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Rainforest Theme

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Ideas for a rainforest unit or classroom theme
Posted by:Lenore #66844

I started the year with a rainforest theme. My students loved it and begged me to keep some of the decorations up even after we were finished. I did an attendance chart with a lion on it. Names are put up each day and I used the caption "Who's Li-on around in the K room?" I hung 12 bananas on a bulletin board and added a monkey. The months of the year are on the bananas and I added students' names on the bananas. The caption is "Go Bananas! Its Your birthday!" I have a safari character with binoculars on another board and it says "Searching for good work". I put student names on monkeys and used the caption "Look who's hanging out in the K-1-2 room. I stwisted brown crepe paper for vines and added some silk leaves and it looked super. I hung vines aound the...

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Posted by:Tina #55853

I turn my whole classroom into a rainforest. I begin by introducing the rainforest by reading the Great Kapok Tree. Each day I introduce a part of the rainforest, ex: layers, animals trees, plants, people, resources. After students have a lot of background info. they choose a part of rainforest they want to do a report on. We research in computer lab for each topic (I make a simple outline of questions to answer)students write facts, rough draft, edit, final copy, type in computer lab. All reports done in class. I send home a time line for parents to know when to expect things are happening. Parents help students make replica of what they did their reports on. I have two days before replica's are due that I ask for parent help to turn the room into a rainforest. I have students in groups that want to make things in the...

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Rainforest ideas
Posted by:C.C. #46052

I am a librarian for a K-4th grade school. I am going to also try to do a rainforest this year. I have bought nets at a craft store to hang in my reading corner from the celing,then I can hang vines, monkeys, and snakes from it. I also purchased raffia in large packages in natural and green colors. Have hung it over my large windows to look like grass. Could also make a grass hut with a cardboard box. Have seen it done. Also a teacher used an alligator air mattress as a reading chair. I purchased items from a teachers store that are for bulletin boards,etc. I also purchased a rainforest book with activites and information on the rainforest, such as what animals live there, the different layers of the rainforest, and locations of different rainforests. I plan on purchasing a coconut and cutting...

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Posted by:Kelly #10103

I teach an elective course in my school to kindergartners and first graders. My theme is different types of environments. For the rainforest, I read a story to the children (I can't remember the name of it off hand). We then made a list of the different types of animals found in the rainforest. Each child selected an animal to make. They drew the animals and then cut them out. While they were working on this, I had each child come over to me and place his or her hand into green paint. They then made a print on a large piece of butcher paper. These handprints served as the canopy of the rainforest. A few students used craypas to draw the trunks of the trees. We then added the cut-out animals and made a really need mural of the rainforest. It is hanging in the hallway, and we have received many...

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Rainforest ideas...
Posted by:Nancy #54357

I don't teach science, but a fellow graduate student shared a unit she had done on the rainforest in one of our curriculum classes.

She had her 6th graders create a rainforest within the classroom. They painted a mural on a wall, hung leaves from the ceiling, created rainforest animals and hung them in the canopy, etc. They also did research projects on plants, animals, etc. on the rainforest. When they had built the rainforest, the teacher would select a portion of the rainforest one evening that would "get destroyed." She simply tore that section of the rainforest down off of the wall. When the students came in the next morning, they were devastated! But she had started her next lesson...the destruction of such a precious resource. Little by little, she destroyed her classes' rainforest, and her students began developing an awareness of it's importance. They...

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Rainforest Unit
Posted by:Denise #85004


Each year I teach a rainforest unit in the spring. I use a program called "Roberto's Rainforest" from Interact Learning. After teaching from the program, I divide my second graders into cooperative learning groups and each group receives a topic they need to research deeper. I have one group working on the layers, another on the animals, another on plants, still another on the people, etc. When they have written reports on their topics, we transform our classroom into a rainforest. The students make green and brown paper chain for vines. They design and make Kapok trees. Some create a river of blue art paper that runs through the middle of the room. Students bring stuffed animals (appropriate to the rainforest) and we have monkeys, snakes, etc. hanging around the room. Finally, we spend an entire day presenting our rainforest research to all the...

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Rainforest Theme Ideas
Posted by:Krissy #47026

*Hang vines (brown paper rolled up) all around your room with giant green paper leaves on them. Get a couple of stuffed or paper monkeys to hang around

*Classroom Jobs: "Hopping in to help out!" With little frogs with students names and leaves with jobs on them.

*Classroom Events Timeline: Call it the "Swing of Things" and put a little monkey for the graphic. OR "Hopping Through the Year" with a little frog.

*Student of the Week: "Look WHO's top student this week..." with a big owl; OR "Top Toucan" with a giant toucan to display

*Word Wall: "Word Waterfall" Put up a large sheet of white paper coming down from your ceiling, draw/scribble or paint blue lines flowing down. and keep a pile of paper fish to write important words on. Glue them on throughout the year.

*Classroom Management:
Use these layers of the...

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Posted by:Susan #58820

I used a rainforest theme last year. I had a "Calendar Oasis" bulletin board. I used blue cellophane paper to create a river, I added moss along the edges and added a blow up snake I bought at Wal-Mart (sold in garden area to keep small animals away). I made 12 paper canoes and wrote the months of the year on each. I added plastic insects I bought from Oriental trading along the river. I also had a "Going Bananas for Books" bulletin board in my classroom library area. I made a banana tree and added stuffed monkeys I bought at Rainforest Cafe (you could make them out of paper and stuff them). As the kids read books, they filled out a paper banana cutout with the book info (title, author, summary, and rating) and I added it to the tree in bunches of 10 (great math activity). I made a huge...

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rainforest display
Posted by:Tracy #91274

In our school, our fourth grade team turns the hallway and the classrooms into a rainforest. We have the tiled ceiling which makes it easy to tuck large green leaves (out of butcher paper) with drip tips into them and then the children twist brown butcher paper to create liana vines. We put paper clips on the end of the vines and then hook them into the ceiling. I then have them cut out rainforest bird patterns out of black construction paper and then decorate both sides with cray pas or colored chalk. It makes for a very colorful rainforest.

My fourth graders also do a research paper on one of the animals of the rainforest and create a model at home that we can then put "in the rainforest."

It might be fun to do a rainforest feast as a culminating activity and have the children bring...

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rainforest decor
Posted by:cc #55446

I am a librarian at a k - 4th grade school. I have had the library decorated as a rainforest all year. I went to an army surplus store and found green mosquito netting very cheap. I have it hung from the ceiling throughout the library. It is thin enough to let light thru. I bought stuffed monkeys, frogs, snakes, etc. and have hung them around the room with silk vines. The kids love it. Also made a tree from construction paper to resemble a palm tree, along with live plants thru the room. There is a lot of rainforest items at teacher supply stores. I have a book in the library that shows how to draw rainforest animals step by step. Last year I brought a live bull frog to school and let the kids watch how far it could jump in the gym. It was very cool. Also...

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