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The Lewis and Clark Expedition

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These are activities to use when studying the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
lewis and clark activity
Posted by:nancy #63791

I had my class become "real estate agents" trying to sell the Louisiana Territory. Each created a brochure about the area including wildlife, geographic features, etc. We created a large "For Sale" sign (poster) outside the classroom door which was hung from a(construction paper)post...very much like Century 21 or some other realestate agency. We painted the poster to depict the US and the Louisiana Territory. The kids had a blast! Their brochures were placed in a box hanging on the pole for their parents to read at Open House. I also used the book Lewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President (a step into reading book by Shirley Raye Redmond) since I have a Special needs classroom in a Middle School.

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Posted by:heidi #59249

I teach in Montana, right next to the Gates of the Mountains, so Lewis and Clark is a big part of our school year. There are several books that do a great job of letting the kids experience what being an explorer during that time was like. One of them is called Lewis and Clark for Kids by Janis Herbert. It has all sorts of history and activities for the kids to do. Another one is called: The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Harold Torrance. It is distrubuted by TS Denison.
My students really enjoyed setting up Tipi's and pretending to by native americans. We did our Lewis and Clark lessons and then followed them with our Native American unit. They got to live in the tipi's instead of their desks for a week. It was lots of fun, and more meaningful than a bunch of...

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bboard idea
Posted by:fifth grade teacher #78999

Last year I made a Lewis and Clark bulletin board. I mad a buffalo hide out of brown paper and wrinkled it all up. I had a map of the Lewis and Clark routes that I laminated and put on top of the buffalo hide. I made a title that said Westward Ho out of some paper that looked old and weathered. I burnt the edges to give it a more weathered old look. The students made dugout canoes and forts to display under the bulleting board. Some of the studens really surprised me by actually taking a piece of wood and digging it out. They turned out really cute!

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Westward Ho Unit
Posted by:JD #67685

Just wanted to share a quick version of a unit I did last year that my kids LOVED! We studied Westward Ho and I did a unit on Lewis and Clark. We read Captain's Dog as a whole class and then I divided my class into groups of 4. Each group was to study a given trail west, Mormon, Santa Fe, etc. I had a whole list of tasks they had to do. We made a huge map on paper bags that had the edges burned and each group had to draw their trail, then they had to build a covered wagon. I have table desks in my room so that was the base and they had to build the top, have the contents they took on the trail and they had to fit in it too! It was so terrific! I have photos on file if you want a visual! It came out...

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Lewis and Clark
Posted by:Mrs. G #134251

I read the book Lewis and Clark and Me: A Dogs Tale to my class. This book is told from Seaman's (their dog) point of view. We have the students trace a dog pattern onto black construction paper and cut it out. I got my pattern from Mailbox Magazine. We read the book over a weeks time and have the students write a short summary of the chapters with white colored pencils on the outline of the dog.

These are cute to display on a bulletin board

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Posted by:Mrs. G #134286

Have your students research Sacajawea in groups. They should make a list of ways that she helped Lewis and Clark. Then have each student choose three things Sacajawea did that they think demonstrates courage or resourcefulness and have them illustrate each thing, adding a one line caption to explain the picture.

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Virtual Field Trip
Posted by:Mrs. G #134925

Plan a virtual field trip with your class. There are tons of resources on the internet and free virtual field trips.
Select several sites that provide informations about the Lewis and Clark Expedition or choose a pre-made field trip. Create a scavenger hunt list of questions that students can answer by using the sites you have selected.

Oh, the places you can go without even leaving the building!

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Lewis and Clark Journals
Posted by:Mrs. G #135005

Lewis and Clark kept journals while they traveled west. Have students research things like plants, animals, Indian tribes, and landforms that they encountered on their journey. Then have them write journal entries for a few days. They can make their own journals to write in, or use plain notebook paper.

You may even want to have some of your students be cartographers and draw maps of the area explored.

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