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3 Branches of Government Activities

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These are activities that you can use to reinforce the concept of the 3 Branches of Government.
3 branches of govt...
Posted by:Nancy #54921

I know that they're old, but I recently used the SchoolHouse Rock videos to help explain the 3 branches of govt. and how a bill becomes a law within the legislative and executive branches.

I wish I had had the time to do it, but a friend of mine had her 5th graders pull roles out of a box...there was a president, his/her cabinet, senators, representatives to the House, and justices. Each branch of govt. was given an issue, and they had to decide how they would vote on either side of the issue if it got to them. The legislative branch started the bill. It began in the House and they voted on it. It then went to the Senate and they decided if they needed to make any changes. If they didn't, they voted, and it went to the president. If they made changes, it went back to the House,they...

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3 branches
Posted by:teachfla #92655

Try the Bag Ladies' approach (which kids love!): take a lunch-sized paper bag and open it. Twist the bottom third to create the trunk of a tree (the rectangle on the bottom forms the roots.)then rip from the top down to create three sections (down to the newly created trunk.) Twist the sections until they resemble branches. Make leaves with the labels of the different branches to glue on. Then maybe you could add a pre-typed list of the duties of each branch or something.

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3 branches
Posted by:Krissy #54920

Make up a sheet that contains little boxes. In each box, write one function of one of the branches. Have students cut up the functions and then glue them into the proper categories on a piece of paper.

You could also make a laminated version of this and place the functions in an envelope or or on magnets. During free time, a student could sort the functions. (Write the branch on the back so they can check their work when they are finished)

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the "tree" branches of government
Posted by:srw #21626

I divided my class into 3 gropus and assigned each group a branch of government. They were to go through the text and pull out all the important information for their branch. (They had to have at least 5 key facts and had to answer questions I gave them.) Then they wrote all of their information on a large sheet (butcher paper size) of green paper. Next they cut it to look like part of a tree. Finally, after "teaching/sharing" their information with the rest of the class, they help create the "tree" branches of government by adding their branch to the large tree trunk.

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branches of govt
Posted by:4th grade teacher #55004

There's a great website called Ben's Guide to Government. It's filled with good age appropriate information. We usually make a Branches of Government mobile to hang in our room. It has the name of each branch with the "who" and "what" of each branch hanging from it. It's a real good visual. Hope this helps.

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3 branches
Posted by:5TH GRADE #92656

This one is kinda fun, but difficult to explain.

Get a large posterboard. Then, cut the long edge so that the poster is a perfect square (maybe 3' x 3'). Now, with your perfect square, you will fold it diagonally -- since it is a square, it will not matter which diagonal. Once it has been folded triangularly, fold it once more on the other diagonal (with or without unfolding the first fold). Now, unfold the entire poster. You will see a large X from corner to corner. You will notice 3 of these bends are facing out, while the other fold is facing in. CUT THE SINGLE FOLD FACING IN FROM THE CORNER TO THE MIDDLE OF THE POSTER. Now, overlap these sides that you just cut the fold on, and glue/tape them. This should look like a pyramid (looking in). You will have a base, and two sides on...

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3 branches help
Posted by:Mindy #134182

Try teaching your students the 3 branches of the government using a 3 legged step stool. This will help the children visually see that each branch works together to create the laws just like each of the legs work together to create the stool.

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No title
Posted by:iteach4th #132764

I always have my 4th graders draw a large TREE with 3 branches. On the branches, they write the brances of government in large capital letters. Under the title of each branch, they write the "who" and "what" of each branch of government. They can then add details to their drawing. They turn out really cute, and the kids get the concept of 3 different branches.

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3 Branches
Posted by:Carol Glynn #134183

Note to previous entry: The Melanie Griffith movie that showcases the 12 days of Christmas ammendment song is called "Born Yesterday"

Three large swimming noodles can be the tree branches. I cover mine with felt. Wrapping paper tubes can so the same. Three kids hold the branches and others have small cards that tell of a job done within that branch. The walk up and stand with their branch in front of the class. This can be done one by one with the whole class following each one, or while the whole class is singing a 3 branches song, and then check them afterwards. Key: Set up the idea that mistakes are really fine, because that will help us learn. If they 're not afraid to join the wrong group, then they'll enjoy the game more.

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Branches of government
Posted by:Carolyn #18047

I teach fifth grade, but I think your kids are old enough to do what mine do. How about considering having your kids role play the three branches of government? Assign one-third of each group of your class to a branch of government. (A good math idea, also.) Have them decide how many of your students would be in a branch of government if they divided the class into thirds for the three branches of government.

Once your have your groups (let's say you have eight who are a member of the legislative group, eight who are members of the judicial group, and eight who are members of the executive group), have them work in pairs to come up with functions of their group. Have those who are in the legislative group come up with laws for your classroom (or school or community, if you wish). Have those who...

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branches of government
Posted by:Marie #37138

We did it and it was a hit! The kids had a mock election and voted for a president. I assigned the kids into groups to act as legislators. One group of legislators was to come up with "laws" for the cafeteria, one for the classroom, and one for the playground. The president read them and either approved them or vetoed them. The kids had fun doing this and it gave them a sense of how government works.

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