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Calendar Math

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Calendar time is an important part of mathematics instruction. It is repetitive so students are working on the same skills everyday helping their retention. However, changing some activities monthly helps keep the students' interst alive!
Posted by:StephR #96101

I got this idea from Michael Moore so I am going to take no credit for it...but the Calendar Math section of the day that I do is the MOST rewarding and most enriching time of the entire day. I highly encourage all teachers to do it!!! Here is a basic run down of what I do:

The kids come in from recess and start working in their calendar journals. They work for about 15 minutes (during the time while they are getting their multiplication drill tests). They take their tests and continue working until I tell them to come to the rug and we do the calendar together. When we are together, this is what we do...

1. Tally of the Day
Add one more tally then count them aloud.

2. Weather Tally
Kids tell me what the weather is, we add one more tally. At...

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Calendar Picture
Posted by:Socks #1169

Here is a picture of my calendar in January. It changes each month, adding new activities and losing others. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want pictures of the items close up. I used them in a calendar workshop I did for our staff this year.

I checked out the website I got so many wonderful ideas for doing binders next year! Thanks again for posting about that!

Download: January Calendar Wall.jpg (65.221 KB)

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More Pictures
Posted by:Socks #1170

The first picture is the Coin Counter. Everyday we add a penny to the penny bag. Then on day five we exchange the five pennies for a nickel, day 10 we exchange five pennies for a nickel and then two nickels for a dime, and so on.

The Shopping Problem (gets introduced either in November/December or January) is the second picture. I post a picture of an object and the students need to decide whether or not there is enough money in the coin counter to buy the object. If there is, they need to choose which coins to use to buy the object, then figure out how much change they would get if they used those coins. Later on, (February) when there is more money in the coin counter, I will have two objects, then the students must add the objects together, decide whether or not there...

Download: Coin Counter.jpg (100.39 KB)

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Posted by:MsPropel #123920

When they built our part of the building they did not give us any bulletin boards. I put mine up on the wall. You have to find something that will keep it up for you though. I've found the 3M sticky clips work the best for heavy things like the calendar itself. They won't damage the wall either when you pull them down. For most everything else, we tape it up or use sticky tack. We're also allowed to use push pins in our walls since we don't have bulletin boards.

Other options: Do you have a SMARTBoard or Promethean Board? You could make slides to go with each part and project them onto the board. What about an overhead projector? You could have different transparencies for each part. You could make a blank calendar and draw the pieces on each day, make a coin counter transparancy...

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calendar time
Posted by:JoAnn *1st Grade #86776

When some of my studetns are having difficulty with a math skill, I incorporate that skill into my calendar time each morning. The more they see it, the better chances they have for understanding it. For example, I would say today is Nov. 7, yesterday was the 6th, what is 7-6? Or we have been at school for 53 days lets subtract those #, what is 5-3. Or like the above poster said, use the st. with a word problem each day, they'll eventually catch on. Good Luck!

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zero the hero
Posted by:maryellen #60150

One new addition to my calendar activities over the last few years is "Zero the Hero" He comes only on days ending in zero, the days where you bundle your 10 sticks and move them into the tens container. He brings something round like a zero (round cereal, crackers, mini cookies, etc) and we use that food to sort, graph, count by two, five, ten. Or we vote on our fav. flavor or color, or use them as markers on a math or vocab bingo game. Then we eat them. What I really like is something that starts happening a few months into calendar time, when the students say things like "37 days, only 3 more til Zero comes!) Then I know they're starting to "get it".

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Calendar Math
Posted by:Socks #134255

Calendar is my favorite part of the day (as well as my students)! My school uses Everyday Counts so the things that we do change each month. However, there are things that I do that never change. The materials that I need for these are:

A calendar
Calendar Numbers (preferably ones that you can change to make different patterns each month)
Days of the week cards (I've made these out of sentence strips)
Months of the year cards (I've made these out of sentence strips)
Base 10 blocks
A clock that the hands can move
Play money
Wipe-off sentence strips
Ziploc bags
A blank 100 Chart

When we come to the carpet we sing three songs:
The Calendar Song
To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little...

