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Earth Day

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A collection of Earth Day ideas and activities.
Earth Day
Posted by:luv2teach77 #1180

Here are some ideas/activities I use for Earth Day:

*Read What the World Needs...this is a great book written by a fourth grade class. It illustrates what they think the Earth needs to become a better place. After
reading this story, I have each student draw/color a picture of something they think the Earth needs. They then write a sentence under their illustration (Our Earth needs__________) We bind all the pages together to make a class book.

*Create coffee filter Earths. Have each student color a coffee filter using a green and blue marker. I stress that they should use more blue than green as the Earth is made up of more water than land. Then using a dropper, drop several drops of water onto the filter so that the colors bleed together or use a spray bottle and...

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A Closer Picture
Posted by:luv2teach77 #1179

Here's a closer view of my coffee filter Earths.

Download: closeearth.JPG (53.178 KB)

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recycling activity
Posted by:Lisa #92531

I send home a note (about a week before Earth Day) asking the students to bring "clean trash" to our room. I explain that "clean trash" means items that won't smell up our classroom after sitting here for a week. They are each to bring in some items that CAN be recycled and some items that CANNOT be recycled. Then on Earth Day, while the students are out at recess, I scatter all of the "trash" around the room. When they come in, they have to help clean up the room and sort the items. (i.e. all recyclable plastics go on one table, all glass goes on another, newspapers and magazines on another, etc.) With the items that are left, we discuss that those would need to go to the landfill. However, we brainstorm ideas of ways that we could reuse any of those items before they really go to the...

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Destination Conservation
Posted by:Suezie #111491

Destination Conservation is one of the programs that our school uses. Google it for many ideas. :D

You could also continue to encourage your students to look for solutions to some of the things you experienced:

No place to recycle while on holidays? Bring it home with you and use your local depot...

Be an environmental hero and pick up the garbage on the beach...

Write a letter to McD saying how you understand the need to use sanitary procedures but giving suggestions on avoiding the excess plastic around spoons. Choose to write to other companies that seem to use too much plastic/non recyclable material to wrap their products (I'm thinking of some of the Polly Fashion sets that my daughter has recieved)

Don't just have a paper recycling bin in your classroom, have a "reuse" bin for those pieces of paper...

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Posted by:Kellie #94163

This past Earth Day, our school had a day of fun activities. One thing we did was to collect as much recyclable or clean trash as possible the week before including packaging material, styrofoam trays, lids, bottles, cartons, etc, and in the gym, they built sculptures from them. It was one of their favorite activities. We had thought a contest to bring in the most materials on a given day would help us get enough, but we didn't need to do it. You may want to try something like that. We only have the option to recycle aluminum and cardboard in our community so there were lots of donations. You could do the art project (reusing) or sort and haul the materials yourselves to be recycled as a learning opportunity. That way you don't compare writing and drawing abilities, but really see how much can be recycled instead of...

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Earth Day
Posted by:Tracy #29545

Last year we had a school wide t-shirt decorating contest. We had a small assembly where the whole school attended. 1 student from each class was chosen to be a "model" to wear the class made shirt. 1 or 2 students were chosen to tell about the t-shirt design. When the student walked down the runway, their class chosen song was played. The principal and other school staff were the judges. It was really cute. The students had to be involved in making the shirt. The class song was extremely cute too. The younger grades picked "cutesy" songs that got the whole school singing. Overall it worked out great. Hope this may be of some help!

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Earth Day
Posted by:Darci #27761

Earth Day can be a very exciting unit. I do several things to prepare for the day, but the part the kids find to be the most exciting I will share now. I make recycled hats for each child! You will need two sheets of newspaper (large sheets) for each studens,lots of masking tape, and a stapler (lots of staples). I learned how to do this at a convention one year and have done it ever since.

1)With the child sitting in a chair, double the newspaper (both sheets together) and place the middle of the newspaper on top of the child's head.

2)Take masking tape and go around the top of the newspaper so that it forms the top of the hat. (the tape will look similar to a ribbon that would go along the base of the a band).

3)Now, begining at...

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Earth Day
Posted by:KT #22538

Reading books related to any topic is usually how I introduce a topic. Look into Wump World by Bill Peet or Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg for Earth Day, or Arbor Day....let's take care of our environment any day. Also, one time I challenged the kids to pack a lunch that involved little or no trash! We had a fun picnic together. You could have a regular lunch picnic first and sort/measure the trash and then compare with the no trash day. Have fun!

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Earth Day
Posted by:Amanda #93378

There was a cute display idea on page 11 in the 2005 April/May Edition of The Mailbox Magazine (K/1st). It was called Earth Day Promises. The students put a green handprint on a blue construction paper circle and then add marker details along the edge of the circle (land) to resemble the earth. On a piece of paper, have each student plege how he/she will take good care of the earth. Then mount the artwork and writing on construction paper to display.

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earth day ideas
Posted by:j #22592

We have made trash monsters in the past. I send it home as a family homework project. They use only materials that would otherwise be thrown out. No buying materials! The families have made soda bottle people, milk jug robots, dish soap dispenser creatures, you name it. They have used paper towel tubes, squirt bottle tops, tuna cans, wrapping paper, shredded tissue from gifts, etc.. The creatures are always very creative! We have also each brought in one clean recyclable each day for a week and then seen how much it all adds up.. how much space we are saving in the landfill by recycling instead. On the last day, we sort it by material, graph the different recyclable items and then take it to the local recycling center for a environmental tour!
I also have them make Earths by cutting out blue circles and...

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'Save the Planet' rosette
Posted by:AussieBird #1181

Earth day globe with space for about one sentence.

Download: Earth Day rosette.doc (101.888 KB)

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Cool Earth Day Song...
Posted by:JunieB. #134880

This is 3 R's by Jack Johnson -- very catchy and fun for Earth Day! I just downloaded off of iTunes! Here are the lyrics.

Three it's a magic number
Yes it is, it's a magic number
Because two times three is six
And three times six is eighteen
And the eighteenth letter in the alphabet is R
We've got three R's we're going to talk about today
We've got to learn to
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
If you're going to the market to buy some juice
You've got to bring your own bags and you learn to reduce your waste
And if your brother or your sister's got some cool clothes
You could try them on before you buy some more of those
Reuse, we've got to learn to reuse
And if the first two R's...

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Earth Day Books
Posted by:Mr. K #134478

I use:
1. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
Have students take a quote from the book and make an inspirational bumper sticker.

2. The Great Kapok Tree
Discuss distruction of habitats, I do a reader's theater of the book, enjoy snacks from the rainforest while watching a related video, make step books of the layers of the rainforest

3. Just A Dream
Students create a paper T-shirt with an environmental message, take a litter scavenger hunt around school grounds (collect trash, chart how many of each item you find, and graph)

4. Recycle
I give the hstudents a juice box to enjoy while I read. They then rinse out the box, and put in powdered tempra paint, water and plaster of Paris. After two days they have their own sidewalk chalk.

5. The Wump World
Compare and contrast the Pollutiants and the...

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