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Substitute Teaching Tips

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Tips for substitute teachers
Posted by:Madi #54942

Since you seem to have gotten a very good list of what to carry i have some substitute tips.

-Be flexible. If you are walking in to be a 1st grade teacher and the principal says he needs you for gym have you sneakers and something comfortable in the trunk of your car. Having once been asked to teack gym in an interview suit and high heels I learned my lesson well.

-As much as you can try to sub in a few buildigns and dont spread yourself all over the place. Where I live it is possible for me to sub in 2 school buildings doing elementary classes only every day. Once the teachers know you they will want you all the time. Also your discipline problems are cut in half or more. When the kids see you every day having lunch with their...

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Substitute Teaching
Posted by:Substitute Teaching #79864

I was a substitute teacher for about a year before I was hired to my present teaching position. I found that if I left the teacher I subbed for a note stating the usual information put in a subs notes. However, I also told the teacher that I had enjoyed my time in their class and hoped that I could return to teach their class if they need a substitute in the future, I would often receive a call from the sub-caller (sub-service) asking me to sub for the same teacher as before. Also, if you strike up a conversation with or make aquaintances with other teachers in the building while you are subbing, and you feel comfortable enough, you might want to let them know that you would like to subbing at their school more and give them your name (and number if needed) in case they ever need...

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Considering Substitute Teaching
Posted by:Deni #40365

My advice would be to observe classroom teachers at different grade levels to acclimate yourself to various teaching techniques. What I did was ask to observe any teachers for which I was assigned to sub, and I was only turned down once. However, that turned out to be advantageous for me because another teacher from a multi-age classroom attending the same conference, allowed me to observe her teaching and that became my favorite class and most requested assignment. As I mentioned in a previous posting, the Substitute Teaching Institute of Utah has a very informative, helpful website and even offers a handbook to purchase online. This is the very same handbook given to me by the first school board offering me employment as a sub. You may find as a sub that the classroom teachers' discipline techniques don't get the same results for you. I use the Shooting for the Stars...

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"Returning to Substitute Teaching"
Posted by:Amy #77049


I returned to substitute teaching last fall after spending 8 years as a stay-at-home mom and I too was very nervous! It was a bit of a culture shock at first, going from a very quiet, happy home environment into busy classrooms of twenty or more students, not all of whom wanted to be there or listen to what I had to say. My best advice is to stay calm, keep your perspective and not let ANYONE shake your faith in yourself. Try to treat each new subbing date as a learning experience. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Carry a "subbing bag" and fill it with things to make your job easier. Stickers or candy to offer as incentives for good behavior. Extra pens and a notebook with extra paper in it. A folder with ideas or activity pages (word searches, crosswords,coloring...

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Lesson plans . . .
Posted by:Lainy #49874

It's not unusual for a teacher to leave plans such as you explained. I have subbed for some teachers who don't leave "plans" because they feel it's an insult to the subs intelligence. Instead, they leave their lesson plan book open on the desk. Then there are those teachers who don't know what to expect or must think a sub is going to permanently damage the students so they leave plans that "anyone, any age - j/k could follow. Sometimes plans are so detailed that it can be offensive and at other times it's an enormous help, depending upon the age, attitutdes, and academic aptitudes. They'll be times when you want to hug a teacher for leaving extremely detailed plans and they'll be times when you want to let the teacher know you're not...

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