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Art of the Picture Book

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Elementary students are naturals at expressing themselves in visual manners. I have found my students were lacking the language to articulate their understanding and observations when sharing picture book reflections and also in discussing their own art work. I have began explicit instruction on picture book discourse and art techniques, and tied that in with an Illustrator Workshop. This collection will reflect my lessons, findings, and new learning. I also will share student work.
Setting and Watercolor
Posted by:kali #1282

When talking about Setting in picture books, our conversations steered towards how the illustrations really helped articulate the setting and feel. After many text models, students used pencil and watercolors to create their own setting. This kindergarten artist shared her setting, as the beach.

Download: daisyart.jpg (134.989 KB)

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cut paper collage
Posted by:kali #1283

Kindergarten students respond to Eric Carle's A house for Hermit Crab with new book covers. They used magazine paper to find things for Hermit's house and cut construction paper to make Hermit himself!

Download: crabhouse1.jpg (118.073 KB)

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Cut Magazine Paper and H20Color
Posted by:kali #1284

A kindergarten illustrator uses cut magazine paper and watercolor to supplement her message.

Download: vlit1.jpg (128.066 KB)

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EC Workshop
Posted by:kali #1330

I always have an Eric Carle Workshop that takes several days. First the kids make the paper!

Download: postec.jpg (118.237 KB)

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Mudge pattern #2
Posted by:sharon77 #1362

Here's the 2nd page of patterns.

Download: Mudge Patterns 2.pdf (901.061 KB)

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Mudge picture
Posted by:sharon77 #1363

Here's a picture of the finished project.

Download: Mudge picture.JPG (56.962 KB)

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Puppy Mudge pictures
Posted by:kali #1439

I loved your idea and template. I thought it would be tricky for my K students, but they did an amazing job tracing, cutting, and putting the pieces together! Here is a picture of them...

Download: mudge.jpg (106.956 KB)

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Beautiful Blackbird
Posted by:kali #1476

Beautiful Blackbird by Ashley Bryan

Make colorful birds...each with a touch of black!

Download: blackbird1.jpg (103.016 KB)

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The Hello Goodbye Window
Posted by:kali #1477

Oil pastels and watercolor resist, just like the illustrations in this beautiful picture book. After students expressed in art what they see out their "hello, Goodbye Windows", I put a window sill template on them and laminated them. Students wrote a few sentences about what they see.

Download: oilpastels1.jpg (132.559 KB)

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connect with Science
Posted by:kali #1478

We used paper scraps to make bees and label the body parts. This was an extension of our science unit on bugs and also our study of non fiction access features that help navigate the reader through nf text.

Download: beecutpaper2.jpg (107.215 KB)

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