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Halloween Costumes for Teachers (Oct.)

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Teachers describe Halloween costumes they've worn for school.
crayola crayon
Posted by:K/1 Teacher #129065

I'm going as a crayola crayon. I got a pair of matching purple yoga pants and a purple t-shirt. I also got a purple wig and will make a cone-shaped hat to wear as the crayon tip. I will write with Sharpie on the shirt "Crayola" and maybe on the back I'll write "purple "or "magenta" or something like that.

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comfort is key this year
Posted by:kidsrme11 #129069

so I am being a big baby. Baggy pajamas, baby bottle and "binky", fun slippers. Now I am looking forward to Halloween. NOthing beats comfy PJS!!

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Posted by:bookworm86 #129066

I missed my Halloween party at school due to illness, but I was going to go as "Thing 1" from "Cat in the Hat." I have red sweatpants and a sweatshirt, white gloves, a felt circle with "Thing 1" ironed on it in black and a blue puffy wig. So, some of it was store bought, but cheaply. I was bummed I missed the party. I think the kids would have gotten a kick out it!

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Posted by:ZoeMaui #129067

We have to dress up as a storybook character. I went to Party City and all of the costumes were too expensive and very inappropriate to wear to school. So I decided to be the Grouchy Ladybug (Eric Carle book). I'm wearing a black velour sweatsuit, ladybug wings, and antennas. Cheap, comfy, easy! Plus it gives me the excuse to be grouchy all day! just kidding!

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Posted by:hb11 #129071

I wear a black top and pants. I bought a red fleece vest from Old Navy and sewed black flannel spots- you could pin or hot glue them if you're short on time. Pipe cleaners twisted on a headbead for antenna and voila! You're a cute and comfortable ladybug!

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No title
Posted by:MrsD #129068

We did our character parade last Friday and the entire first grade dressed up as the 101 Dalamations. Everyone brought in a white shirt and put black thumbprints all over it. We also made headbands with spotted ears. The kids all wore black pants the day of the parade with their shirts and headbands. It was very fun! last year we did "Ira Sleeps Over" and everyone wore pajamas.

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Here is an idea....
Posted by:VTteacher #129072

My school (which is small.. only 10 teachers) perform a skit each Halloween. Each year we choose a folk tail/fairy tale.. some sort of story that all of the children will know. Last year we did The Little Ren Hen, this year we are doing The Three Little Pigs. The story is kept secret from the children.. so the day of the Halloween celebration the children race around to see our costumes to try and figure out what the story is. It's a lot of fun! (even for me.. and I do not like Halloween at all!)

Another good costume idea is a spider.. you can fill black panty hose with stuffing and sew or safety pin them on black pants and a black shirt. Spray paint foam balls black and put them on pipe cleaners and a black head band.

You could paint a turtle shell...

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Costume Ideas
Posted by:Mrs. R #129073

Halloween is a big deal at my school, too. We usually try to do something as a first grade team. When there were two of us we were Thing 1 and Thing 2 (red sweatsuits, blue wigs, gloves, signs, and a box to pop out of) from The Cat in the Hat, the cat and the fiddle and the cow jumping over the moon(cat ears, black clothing, borrowed violin, and a pantyhose tail;my partner teacher had the cow costume already) from Hey Diddle Diddle, and green eggs and ham (obviously from Green Eggs and Ham). Last we we added a first grade teacher and we each dressed up as a Kevin Henkes character since that was our author study at the time. We were Chrysanthmum (mouse ears, dress with lots of pockets,and name tag with name written in two rows) Lilly (mouse ears, jumper, red cowboy boots, movie star sunglasses, and purple...

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No title
Posted by:Sarah #129074

A bag of Jelly Beans. Get a clear garbage bag, poke holes for arms and legs. Fill with small multi colored balloons. Tie bag closed around your neck with a colorful scarf. Wear a solid color outift underneath!

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a few fun ideas
Posted by:silverspoon #129075

One year my sisters and I were all Barbies, so I wore the costume to school and it was a big hit. We all had blonde wigs. I was "Sporty Barbie" and had a purple polo, khakis, sneakers, and a pink visor. One sister was "Rocker barbie" and she had a microphone, denim skirt, etc., and one was Ballerina Barbie and she wore a tutu with her wig.

Some other ideas - a Tornado - get an old grey sweatshirt and sweatpants. Hot glue white polyfill around it, like the wind from a tornado. Then, the best part - attach little toys from the dollar store - Farm animals, toy cars, etc. I even used a toy helicopter. probably my best costume yet.

A "Cereal" Killer - Probably better for slightly older kids, first graders probably won't get it. Attach mini boxes of...

