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Caterpillar/Butterfly Unit

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A collection of ideas/activities for a caterpillar/butterfly unit. This is a great unit to do in the spring or towards the end of the school year!
Posted by:Sarah S. #74453

We made some crafts with coffee filters... The kids colored them with markers, then sprayed them with water bottles and let the colors run together. When they were dry, which we helped along by patting them with paper towels, we bunched them up in the middle and slid them into the space of an old style clothes pin. Then we attatched so pipe cleaners for antenna. Also, I have a pattern with 3 butterflies of different sizes, they colored and we decorated paper plates, cut them in a spiral and attatched the butterflies in graduated order. These were very decorative. We made life cycle charts using rice (for an egg), spiral pasta (for caterpillar), shell pasta (for cocoon), and bowtie pasta (for butterfly) I had some patters of leaves and showed them how to make paper look like grass. These came out really neat....

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Life cycle
Posted by:Jackie #54609

I taught a small unit on butterflies to my first graders and they loved it. Mainly we discussed the life cycle of the butterfly. I made a poster board to illustrate each of the four stages egg, caterpillar, chryslais, butterfly. I taught a seperate lesson for each of the stages. First we talked about eggs, and what type of animals hatch from eggs. Then I ordered some caterpillars from the Carolina company ( or 800-334-5551). I ordered a "Raise-A-Butterfly Kit" #GW-14-4010 which was $22.95. The caterpillars came in a small plastic cup and I allowed the students to pass the cup around and look at them. Over time they formed a chrysalis at the top of the cup. You then transfer the top of the cup to a larger plastic container, which they give you. Then you just wait for the little...

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Life cycle of a butterfly
Posted by:Carol #74040

We usually use different shaped macaroni to make a chart to illustrate the life cycle of a butterfly. First we read the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (eventhough it is a picture book it has a lot of basics that are useful for the students). Then we make a chart by dividing a paper plate into fourths and labeling each with a stage in the life cycle of the butterfly. We then glue different types of macaroni to the plate... an elbow for the egg,a fussilli(spiral shape) for the caterpillar, a shell for the chryssalis, and a bowtie for the butterfly. We then decorate the background and write some facts in each section. This is a simple activity but the children really do learn the facts about the life cycle. Sorry about the spelling errors!!

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butterfly lifecycle
Posted by:luv2teachinoz #1166

Attached is the lifecycle of a butterfly. Not sure where I found this...

Download: butterflycycle.pdf (647.018 KB)

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Butterfly projects
Posted by:Sarah S. #68226

I just finished my unit on butterflies and caterpillars. I used this project as a hands on way to get the idea across...

I put out rice, shell, spiral, and bowtie noodles. I instruct the kids to create a picture for me that shows how the butterfly comes to be a butterfly, they use the rice to make an egg on a leaf (I put out green and brown paper). Then they put the spiral in some green paper cut to look like grass, then the shell on a tree limb for the cocoon, and last a bowtie for the butterfly. These came out very cute.
We also made little books about the life cycle of a butterfly, they dictated what they wanted each page to say and I wrote it on each page.
There are printables on various websites although I cannot recall the particular one I used,...

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Posted by:Sarah #89463

I read Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", we make squish painted butterflies where you drop paint on the paper and let them fold it in half and squish it together. We make butterflies from our hand prints and attatch them to a craft stick, then paint a toilet paper tube brown and fold the butterflies wings around to it fits in the tube, (it looks like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. I also did the life cycle of a butter fly using rice for the larva, twisty pasta for the caterpillar, shell pasta for the crysalis, and bowtie pasta for the butterfly. I let them color on coffee filters with markers and them spray them down with water so the colors run together. When they dry we pinch them up in the middle and attatch them to a clothes pin, wrap a pipe cleaner to then end...

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Insect and Bugs
Posted by:Darci #28121

I teach first grade and we are not only wrapping up the end of the school year, but the end of our caterpillar / insect unit.

We order caterpillars and raise them to the butterfly stage and then have a huge Butterfly Release Day complete with songs, poems and fingerplays. We make a Caterpillar Data book in which we put dittos, information, and drawings in (a folder) so that the students have something to take home that is full of actual information.

Our caterpillar habitats are 2-liter Pepsi (or any clear bottle)....we place a paper towel in the bottom, a stick, a straw with a small plastic ketchup cup (from a fast food restaurant) with a sponge in it......we mix sugar and water in a bottle and feed the butterflies by squirting the liquid through the straw into the...

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Posted by:JMR #58943

I have ordered caterpillars from several times. You can download copies of their teacher manual right off the internet. It costs about $9.95 per cup which usually comes with about 5 or 6 caterpillars. I have never had a problem with any of them dying. I don't order the butterfly house. You can't see the butterflies very well. I had a fantastic assistant a couple of years ago who made me a butterfly house. She took two large wooden hoops (I think they were about 12 inches in diameter -at Wal-Mart in craft section) and cut out cardboard box circles to fit snug inside the inner hoops. Next she covered each side with contact paper. Then she took some tulle and hot glued it around the side of the inside hoop overlapping the tulle about 8 inches so you can slide your hand in and out to change the sugar water....

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