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100th Day of School

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Ideas for celebrating the hundredth day of school
Hundred Day
Posted by:Robin #67695

My third graders start the day with a hundred day breakfast. They each bring in a hundred pieces of cereal, and I provide the "go withs". We write stories about what we think we'll be like at age 100 (the illustrations alone are a hoot!), and some years I give them a large, paper one hundred dollar bill and have them write what they'd do with a hundred dollars. They still enjoy putting together 100 piece puzzles (sometimes, they're not as easy as they look!), and last year, each group had 100 pennies and tried to build a tower using all 100 (very hard!). I think Mailbox magazine's January/February issue from this year featured 100 days of school, as they did in a past issue from several years ago. I also have given them a hundred board and called out facts so they would shade in the shapes of the digits 1, 0, 0. I think...

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100th Day
Posted by:Sandy #68155

We make a 100 meuseum. I send a letter home explaining the 100th day of school and what we will be doing. Then the children are supposed to work with their families on making a collection of 100 things for the 100th day. It might be 100 pennies....or 100 stickers on a posterboard....or 100 fruit loops on a string. On the day we have a Show and Tell with the items brought in. We put it on a table for display in the hallway for a couple days so the school can see.

We also make cute little 100th day headbands to wear. I use the ellison cutter to cut out the 1's and the 0's. The children have to glue the numbers onto a long strip of construction paper. Then I will come and staple it closed so that it fits well on their heads. They seem to enjoy it!

We also...

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100th day
Posted by:Jen #88362

Those are great ideas. At my school we line up all of the k and 1 children in the hallway and count up to 100. The 100th child gets to wear a special 100th day hat. Also, we do 100 math problems, write 100 words and 1 year I hid 100 paper chickens around my classroom and after reading the book The Wolf's Chicken Stew, the children went on a scavenger hunt to find them. You can time them to see how many times they can hop, jump rope, do jumping jacks in 100 seconds. See how many times they can write their name in 100 seconds. Hope you can use some of these ideas! Happy 100th day of school!

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100th Day
Posted by:Mrs. Tayor #30374

My team of second and third grade teachers(7)do a rotation of activities. My class does a paper bag that is decorated with 100 pictures (10 rows of 10) ... I have now added, to cut time, the stamp markers. When the students are done decorating and putting name on the bottom, they come to the table at gather 10 items from 10 bowls which are donations of small food items from parents. We call this GORP ... I'm not sure where the name came from but the kids love it... I normally have extra bowls of items because of the tastes the kids like ... suggestions given to parents are:Kix cereal, M&M's(all kinds), Skittles, raisens, peanuts, mini choc, butterscotch, and/or cherry chips, mini marshmellows,potatoe strings, lemon drops, gum balls, gummy bears....use egg cartons (cut off the end two) to put the items in ... easier to count

Other teachers... read 100 hungary ants & do...

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100th day in k
Posted by:sarah #87660

I teach kindergarten, in my class I have them make necklaces using 100 pieces of cereal, we have 100 piece puzzle races, the kids write to 100 on calculator tape with a partner, we make 100th day t-shirts, I also made a huge lady bug and they put 100 black dots on the lady bug. The dots are grouped by 5's and we count by 5's to 100, we write 100 words...A,I,Me, and also bring in word families...I'm going to start the 100 words early so we are not trying to finish them in one day. They sell 100th day pencils and decorations at most teacher stores.
To improve your apple game, maybe have teams of kids with an adult, parent volunteers...and they have to stay together and work as a team.

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100th Day
Posted by:Kelly #89468

We already had our 100th day. We start in early August so it comes quick. Our gifted teacher organized a whole bunch of centers for the whole school. These were some of the activites.

Build something with 100 Knex.
Guess which bucket had 100 peices of candy (of 4 buckets)
Make Valentine cards for a nursing home. (Our goal was 100 cards).
Make a necklace with 100 fruit loops.
Can you fit 100 drops of water on a quarter?
There were two games, they had the same idea, but one was with money and the other was with base ten blocks. The children rolled a die and they would get that many pennies/ones. When they got to ten they would trade for a dime/tens rod. The first one to a dollar/a flat won.
In the past I've had kids bring in 100 things (like Q-tips,...

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100th day of school
Posted by:Brenda #53166

Here are some ideas that I have in my file:
100 piece puzzle
Fruit Loop Graph- count out 100 Fruit Loops and graph them according to color
What weighs 100 lbs? Use a scale
Calendar; what is 100 days from now?
Using a stopwatch, balance for 100 seconds on one foot/board/etc.
100th day munchies; before hand ask students to bring one of the following: 100 cherrios, raisens, M&M's, peanuts, marshmellows, pretzels etc, combine and eat as a snack
Ask what could you eat 100 of?
Stack 100 pennies, crackers
Have 3 jars filled with objects; kids vote which has 100.
Writing: If I had $100.00 I would buy...
Use manipulatives and make groups of 5 to 100, 10,20,25, 50 and 100.
Physical exercise: jump, clap, in unison to 100
Ask a parent to bake a cake and put 100 candles on it!
Hope some of these ideas are new for...