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I don't do everything everyday
Posted by:dlynneteacher #134815

but I do have a few things I do daily (I only spend about 15 minutes doing calendar, I did 30 minutes before December and was able to get all done):
day of the week, spell it, yesterday, tomorrow
date with tens & ones
one tally mark for each day (I color code this into 10's)
one straw for each day (on a hundreds, tens, ones chart)
add a penny for each day exchange it for a nickel, dime, quarter as needed)
representation for the date (today is 3st, so representations for 31, today I got 31 smiley faces, 31+0, 31-0, 3 tens 1 one, 100-69, 30+1, 31 tallies) I allow days of the week for numbers under 7 and months of the year for numbers under 12, and a letter of the alphabet for numbers under 26, we rotate this each month
If TIME allows (I can usually get 1-2 a day)
geometric shapes, identify, number...

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My calendar
Posted by:GoTeachers #133976

I have ONE Handy Helper for the day for ALL jobs ~ including calendar

Here are the things that I/we do (may not necessarily be in order):

Put up the date (Handy calls someone to tell date and what pattern it will be)

Do what day it is (Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow)

I have a running pattern with the number of days we've been in school. Basically, they are the shapes that our first graders are required to know: trapezoid, hexagon, parallelogram, circle, triangle, square, rectangle. I cut them out and laminated them on different colored construction paper. The Handy uses a wet-erase marker to write the number day we are on - today was 134.

I have a little piggy bank. Well, it's also drawn and laminated. I have pennies, nickels,...

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Posted by:GoTeachers #131073

I do all of what you mentioned but I also do a few other things...

I drew a Piggy and laminated it (pink poster board outlined with black). A parent scanned all coins for me (front and back) and I put them on cardstock and laminated. Each day we add a penny. I write the total amount with a wet erase marker. We learn about making 5 pennies into a nickel, two nickels into a dime, etc. We also learn to add money.

I also do a daily pattern of the shapes we have to learn in our states first grade curriculum... hexagon, square, parallelogram, trapazoid, triangle, rectangle and circle. We also write the day we are on one a day to make a pattern. We learn patterns, the shapes, counting, pattern units, etc.

I also do a BRAIN POP! This is, by far,...

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No title
Posted by:misswalton #134818

Hello! Ok, so I'm just a student teacher but I have had to learn this program and incorporate it into my everday schedule. Here's how we have it set up. We have a whole bulletin board dedicated to calendar math. On this bulletin board is the calendar for the month in the center, a 'bank', a 100's chart, a clock, place value flip chart, a problem of the day center, and place value straws.

Here goes:

The calendar is pretty self explanatory. Everyday we talk about the date. I have them say "Today is, Tuesday, December __, 2007. Then we put up the piece on the calendar for today and as we go on through the weeks we talk about the pattern that the pieces make. The month of November was a diagonal pattern so we discussed that randomly thoughout the month....

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Calendar Math
Posted by:rth #134819

I will be updating my second grade calendar math procedure to use when I move to third grade this year.

We have a series of charts on the math board that we complete each day to review math skills. Often, but not always they relate to the calendar date.

The student of the day completes the charts as we discuss them together.

DATE: What is the date? What will the date be in a week? What day of the week will it be on the 20th?

DAYS IN SCHOOL: How many days have we been in school? How many days are left in the schoolyear. We have two counting charts - one from 1 - 100 and one from 101 - 200. We use 2 different special marker to count down the days left in school and count up the days that have passed in the schoolyear.

LESS THAN/ GREATER THAN - One number is provided in each...

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1st. grade teacher
Posted by:Jana K. #134820

Calendar activities that I do:

Today's date
Number line (write number on adding tape to correspond with how many days of school we've had)
Do same as above except use and display toy coins (i.e. 13th day of school would be: 1 dime and 3 pennies).
Do same as above except use straws as counters and put in correct pockets on calendar bulletin board: hundreds, tens, and ones pockets (reinforece place value concepts).
Today's weather and graph results
What's for lunch?
Who's today's leader, helper(s)?, etc.
Daily news (assembly today, spell. test later this morning, etc.)
Days of the week
Months of the year
Pattern of calendar cutouts (like use green apple, red apple, green apple, red apple for months of Aug. or Sept.; the AB pattern)
Days of the week and months of the year song singing
Who lost a tooth last...

