school!), go to a movie with friends, bake, whatever.

Every time you find yourself feeling anxious or terrified, practice relaxation techniques. Use Lamaze or anything else you know to relax...

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