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100th Day!
Posted by:Ms. Patty #10731

Congratulations on celebrating the 100th Day of School! Have a great day! We, the first grade of the Pan American School in Salvador, Brazil are celebrating by having hands on Number 100 outdoor activities manned by parents! We will have 10 stations. wow, I would love to hear what 100 Day Stations you will have!
We wear 100 Day painted shirts and crowns.
what is your location?
Some of our stations: build with building blocks and see how high you can get in 100 seconds, record the height; drink 100ml of water using different measuring devices to get to 100 ml.; make music beats up to 100 using different instruments; become statues for 100 seconds; how many zeros can you cut in 100 seconds; measure out 100 cm; 100 inches and 100 yds and walk them; to name a few stations, let me know what you do
Enjoy the day!

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100th day
Posted by:Moe #53007

I found 100 piece puzzles at our local $1 store. I divided the class into teams and they raced to see who could complete the puzzles first. I also sent a zip-loc bag home with each student a few days before the 100th celebration. They were to fill it with 100 pieces of the same item, and it all had to fit inside the bag (ie. 100 M&M's, 100 pennies, etc.) As luck would have it, I had 20 students. Each student gave 5 items to each of their classmates. After exchanging sets of 5's from their bags, the whole class ended up with 20 groups of 5 things = 100 again! They really liked this activity.

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100th day
Posted by:Gail #54558

We celebrate 100th day this Friday, Valentine's Day. During our center work this week, the children have been building a caterpillar with 100 segments, labeled with the numbers 1-100. They have written (with help)and illustrated a page entitled "I could eat 100....." Each of the children will bring in 100 of something to count as a class. In the past, we have taken a walk around the school counting steps as we go and leaving a footprint marker at the 10's. We have made a bulletin board listing 100 good deeds, gotten 100 autographs, put up 100 rhyming words, 100 handprints, laid out 100 craft sticks end to end, done something such as jumping for 100 seconds.

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100th day
Posted by:Elizabeth #54129

We make 100th day hats. Take a blank 100s chart and have the kids write the #s 1-100. (If this is too hard some may need a partially filled in chart & just fill in the missing #.) When you've checked over their #s have them stamp over the #s with mini stamps or stamper markers. Then glue onto a horizontal 11x 14 construction paper, attach a band in the back to fit child's head. You can also die-cut the #s 1-0-0 and attach the 100 to the brim so when it's worn the kids have 100 glasses too. It's a blast and the parents get such a smile out of this one!

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100th Day
Posted by:Laura #88827

This one is good for counting and for fine motor skills. It costs a bit for the wiggle eyes, but it's fun:
Have students cut out their 100s day glasses from a manila folder, then glue 100 wiggle eyes on them for "100 Eyes Looking at You!" It also makes a great class picture.
We also make a reading "centipede" and talk about the root "cent." Each child reads a book and fills out a response form, then adds it to the centipede that is on the wall in the hallway. We have markers to show counting by 2s,5s, and 10s, and a special celebration marker for the 100th book.
Happy 100 Days Smarter!

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100th Day
Posted by:Christy #89513

I am also a first year 1st grade teacher and we just had our 100th day on Monday. I had my kids draw a picture of what they thought they would look like at 100 years old. Oh, my goodness they were so cute. I hung them outside my room. For writing, you could have them write about ---- If I had $100, I would _____. Also, for art, you could have them make necklaces out of 100 froot loops or cheerios. They could also glue the cereal on a poster board in a shape or spell their name with them.

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100th day stamping
Posted by:Janelle #89520

I just had my 100th day of school and I did an activity that the students just LOVED! I bought cheap bingo dot markers (paint type)and stamps and they had a sheet that had ten numbered boxes and the title of the sheet said I used: in the first box they had to choose 1 stamp and stamp it there. Then they had to write 100 on a big sheet of construction paper. Then they used 10 different stamps and kept trace of which stamp with the 10 boxes.

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100th day
Posted by:MA #30363

I teach second grade also and we spend the whole day doing 100 things. I start out by reading "The Wolf's Chicken Stew" and then we work in centers. Each desk is a center. Some that I've done(depends on the number of students I have) are draw what you will look like in 100 years, cut 100 words from magazines, write 100 spelling words, put a 100 piece puzzle together, do a dot to dot to 100, string a 100 fruit loops on a string to make a necklace, Mystery Math: color the numbers on a 100 chart(it turns out to be 100!), On a Roll: Roll the dice and make tally marks to count up to 100, what you would spend $100 on, Stamp a placemat: stamp designs with stamper markers on a placemat divided into 10 sections, I could 100________, but I could not eat 100___________, Make a paper chain with 100 links, make a...