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No title
Posted by:jerzgirl #134821

One of my children's favorite calendar activities is riddle of the day. On the back of the calendar pieces I have written riddles with the answers upside down. In September I use trivia instead-things like what state do we live in, who is our nurse, how many are in a dozen, etc. In Oct. I start the riddles. For awhile I am the only one laughing, but it becomes a great vocab. developer and what they start to "get it" it's amazing! One child is picked to tell the janitor in the lunchroom the daily riddle. He gets a kick out of it.

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Posted by:GoTeachers #134822

I can't attach yet because I'm a "new" member (at least I don't think I can), but I copied and pasted what I use (below). I have this cut out and put on a colorful piece of construction paper and laminate. It stays in the bag with the box. I bought a plain yellow gift bag from the dollar tree (it actually had 2 bags with it one smaller one bigger). I wrote on it: Mystery Bag and some question marks. Then I had this metal box that looks like a miniature lunch box (about 6" by 8" and 3" deep). It opens like a lunch box too. It also has on the front an area to slide a picture or something in it. I think it's a photo box or something. I made a sign that says Mystery box and slid it down in the front. You can use any sturdy box but it would probably be...

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Posted by:jnd #1173

Terri -
Here are some of the things I do during calendar. I usually use popscicle sticks to choose kids to answer. I ask them :
-What is the month
-How do you spell it (whole class); close your eyes and spell it
-What is today's number date, what will the date be on Wed.
-At the beginning of the year I do what day was yesterday, what day is today, what day will tomorrow be
-Later in the year I ask what was the date a week before today/after today
-How do you write the date using all numbers (7/6/07) and what does the 7 stand for (month) etc.
-I choose several kids to give equations for today's date (if it is the 6th they might say 7-1=6, 100-94=6, 5+1=6, etc.) They loved this and they get really good at it...

Download: proteacher-DSC00018.JPG (164.825 KB)

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I love it!
Posted by:Socks #1174

I think the program is great. My first year teaching it I had trouble keeping up with changing it. Unfortunately, the last day of the month isn't always the most convenient day to change the whole calendar board! Over last summer I spent time going through the book and making all of the copies and graphs that are needed for each month. I then put each month into a baggie. I hung a shower bar across my windows and used skirt hangers to hang each bag. This made it SO much easier to make the switch each month because everything was already made. I had also laminated everything so all I had to do at the end of the month was clean off the marker and put it back in the baggie for next year.

I attached a picture below. Let me know if you have any...

Download: Calendar Storage.jpg (97.84 KB)

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ordinal bears during cal. time
Posted by:janeingeorgia #134823

I have a set of laminated bears and a set of tee shirts- each a different color. there is a Velcro dot on the bear and one on each shirt.The helper starts with my direction," put the green shirt on the fourth bear, then the helper chooses the next student. and so forth. I taught kindergarten last year, but will teach ordinal in first grade too.You could probably make a set of shirts with different letters on each one, then the students would put them in ABC order......You could use the bears for all sorts of skills at carpet time.:)

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Months of the Year
Posted by:Socks #1175

Here it is! Sorry sorry about yesterday! Enjoy!!

Download: How Do I Spell the Months of the Year.doc (29.184 KB)

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Posted by:Sharon D. W-L #134824

Yes I do! Otherwise I'd go mad... :) I also change the time of day as we don't always do it in the morning. What kinds of things do you cover as part of your calendar? So far this is what we do:

Today is day _____ of the 100 days of school (We will have a party in February with various centres. Our day usually falls the same week as Valentine's Day.)
Number w/ Straws and digits in the pocket chart
Base Ten Magents
Read Poem(s)
Calendar: What is the calendar number?
Calendar Pattern (All my calendar cover ups now have patterns. I bought them for the whole year last year it just made sense for me considering the time and cost it would be for me to make them myself.)
Day of the week bears. (We have hats that say Yesterday was..., Today is...,...

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Posted by:Windalynn #1176

701Here is mine....I teach 3rd grade.

Download: 130-3038_IMG.JPG (33.216 KB)

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