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Teaching Interview Tips

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Tips for successful interviews when interviewing for a teaching job
Posted by:Cathy-Dee #16977

Having sat in on a few interviews for my school I have learned so many things.
First appearance does make a difference but only to a point. As long as you are dressed nicely, etc., that's generally all that really matters.

Voice - depends on the position - but someone who whispers or talks too quietly may get looked-over. Same if someone is too loud or boisterous.

I think nervousness is part of the equation - I hate being interviewed myself - but not the deciding factor. I know many of the teachers or aides we hired were very nervous but still were able to answer the questions and fit our criteria.

Unfortunately you rarely know the criteria and that makes a difference. If we are looking for someone who will be able to take on the gym classes or music as an extra class and someone we interview has...

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helpful tips...
Posted by:cherylyn #28743

let me start with GOOD LUCK!!! i am an art teacher finishing my first year in 8 days...yeah... and i had to re-interview to keep my job, so questions are fresh in my mind... 1)what is the most recent educational theory or study you have read? 2) what would you do questions... like if you had a child who has a learning disorder how would you respond to them? 3) how do you know if a lesson was successful? ( i write a paragraph on the back of the lesson, so next year i can refer to what worked and what didn't.) 4) and just a few hints, always be flexable, be willing to relocate, and be yourself. i interviewed at several schools and didn't feel as though i fit in. i actually thought that since the interviews weren't going well i wasn't going to be a confident teacher, but then i was called...

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preparing for an interview
Posted by:claresmliles #117225

Dress very professionally

Bring tons of resumes and your portfolio. Be prepared if asked to show one highlight or share one thing that makes you special-they do not want to see the entire portfolio.

Send a thank you email or letter to the school that interviewed you.

Prepare a short statement about yourself to start the interview with. Ex. where u went to school, majors, hobbies, if you are the oldest or youngest child. This just gives them a bit about you.

Make a list of key phrases that are positive statements about specific strengths you have. Even if you are NOT asked that
question, be sure to weave those phrases into your replies to other questions.

Lastly, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope these tips help ya out! :-)

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My biggest interview tip...
Posted by:Lisa #24150

Share that enthusiasm you have with them! You obviously have a tremendous passion for teaching. If you communicate that to the interviewers, especially right at the beginning, it will really help you out. Schools want teachers who love teaching and will work very hard to be successful.

Other tips-
Have a classroom management plan
Make sure you know as much about the school and the district beforehand as you can
Know the basic curriculum for the grade
Have a strategy for teaching reading
Have a plan for parent interaction
Have ideas for integrating social studies and science into your curriculum
Have questions prepared to ask your interviewers!!

Good luck!

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