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100th day of school (long)
Posted by:teach1st #89514

We had our 100 day a few weeks ago. Some of the things that I did were:
* We traced our feet so that we had 10 feet of 10 different colors. We laid them out in the hall to see how far 100 of our feet went.
*I also hid 100 hershey kisses with numbers on the bottom in the classroom. Each child had to find 5. I then had a 100 chart. I called out different number and they had to put it on the chart. Example: If you have 4 tens and 3 ones, if you have a number greater than 90 etc.
*I gave each child an object that I wanted them to write about... If I had 100 buttons I would... If I had 100 bug bites I would... If I had 100 horses I would..etc. Every child had a different one.
* I gave them a die cut 1 and 2 zeros. I told them that I...

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100th day of school
Posted by:Fran #89444

I am a math teacher in Brooklyn, New York. One project that I planned with a third grade class was to estimate 100 feet from their classroom door. I traced my shoe, which wasn't one foot long and then I used the ruler to make it exactly one foot. I then cut a few out and laminated them. The children traced the feet out and I collected them. I then made a string of ten feet for all of the feet. I laminated those ten strings of feet. When I went back to my third graders I showed them what ten feet looks like. They then estimated where 100 feet from their room would be and placed it on a chart. With all of the students in the hall we taped the feet to the ground. We first taped 50 feet and I asked them if they thought their guess was correct. Some did and...

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100th day activities
Posted by:Christina #89527

We read the Wolf's Chicken Stew. The children then had to tell something else the wolf could bring to the chickens and for what (holiday, etc.)

We do a 100 shape book (bubble outline) and each page has a different sentence.
* I really want 100 _____
* I wouldn't want 100 ____
* I can eat 100 ______
* I could never eat 100 _____
* Having 100 ____ could really be a problem.

We read If You lived 100 Years Ago. Then the children write what they think it will be like in 100 years.

One of the teachers in my grade does a book of 10 subjects and they have to find 10 items in each (Months, people, sports, shapes, states, animals, food, book characters.. you get the idea)

Autograph book-- 100 people I know. They then have to share whose autograph was the most special.

Take a 100 step walk in all directions or throughout school,...

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100th day
Posted by:teacher #89469

Kids can come to school dressed like they are 100 years old.

Write and illustrate a story about what they will be doing and what they will look like when they are 100

Get a 100 math grid and one dice. 2 partners, roll a dice and color in their grid according to the # rolled. The first to color in their grid to 100, wins.

Come up with as many words using the letters in the word "hundred". Play in groups, the group with the most words made wins.

Decorate 100-have it copied in bubble letters

Take a paper and crumple it up. Uncrumple it, and they can draw their portrait which will have wrinkles after you uncrumple it.

Be silent for 100 seconds

Count to 100 in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

There are many more activities, just search the internet. Hope this helps!

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We make a fun book
Posted by:kbbteacher #131965

There are ten pages in the book (I staple white computer paper together)
I then divide the students into 10 groups (about 2 in a group)
I set up the room with ten stations that ask them to do ten things:
1. 10 stickers (they put ten stickers on one page)
2. 10 friends ( I photo copy their class pictures and they glue ten friends on one page)
3. 10 stamps
4. 10 smells (I put out smelly markers)
5. 10 inches (they measure a piece of yarn and glue it in)
6. 10 words (they write words from the word wall)
7. 10 numbers (they write different numbers)
8. 10 shapes (I use foam shapes)
9. 10 bees (our classroom theme)
10. 10 letters (abc's)

You could change the centers to fit your class. The kids love it, are very independent and engaged. I also have them carry a clipboard with a sheet that says...

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No title
Posted by:suzrob #131966

My class is collecting 100 autographs in a small book (paper folded and stapled).
The entire first grade is bringing in cans of soup and vegetables- our goal is to collect 100 cans this week to donate to the "souper Bowl" food bank.
We will be rotating from class to class ( there are 8 first grade classes) to do different 100 day activities on that day.
That night will be our Family Math Night that involves the whole school with different math activities.

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100th Day
Posted by:CatInTheHat #132099

I love celebrating the 100th Day with my students...feels like a milestone and the kids love the anticipation up to the day! One thing that I do with my students is the 100 cup tower. Give each group of students 100 cups and see if they can build something without having it fall over...lots of fun and laughter to go along with this activity. We also make a giant 100 together as a class and hang it in the door way for all to see. Another thing we do is make 100th Day books (I wish I had 100 ___, I could eat 100 ____, I could never eat 100 ____, If I had $100 I would ___, My mom/dad tells me 100 times to___, When I am 100 years old I will ___.) Hope these are some "fresh" ideas you might be able to use. Enjoy your 100th Day :)

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I understand~
Posted by:URMySunshine #132100

It does seem that every class seems to do the same thing every year. Our 100th day is tomorrow. We are doing some of the 'same old stuff' like the snack, but we are doing some other things as well:
1 - Gather in a circle and count to 100, with each child saying a number until we get to 100.
2 - Ask the children to spread their hands so they can see ten fingers then use them to count by tens to 100 with each child flashing all ten fingers when it is their turn.
3 - Count by ones and with each group of ten, have children move their bodies in different ways.
4 - Have a large 100 number grid. Cover a space when the children's eyes are closed, then have them guess which number is covered. (This can also be done in small groups and the kids can take turns covering the numbers with Unifix cubes.
5 - Using a number grid have them...

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