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Student Teacher Welcoming and Sending Off Ideas

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These are great ideas to help you make your new student teacher feel as welcome as possible at the beginning and to help you show your appreciation for her at the end. Enjoy!
first student teacher
Posted by:Trish #14533


First, I want to applaud you for taking a student teacher. It must be quite difficulty to do this. I am very territorial and I do not know if I could do this. I just completed my student teaching. After the first month of observing, I took over completely for the following 3 1/2 months. I can tell you that I had extreme difficulty with the idea that I will not finish the school year with 'my' kids. HA! I cried almost the entire day yesterday.
Ok.. what made my cooperating teacher the best. (As a matter of fact, she won the cooperating teacher of the year award at our banquet)
First, have a place set up for your student teacher. This will make her feel like a part of the class, not just a visitor. My teacher had a name plate made for me. That made me feel...

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Student Teacher
Posted by:I had one #96905

I hope you have a great experience with yours! When I student taught, both of my cooperative teachers were fabulous and I learned so much! Unfortunately, when I had my first student teacher, it wasn't the greatest experience. I won't go into that, but you can get all kinds. What I have learned from having one and being one, here are my tips:

Set up a desk for her. It doesn't have to be a huge teacher desk, but needs to be bigger than a student one. Put the survival basket there for her. Make sure you put some paper, pencils, paper clips, pens, etc. there for her. This gives her her own space (and you can still have yours).

Meet with her beforehand. I called mine and set up a time to meet. I welcomed her and gave her a set of my rules and procedures.I discussed dress code, emergency...

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Student Teacher
Posted by:Bonnie #81798

I've has several student teachers. I try to give them an information packet to helpd them become familiar with our class and school. I give them a copy of my letter to parents, a class list, the PTO handbook, a copy of my plans for that week (and each week that I write them, until they take over), a planbook, and a summary of the state core standards. They start out observing and helping indivual students who need help. The student teacher generally starts with something easy like spelling and we gradually add curriculum areas until they are running the whole day. At the begining, I write the lesson plans. Eventually they write the plans after discussing them with me. I am felxible and let them try new things, however, I want to be aware of what they are doing and what approach they are using.

A former principal...

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student teacher
Posted by:Margaret Broome #75794

I will be having my second student teacher this fall. Actually, this one was in my classroom as an intern this spring, and she will be returning to do her student teaching this fall.

I have found that it works real well for me to include my student teachers in all my activities. This means that when a group of us get together to bowl, for instance, I ask her to join us. I give her every opportunity to get to know the other teachers, and vice versa. This way, she becomes more a part of things and becomes more comfortable. It helps me get to know her better and her to get to know me better, and we are then better able to communicate.

I make sure to show her around the school, introducing her to all the "important" people and all the faculty and staff. I show her...

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Welcoming a Student Teacher
Posted by:Joy #50707

Hi Jen,

The last two posts had some really good ideas. Here are a few more:

* Decorate a desk for the student teacher and don't forget to make a nametag for the desk. Fill it with some teacher supplies.

* Fill a basket with student teacher goodies: some snacks, fun colored pens, stickers, markers, post-it notes, etc.

* Purchase a disposible camera or encourage your student teacher to buy one. Have this handy at all times so that you can take pictures of the student teacher working with the children.

* Make some cute labels with the student teacher's name so that he/she can label his/her materials.

* Purchase a 14 gallon Rubbermaid tub for the student teacher to store his/her files. These tubs fit file folders perfectly. You may also want to purchase a package of file folders to add to the box.

* Make a binder...

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Student Teacher Goodbye Gift
Posted by:CageyBee #117498

The following were ideas we did in Kindergarten and first grade over a period of years. As I type it out I'm chuckling thinking how my sixth graders would LOVE to do some of these now!

My friend made a fabulous gift for her student teacher...and we all wanted one, too! She painted a terra cotta flower pot on the outside in a pale blue but she left the rim natural. Then she painted grass on the bottom third and added 19 stems and leaves. When this was dry she had each child (18 of them) make two on a stem and one any place else. The color of the paint depended on their predrawn suggestions for the "garden". For example, one little girl made a brown thumbprint on a stem and a red thumbprint on the grass. When everyone added their thumbprint she let them add the...

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Student Teacher Shower
Posted by:Joy #14717

I have had student teachers in the past and I am currently hosting a fantastic student now. Have you ever considered throwing a Student Teacher Shower? Here is what I have done.

Children are encouraged to bring in items such as markers, stickers, resource books, cool pens, bulletin board trimmers, notepads,rubber stamps, books, flash cards, manipulatives etc. With much assistance I help the children create a garden scene(flowers, ladybugs, bees, etc) with all of their little finger prints (dipped in bright acrillic paints sp.??) on a giant canvas bag. Once the paint is dry, all the children sign their names with fine line permanent marker pens.
Later, we fill the bag with all of the little gifts that have been individually wrapped.

On the last day of the student teacher's placement I present the gift from the whole...

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Student Teacher gift
Posted by:ILTChr #111142

I, too, had a fantastic Student Teacher this year. I wanted to do something special for her. Here's what we came up with....

1. The kids made a book for her entitled, "You're a GREAT teacher because....." Each student did a page, they finished the sentence and illustrated it. It was so cute, and made her cry!

2. I gave her a really nice apple keychain. I wrote a nice little note in the box that this was for the key to her own classroom which I knew she'd have real soon. She loved this. It showed my confidence in her abilities.

3. I gave her a nice bracelet....not real fancy or expensive. Just wanted something to remember me by! She loved it and wears it everytime I see her!

4. We had a "teacher shower" for her. The students all brought in a...

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Student Teacher gift
Posted by:Melisa77 #119270

I gave my student teacher Harry Wong's First Days of School Book at the start of her placement with me, as it was the start of our school year.

At the end of her placement, I had a small tote bag with her name embroidered on it and as well as a teacher acrosstic poem. I asked parents for donations of teacher/school supplies and we filled the bag and a big teacher basket for her! I then purchased a gift card to Barnes & Noble and a local teacher store.

I made a book from my kids---took each of their pictures and created a computer template for them to place their picture and write my student teacher a letter. I then printed the pages on the color printer and had the book bound for her.

We had a surprise teacher shower on her...

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