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No title
Posted by:HM #129076

When I taught second grade, I dressed up as Junie B. Jones (colorful tights, skirt, sweater and an oversized bow in messy hair) and later as "spaghetti and meatballs" (a red sweatsuit with pieces of an old mop and brow pom-poms safety pinned onto it, I also carried a strainer and spaghetti spoon with more mop pieces tied to it). The kids really liked the spaghetti costume. This year I was thinking of wearing a raincoat and boots and carrying an umbrella with stuffed animals pinned to it...."It's raining cats and dogs"!

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class costume
Posted by:choosejoy #129077

Last year I taped a few Smarties candies on each students pants and we were "smarty pants.";)

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Speed bump
Posted by:Loli #129078

Last year I wore a yellow sweat suit with tire tracks painted across it and went as a speed bump.

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Tacky the Penguin and The Gingerbread Man
Posted by:donna #129079

I just got the current issue of Family Fun magazine in the mail and it had a couple of good ideas that could tie in with storybook themes.

The first was a penguin pants and hooded sweatshirt. attach foam beak to hood of sweatshirt, attach white patch to chest and black foam wings to arms. I thought about making this into TACKY THE PENGUIN by wearing a red bow around your neck and wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

The other one I liked was THE GINGERBREAD MAN...take a silver piece of poster board and bend up the edges in a cookie sheet form. Then cut a large hole to fit your face. Attach a large foam gingerbread man in the center over the hole so your face sticks out of it. Then attach smaller gingerbread men cut from brown foam with a...

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How About...
Posted by:Beateach #129080

Junie B. Jones? All you would need is a cute little jumper, a t-shirt (long or short-sleeves), some tights (brightly colored), "pat and leather" shoes, and a big bow in your hair. :)

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How about a Word Wall
Posted by:StephR #129081

One year, myself and 4 other teachers went as a big Word Wall. Each of us was one letter of the alphabet (the letter of our last names, as luckily they were all different) and we all dressed in black. We had two poster boards sandwiched on us and then put the frequently used words of those letters on our boards. (My last name started with R at the time so I had words like "really" on my board) Then we all linked arms (alphabetically of course) as we walked around the Halloween parade circle.

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Apple Tree
Posted by:KTeacher #129082

I was an apple tree when I did my student teaching and I had so many compliments on it!! Plus it was super easy!! I wore tan pants and then I wore a green sweatshirt and safety pinned some fake leaves and apple ornaments to it!! Took about 10 minutes to do and it was a big hit with the kids, teachers, and parents!!

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also an apple tree
Posted by:Dee Dee #129083

I was an apple tree last year. We had just gone apple picking, so the kids loved it. I wore a green sweatshirt and hot glued apple ornaments that were very cheap from the dollar store. I glued some fall leaves on with washable glue and wore a headband with apples glued on too. Easy to wear and I could teach in it all day.

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Aye Matey, have some fun!
Posted by:bonnybelle #129084

It's fun to link up with your grade level and run with a the theme. We've done The Wizard of Oz, Alice and Wonderland, famous pirates. Go it alone or double the fun with apartners. Put you mind to it and soon your heart will be it it too!

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Posted by:SusanTeach #129085

Can you make yourself look like a tree? I was thinking like brown pants and a shirt. Then hot glue some green felt leaves all over your arms. Then glue some foam letters on you - you'll be the tree from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! :p

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Posted by:Mumbles #129086

Some teachers in my school a few years ago wore aprons and a chef's hat and carried around wooden spoons. They went as the character from Chicken Soup with Rice. (They may have even decorated their aprons for the different months). It was a very cute costume and real easy to do.

If you have a red sweatshirt and pants, you can be Clifford the Big Red Dog. Just add felt ears and tail and your done!

Have fun with it!!

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How about
Posted by:Azure #129087

Clifford the Big red dog? All you need is red sweat pants/shirt. A head band with floppy ears glued on.

Little Red Riding Hood?
Tacky the Penguin
Stuart Little
The ugly step sister from Cinderella
What about something from the teacher from the black lagoon?

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some ideas
Posted by:vateacher #129088

Wear overalls, put your hair in pigtails, get a stuffed pig and a spider and be Fern from Charlotte's Web.

Wear black, tease your hair and be Ms. Viola Swamp (or if you're blonde, dress pretty with bright red cheeks and be Ms Nelson)

Wear all mismatched clothes and a huge bow in your hair and be Junie B Jones.

Wear a black robe, skirt and white button down shirt and carry a huge book and a stick around... you're Hermione Granger or Harry Potter from the series.

I once wore a white dress, slippers and carried a teddy bear. I was wendy from Peter Pan.

That's all I can think of. Good luck!:s)

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Judy Moody
Posted by:azfarkas #129089

A doctors coat, glasses and pig tails (pig tails or one pony tail I can't remember right now!)

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No title
Posted by:dmamec #129153

Baseball cap, windbreaker, whistle around your neck, carry a clipboard---


(And isn't that what you are, after all?!!!!! :D)

that's what my son went as last year...3 bucks for a whistle. Cheap, cute, easy.

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