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Classroom Procedures

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Tips for establishing good classroom procedures
Posted by:sandy #43393

Here's a general list that comes to mind
*How to enter classroom
*What to do before school
*Lunch count procedures
*Pencil sharpening
*Emergency drills
*restroom use
*paper heading
*turning in assignments
*doing class jobs
*computer& classroom library use
*how to fill out assignment book
*how to get teacher's attention
*how to react to teacher signals (maybe you dim lights or give another signal to get them settled)
*how they will go to lunch/recess/other classes
*what to do at dismissal
*how to organize supplies
These are in addition to teaching classroom and school rules. I'm sure there are more, but this is a decent start.

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meshing procedures & content during 1st days...
Posted by:Beth S #17588

Hi Trish- When I taught 7th grade, I would introduce one (or maybe two) new procedures each day & then tell students that we would practice them during our activities. These activities might be "getting to know you" or might be introduction to some content.

For example: On day one, I introduced my "Beginning Class" procedures by having them posted as the students entered:
Mrs. Smith's Beginning Class Procedures!
1)Greet Mrs. Smith with a high-five, handshake, or smile!
2)Enter quietly, go directly to your desk, & square away materials.
3)Immediately begin the "warm up" assignment on the board.
4)Wait for further instructions.
After all students entered the room, I called the class to a stopping point & pointed out that those procedures posted would be the exact way we would begin class each day. Then I moved on to...

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Posted by:Phoenix Teacher #84589

Consistent Procedures-Kids want to be good and do what is expected of them but maybe they just don't know what or how to behave. Make it VERY Clear. I teach 6th grade and sometimes I feel like i'm overdoing it, but it is totally working because they are so much better than last year (Last year was my first year)

Anyways, role play what you want. have them show you what the room should look like and sound like. and don't teach until they're ready. you have to give up so much time in the beginning but it is worth it.

when you do group activities (really any activiites), make a t chart on the board with "looks like" on one side and "sounds like" on another side. Ask, what should the room look like when we're doing this? What will I SEE you doing. Then the same for...

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Posted by:Nancy #58705

You didn't say whether you were teaching in an elementary of middle school setting. I teach 6th grade in a Middle School, and our administration stresses procedures from the very beginning of school (in fact, I've been told that if I do nothing. I truly had my students practice going to the locker and the bathroom in less than 4 minutes.
2. Lining up (my students have to line up for both lunch and end of the day). They are required to line up in the hallway, with my line leader even with the firehose in the wall. Each student stands on the 4th tile block from the lockers on the right side of the hallway (this allows students going to their lockers room to maneuver).
3. Pencil sharpening--do it at the beginning of class! I also went over HOW to sharpen a pencil with the electric sharpener. They have a...

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Posted by:Renee #47916

Make sure that you explicitly teach the procedures for everything that you need to do. Coming in, sharpening pencils, going to the restroom, passing in papers, listening/attention getting etc. The list goes on and on. It takes time and practice, but they will get it eventually as long as you are consistent. Having set ways of doing things lets the kids know what to expect and it cuts down the number of descisions you have to make each day.

As far as walking in the hallway I guess it varies from school to school. In ours, we have to be quiet because we have no doors. I teach my kids exactly how to stand. What their hands should be doing, feet, mouths, etc. We have set stopping points in the hallway where they stop and wait for a signal from me. We walk in a certain area...

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Procedures, procedures, and review those
Posted by:Lifelong Tchr #125928

No kidding-the more you rehearse and practice the expectations you've got for your class, the better off you'll be later on!
I don't begin much as far as academics are concerned, other than general writing/reading/math- and that's just to get a feel for what they've retained through the summer.
I go over the expectations for the hallways, restrooms, lining up, cafeteria, using the drinking fountain in our classroom, etc. I have procedures for entering the room and putting lunch money away, etc. You don't want to "procedure them to death" but if there's a special way you want something done, set them up for success by discussing the way you want it done.
You'll need to continue to review these the first 5 weeks or so. During that time, you will begin your reading, writing, math, etc. but always take some time to rehearse your...

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classroom procedures
Posted by:michelle #11020

My bathroom and water procedures are pretty much the same as the others. But, I do handle my pencil sharpening procedures a little differently. I have two baskets for pencils. One basket is full of sharpened pencils, and the other basket is for unsharpened/broken pencils. Unless we are taking a test, students are allowed to go to the basket and trade out an unsharpened pencil for a sharpened one as needed. (Key word is TRADE! They aren't allowed to get a new pencil without putting one in the "To be sharpened" basket. Usually I have the first student who arrives in the morning sharpen all the pencils. It really saves time during the day and eliminates distracting noise from the pencil sharpener! Hope this helps!

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