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Behavior Charts & Contracts

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This is a collection of various behavior charts or contracts that can be sent home to parents daily,weekly or monthly.
sticker charts
Posted by:Connie #51317

If the parents are willing to work with you then sticker charts are worth a try. Make the goals obtainable the first few weeks. Be sure the parents see the chart each day and return it to you the next. This is critical to success. Break up the chart into small chunks of times. I use three. 9-11/11-1/1-3 o'clock. Then depending on the behavior, log in a sticker when there is success during that time. Decide the amount of stickers will earn a reward. (Perhaps it could equate to minutes of free time on Friday afternoon.) Give a reward at the end of the week . The parents should set up a reward at home also. I only do rewards,no punishments if there is no success...just no sticker. Some weeks will be better than others. Keep the system going at least 6 weeks. If it...

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behavior charts
Posted by:Linda #78745

I use a daily behavior chart that goes home each night in their take home folders. I have a spot for each day of the week and a place where I stamp a sad, straight or happy face in it. I also circle which class rule they have broken. I only have 3 rules --- Respect self, Respect others, Respect environement. They are typed at the top of the page. The parents sign each day.. I put the completed charts into their folders that I keep -- I do this for every child, because the parents really like to know how they have behaved. This also gives me documentation of parent communication. I don't ever let other students see another child's chart. It is counter productive to get the kids involved in each others business. I know this sounds like a lot, but it only takes me about 5 minutes to...

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Behavior Contracts
Posted by:CC #53911

I have 15 boys and 7 girls in my class and 10 of the kids should be on behavior contracts or charts. I do not have the time for this so I have chosen 4 that seem to get the others started. I also was overwhelmed by the comment type of behavior contract but then a mentor teacher introduced me to a new form. My students have 3 categories Behavior, Productivity, and Assignments. They are then rated on a rubric type style. 1 is for being rude, disruptive, not following directions, not doing the work, not turning in work, etc. Then it goes up to a 4 which means that everything is perfect. I do not need to write a lot of comments because it is clear on the rubric. This saves a lot of time. I can just circle a number every hour then at the end of the day if it is...

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behavior modification
Posted by:christine #45274

I've used behavior cards for the past 2 years.I use an apple theme (apple cut-outs). We keep sticker charts for each child and when they remain on a the 1st card all day(green apple) they get a sticker. 5 stickers= a prize A yellow apple is a warning, a red apple 10 minutes times out at recess, and a blue apple is loss of recess and a note home. For those that usually don't make the green apple I also give small stickers throughout the day when "caught" being good. These are kept on their folder and at the end of the month we count them up and I again give small prizes for the studens with over a certain amount. (They circle groups of ten stickers to make counting easier) You really have to try and catch those students when they are behaving to reenforce the positive behavior. It's...

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Daily notes home attachment
Posted by:teacherkathy #1146

Hi, here are 2 notes that I use. The one with am/pm is because of a couple of kids who are on meds. The doctors wanted to know if the meds were wearing off in the afternoon, so wanted a chart on what the behavior differences were. They're very easy to fill out at the end of the day because of the check-off boxes. Hope this helps.

Download: behavior chart.doc (24.064 KB)

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2nd behavior chart
Posted by:teacherkathy #1147

I didn't realize I could only attach one thing per post. So here's the 2nd one.

Download: behavior chart2.doc (24.064 KB)

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Behavior Contracts-delayed reply...
Posted by:Risa #132625

Hi jockey! Welcome to ProTeacher!!!
Sorry you hadn't gotten any responses to your request! I didn't see your post earlier (until I found the one about wanting to cancel membership) or I would have answered more quickly.

In order to be able to download attachments, I think you need to have made a certain number of posts. (I'm not sure what the minimal number is, but I'm guessing this is so that members share back and forth.) I supposed you could read through posts and make replies to those where you might have some ideas, advice or words of support in order to raise your number of posts.

Not sure if this is the one you wanted to download, but 'Iluv2nd' posted to this thread about behavior contracts.
I downloaded them, copied and pasted them here. Unfortunately, they lost all the formatting, but maybe you can work with this info and make...

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Here are a couple I use...
Posted by:iluv2nd #1148

Posted by:jgriffin #1149

Here is my conduct chart for the first six weeks. Change it to meet your needs. Joanne

Download: Conduct chart Aug 07.xls (18.432 KB)

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behavior charts
Posted by:Linda #1150

I have 2 behavior charts... one that is good for 2 weeks and one for a month. It depends on how many copies I am allowed in a year - sometimes I get close to running out of I made the one month to use this coming year. Hope these help

Download: Behavior Chart - Monthly.doc (29.696 KB)

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Behavior calendar
Posted by:wolono #219

I posted a behavior calendar a week or so ago. I use the color system in my room. Green - great day, yellow - warning, red- 10 minute time out from group, blue - phone call home. The students color in the face to match the color they are on for the day. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I will attach it. Good luck!

Download: behavior calendar.doc (58.368 KB)

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stop light
Posted by:GoTeachers #1151

I use a stop light system. My hubby made one out of wood (some teachers use poster board and laminate). I have clothes pins with their names on it and they of course start in green. I color in their stop light at the end of the day (later in the year they do it). This sheet stays in the B.E.E books (take home binder) and is initialed each night by the parents. There is a place for their comments as well. I attached a copy of what I use and maybe this will help. :D

Download: Go for the Green behavior sheet.doc (31.232 KB)

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Posted by:teacherdani21 #1152

I am thinking of doing something similar to kidzrgr8. I made a template on the computer that is like a calendar. Each day, the child will put a green, yellow, blue, or red dot sticker on the calendar depending on how their day was (or I might have them color in the box). The calendar will be in their BEE binder so parents will see it every night.
I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but here is a template of the chart and a letter that I will be sending to parents explaining the behavior system.

Download: Behavior Chart.doc (37.376 KB)

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Posted by:3rd Grade Rox #1153

This is the behavior report that I use in my classroom. I started by having them fill it out themselves, but it was too much of a hassle. So I do them during the last 15 minutes of the day. It's worked well for me. It has the color card system, the rule they broke, and if they turned in their homework. I hope this helps!

Download: behavior report1.doc (123.392 KB)

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Conduct Chart
Posted by:jgriffin #1154

This is my conduct chart that I make each six weeks. I just put a number in the day that the student breaks that rule and the parents sign it on Friday.

Download: CONDUCT CUT CHART.xls (18.432 KB)

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Weekly Behavior Form
Posted by:beckyau #1155

I have the kids mark their behavior each day on a form and then it has to be signed by the parents each week.

Download: BehaviorWeeklyReport.doc (68.096 KB)

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Posted by:Hylin #1156

This is the form I use for all my kids. As we're packing up at the end of the day, they all know they have to check in with me to get their report stamped. My kids are in uniform but you could easily delete that row from the chart. I also use the comment section to send parents reminders and to let them know about any behavior problems or missing homework.

hope this helps! :-)

Download: Shining Star Progress Report.doc (34.304 KB)

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Behavior Report
Posted by:cinaminsweet #1157

This is what I use every month. (The February one I just did is on my school computer.) It stays in their take home folder and the kids color a square every day. Parents initial at the end of the week. I write any comments on the back.

Download: My September Behavior Record.doc (36.864 KB)

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Behavior chart
Posted by:TEACHERLVNV #1158

Responsibility Sheet
Posted by:tbsrwilson #1159

Here is what I use...
You can also download it from my website under Classroom Management.

Download: RESPONSIBILITY SHEET.pdf (107.482 KB)

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