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End of the Year Awards

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It's fun to reward your students at the end of a long year. Here's a collection of academic and non-academic awards, as well as some fun "candy" award ideas to hand out to your students.
End of the Year Awards
Posted by:luv2teach77 #136020

Here's a list of ideas I've come across on PT:

* The Survivor (Math, Soc. Studies, Science etc.) Award- for the student who struggled with one thing or another but managed to hang in there.
* Mathlete Award for excellence in math
* Nobel Peace Prize for those students who are so able to work well and get along with others. Or you could call it the Peace Corps Award
* The Thomas Edison Award for outstanding science students.
* The Tortoise and Hare Award for never giving up the race and winning.
* Most Improvement Award in any subject area.
* The CATastrophe award for having the most excuses for not having homework.
* The Class Clown award.
* The Most Helpful Award I had several who were always asking me if I needed someone to run papers to the copy room or pick up my mail or just run an errand.
* The Emily Post Award for best manners,...

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End of Year Awards
Posted by:Joanne #23420

I give out awards in my classroom after our assembly. I make sure every child gets an award and order my medals from Orientaltrading.com (they came in about 4-5 days). The awards I gave out this year included: 1st - 4th place in Mad Minute (we do Mad Minute 2-3 times a week & I keep the scores all year for the winners), highest average (boy & girl), most improved (boy & girl) in math, reading, language, spelling, behavior, etc., the students vote for a girl & boy Supercitizen, (I also chose one), my honor roll is an A average (we have superintendent honor roll-all A's, Principcal's honor roll-A average), good conduct, best attitude, organized, listener, sport, helper, homework, etc. Super learners in science & social studies, important contributor to class, etc.

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end of year awards
Posted by:sandy #39513

I do something similar to the last posting. I make individual awards for something that "sticks out" about each of my 4th graders. I use Printmaster Premiere(graphics program)to make the awards, and have found it helps to start thinking about this early in the year. Each year I start to think, maybe it's too much work...maybe I won't do it, and then a former student comes back or writes me a note telling me how much that award meant to them and how they will keep it forever...needless to say, I do it every year.
Some of my favorites are
Two peas in a pod...2 kids that are really alike, always together...
Walking wounded...student that seemed to mysteriously get injured every day, needing bandaids, icepacks...
Speedy Gonzales
Mr./Miss Manners
Way with Words

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end of year awards
Posted by:Ramie #40724

This is my list for the end of year candy awards.
M&m’s - works well in a group

Sweet tarts - sweetest

Almond joy- happiest

Life saver- always willing to help

Mr. Goodbar- good at making friends

Milky way - out of this world

Baby Routh - most athletic

Snickers - best joke teller

1000 grand- Most likely to be rich

Kit Kat - animal lover

Reeses- best friend to everyone

Jolly rancher- laughs the most

Nestle Crunch –person you can count on

Kisses – most caring

Butterfinger- best fix-it man

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No title
Posted by:GraceK #136019

Last year, I had the kids come up with their own categories and vote for one student for each category. I told them I would have final say. So I tallied them up, and gave awards-- one to each kid-- as best I could based on the votes. So, although they might have voted Johnny as being the best artist, with Henry in second, I might have given Henry the award instead if Johnny was also voted best (or second best) in altheticism. Make sense? The kids, btw, also made the awards out of construction paper (and they were really creative- a crown for the drama queen, a book for the best reader, etc).

This is the first year I have done this- I teach 5th. When I taught younger kids, we didn?t do awards for everyone at the end of the year.

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Posted by:tia #39279

i teach 6th and we have a 6th grade ceremony at the end of the year--we have elected 6th grade speakers, a powerpoint pictures from throughout the year presentation, cake and punch, and personalized awards for each student. (some years we have 90 students to come up with awards for!)

i realize my posting is a bit late, but you could keep it in mind...

my colleagues and i start looking for goofy things the first week of school--we departmentalize, so we see each other's students every day. when we hear/see something good, we tell each other and write it down--this year we gave an award to a kid who fell over big time in math--it was all over 6th grade by the end of the day--"Head Over Heels for Math"; one student who had a tooth chipped while on a school skiing field trip--"Most Original...

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Class Awards
Posted by:Roz #22903

I have given my student's individual end of year awards for some time. We have an awards ceremony on the last day. I make the awards on the computer so that each one is personalized and a bit different from the others. I have given awards such as :
The Neat as a Pin Award (for a student who always has a neat desk and neat work)
The Math Star Award (for a top math student in the class)
The Amazing Author Award (for a student who write great stories)
The Super Scientist Award (for a student who enjoys science activities)
The Kindness Award (for a student who is always kind and considerate to classmates)
I also give improvement awards in all subject areas for student who might not be the best, but who have worked hard and improved in a...

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end of year awards
Posted by:charlotte #94474

I give each of my students a certificate at the end of the year. Some years IT IS hard to find one for each student but that is good because is forces me to look for each child's gift or talent. I give awards for best handwriting, best artist, best helper, best sense of humor, I usually give several for best over all academics, best in math, spelling, language, story telling and so on. I find it means more to the student if you have focused on something they are good at and there CAN be more then one person in class that is good at sports or art. I just word the certificate a little differently. I hope this helps. I usually start working on my certificates about a week or two in advance.
Good luck and have a great summer!

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End of the Year Awards
Posted by:Gina #23085

Computer printed out awards are nice, but at our school we have been making some really unique one that we pin on them when we present them so they can wear them all day. They look neat and the kids love them.
We use our Allison Cutter to cut out little medals. You may have some, if not, then you can just cut them out of construction paper. I usually cut two of different colors. For example, yellow for the front and dark blue for the back. I just glue them together with the blue just barely peeking out. They look neater this way.
Then, we use a fine line magic marker and write their names in the middle of the medal adding little "dots" to their letters of their names to look fancy. Under the names, we add what they have won. For an example, Barry...

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funny awards
Posted by:Anne #67924

"Recipient of most notes from one parent" award.

Custodian's choice awards....cleanest room, messiest room, etc.

"Theme-iest dresser".... the one who has a pair of dangle earrings for every holiday, including Earth day, Arbor day, and President's Day.

"Copy machine hog" award

"Low tekkie award" for the computer illiterate, or for the one one who always breaks the copy machine.

"Best ongoing teacher's lounge soap opera"

"Picky eater award" for the one who would NEVER even in life or death situations, eat the cafeteria chili dogs.

"Not afraid to make a fool of her/himself in front of the students award"

"Creativity award" for the cutest, most humorous, or beautiful bulletin board.

"Worst handwriting award."

"Most tolerant award" for the teacher who had the most difficult parent.

I am very very very thankful that we do not have...

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Certificates & Awards
Posted by:Dana #28652

I recently found a great computer program called Certificates & Awards, made by Teacher Created Materials. I found this CD at my local teacher supply store for $19.95. There are over 160 certificates and awards. It gives you the option of printing in color or in black. We printed one copy of each award that we needed with black ink, and then we copied each award onto different colored Astobright heavyweight paper. They were beautiful!
We gave pretty much the same awards as mentioned above and... Best Author, Best All Around Student, Best Artist, and Most Helpful.

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