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Red Ribbon Week Ideas (Oct.)

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Ideas for commemorating Red Ribbon Week:Door Decorations, School-wide activities, Lesson Plan ideas.
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Posted by:TeacherMeg #128699

This is not really a center idea... but maybe you could incorporate somehow? My school has a theme for each day next week:

Monday: Put a lid on drugs (we are wearing hats)
Tuesday: Doing drugs is crazy (we are wearing crazy socks)
Wednesday: Red Ribbon Day (wear as much red as possible)
Thursday: Give drugs the boot (we are wearing boots)

Also here are some cute slogans I have seen posted:
Id rather wear a bikini than drink a martini
Id rather hug slugs than do drugs
Id rather play than smoke all day
Id rather cheer than drink beer
Id rather be tall than drink alcohol

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Red Ribbon Week at my school
Posted by:Brigid #128707

Thanks, Petunia for sharing your idea. I like the idea of tying red ribbons on the cars. I think I will adapt that to getting large red ribbons (the ones that you find at Christmastime) and put one on every door in the school. We are also doing specific things each day for Red Ribbon Week. On Monday, we are tracing, cutting out, and signing red handprints to state "Hand in Hand, Let's Take a Stand to be Drug-Free!". Tuesday we are all wearing sunglasses to "shade" out drugs day. :cool: On Wednesday, we are all wearing sweats to show that staying drug-free is no "sweat". On Thursday, we are all wearing sneakers (private school) so that we don't let drugs "sneak" up on you. On Friday, we are all wearing red, as well as cray or mismatched socks to "sock it" to drugs day!" We will end with a...

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Last year...
Posted by:mellen #128705

...we used the phrase "Room 16 says Stay Clean! Don't do drugs!" Then we decorated with a large bathtub, a bathmat below it with a pair of slippers on it, and bubbles coming up out of the tub. On each bubble was a picture of my students. It came out cute and we won!

This year, I've written a paragraph using product labels. ( I pledge to make a healthy choice and stay away from drugs. Etc.) The paragraph will be posted on my door, surrounded by red ribbons with each student's picture on it. We'll see what happens. I don't expect to win this year. It's gotten pretty competitive and I think it's rather silly. I just like to have fun with it.

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Red Ribbon Week
Posted by:Earthgirl60 #128708

I know that it is too late for this year but this maybe something that you want to keep in mind for next year. I saw a door at our school that was so cute! The saying was "You can BEE anything you want to be if you stay drug free". The teacher had a cut-out of a bee that was the size of a drink can. The class colored the bee and wrapped it around the empty drink can and glued it on. For the wings, the class wrote on a piece of paper (in the shape of wings) what they would like to be. The wings were glued on the back of the can which looked like it was on the back of the bee and the cans were hung from the top of the door with clear string. It looked like the bees were...

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red ribbon week
Posted by:SusanTeach #115962

We do something similar to readerabbit. We have something different for each day. Some of the days have little "treats" they get - like smarties and it says "Be smart and stay away from drugs". I personally like the ones where they wear something. I don't remember them all, but one was "tie one on against drugs" - and they wore ties. Another was "slip away from drugs" and they wore slippers. We have uniforms, so it gave the kids a nice variation.

Also, they were all given a red ribbon to wear all week. Each ribbon had a number on the back of it. They would do several drawings a day, and that child would get a little treat (fancy pencil or something). That encouraged them to wear their ribbon all week. They only got the prize if they had their ribbon on. That was...

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red ribbbon
Posted by:readerabbit #128702

Just got my red sheet for the things we do each day.

Shade out Drugs-wear sunglasses
Turn your backs on drugs-wear your shirt backwards or inside out
Hugs not Drugs-Bring a stuff animal to school
Knock the socks off drugs- wear funny or mixed matched socks
Put a cap on drugs- wear a hat or cap to school

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resources to use
Posted by:Kellyn #128706

Hey all,

There are some great free resources you can order online at They have materials for K-12 that teach kids about the science of drug use and the effects it has on your body.

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The Spider and the Fly
Posted by:Risa #128709

Hi benteach!
Not sure if this would be appropriate for your grade level, but take what you can use...

Here's a link to the book on Amazon
The Spider and the Fly

I've read this book for last two years to my fourth grade students and I've gotten a lot of 'mileage' from it. (Poetry, figurative language, analysis of illustrations, Red Ribbon Week, and ways to say 'No' to drugs.) We discuss how the spider slowly but surely enticed the fly to stay for dinner which eventually gts caught in the web. We notice the web is progressively woven bigger and bigger in each of the subsequent drawings. (foreshadowing)

After discussing the story completely, I make the connection to Red Ribbon Week by helping my students to see how they can be gradually enticed into trying drugs, alcohol or tobacco....

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Posted by:treetoad #128701

kids decorate grocery sacks and placemats for our grocery stores and restaurants -both items are furnished by the stores. Kids draw pictures and write drug free slogans and sign their names. Great advertising for the restaurants cause families go in to see if their child's will happen to be on their table - no guarantees though.

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Walk Away
Posted by:Mrs. C #128703

We are doing different themes each day also. On Monday, students will trace and cut out feet prints to put in the hallway - Walk Away From Drugs.
Tuesday, we will be incorporating jumproping into our phy. ed. class - Jump away from Drugs (or something to that extent) and Thursday we will shoot hoops to some effect of staying away from drugs. Last year we created a scrapbook - each class had a page and we had to decorate and "pledge" to stay drug-free. Then it was put on display in the library.

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Posted by:tish #109755

We made pennants to hang outside our room. They put messages about drugs on them. Friday the whole school is going out on the playground for an activity. Each student in the room took a strip of red paper to make a single chain link. Then we linked the chains together for the classroom. All the other classes are doing this too. Then we will link all our class chains together out on the playground with the kids making a huge circle. "Chain up Drugs is our motto for the event. The newspaper is coming to take a picture. Oh, each student put their name on their link beore we stapled them together. You could do this just with your class making each child do a couple of links depending on the size of the class. Hope this helps. Good luck!Oh make sure you staple the links together...

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Posted by:knamom #128700

We have a daily theme. We are kicking our week off with each student getting a brick (a red construction paper cut out) and they write there name on it. In the gym we are going to have an out line of a house and on the roof have written "building a drug free life" and each student will help "build the house" by adding their bricks. (The 5th grade math teacher is even getting her students to figure out how many bricks it will take!)

On another day we are doing disco day. With a new state law requiring more exercise, we do 10 minutes of "dancing" in our classrooms each morning to music over the intercom, we decided to incorporate songs, so on disco day the kids are going to dress "disco" then dance to Staying Alive. We will change the chorus to Staying Alive, Staying...

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Red Ribbon Week
Posted by:farmgirl #128704

Our Student Council planned this weeks activities which are:
Monday-Drugs and I Don't Mix-Students wear mismatched clothes
Tuesday-Put a Cap on Drugs-Students wear caps/hats
Wednesday-Sock It To Drugs-Wear mismatched or crazy socks
Thursday-Give Drugs the Cold Shoulder-Wear warm winter clothes
Friday-follow Your Dream For a Drug Free Life-Students wear pajamas
Our cook also had red licorice string tied in a ribbon on each students trays for lunch. She also has red rosy applesauce, red French bread, "SAY NO" jello cut outs, and red goop salad on the menu for the week.

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