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Reading Logs

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Many teachers use Reading Logs in their classroom and as homework to encourage reading and comprehension among their students. In this collection you will find many different teacher created logs and ideas to adapt and use in your classroom.
Reading Logs
Posted by:BelleBelle #2624

Here is a copy of the homework sheet/reading log that me and my other 3rd grade collegues use. We sent one home every Monday that listed homework for the week, important dates to remember, math facts to study, reading minutes to complete, and the spelling words for the week on the back printed on yellow paper. There were 3 of us so we just took turns creating one on the same template. It worked the best for us cause parents had to intial that they read and I had over 70% of the students turn it in as required.

Download: HomeworkSheet30.doc (33.792 KB)

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Reading Log
Posted by:ConnieWI #2625

I am posting the reading log I use. It is run back-to-back.

Each child has at school (put an S in the upper right hand corner) and one for home (put an H in the upper right hand corner). Students have a stopwatch that they use to keep track of their minutes. They love the stopwatch, and it motivales them to read.

I am also attaching the genre abbreviations. These abbreviations are needed for the log.

My students must read fifteen or more minutes per night...even weekends. If they do not, they do not go to recess for the entire day. There are always a few at the beginning of the year with excuses, but excuses do not cut it. No recess!! By the end of the first week, I seldom have students who do not complete...

Download: reading log.doc (47.104 KB)

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Posted by:StephR #461

Here is the one I made last year. I had great success with it. Basically, I run the pages back to back so each sheet of paper has 5 sections on it (you will see when you look at it) The kids can then choose 4 to do over the course of the week (one per day).

Mine uses the Thinking maps and reading strategies (from Open Court, if anyone is familiar....but can be adapted to any basal or strategies I am sure)

I have posted this before on PT, so excuse if you have seen it before! :)

Download: Response To Literature.doc (60.928 KB)

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Posted by:Bethany #2626

Here is my reading log for the month of August. The reason it starts on August 13th is because that is the start of the first "real" week of school. I change the clip arts, reading quote, and of course dates every month.

Hope This Helps!:s)

Download: August Reading Record Sheet.doc (36.352 KB)

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Posted by:MsYork #2627

I've been doing the logs as part of our weekly homework (due every Monday, 100 minutes total, signed by a parent). It goes in my gradebook but it's worth ~1/2 of a normal homework grade (the kids don't know that). It starts from the second week of school to the last week. I typically have ~2-3 inconsistent kids out of 30 -- the rest eventually get the hang of it.

Here is my log and the letter to accompany it (I think I need to modify it a bit for this year). I have a Spanish version of the letter if anyone wants it:

Download: Weekly Reading Log.pdf (30.704 KB)

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Reading Logs
Posted by:Emily4th #123865

I have had some success with using what I call CROP QV as a weekly log, but it is such a struggle for that small handful of kids each year, and am sick of fighting it. I think I am going to use my independent reading time to have the kids do CROP QV, because I really like the concept as it integrates all the skills we teach. Here is what I am thinking I will do for nightly reading:

Weekly comprehension sheet

Weekly Letters: (I am thinking of trying to do this like a parent dialog journal where the kids communicate with their parents. I think that could be really cool, put less work on me, and instill some family reading time. Then on the same token, what about those kids whose families can't or won't respond...possibly make it to any adult or...

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Posted by:MsYork #2629

Reading Log Info
Posted by:beachteach #115668

I am trying to get my reading log up and going. I am looking for some sort of directions for my parents to follow. I would also love some questions that parents could ask their child after they have read. Anything you have would be wonderful! Here is my reading log if you would like to see it.


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Here's my reading log for 4th grade
Posted by:Risa #2630

The reading log my students use is attached below.

For questions parents can ask, you may find ideas here:
Look for "Ways To Talk with Your Child About Books"

Download: Reading Log 1.doc (47.616 KB)

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I do response journals
Posted by:bonpar #123991

My students are supposed to read for 20 minutes, then write a short summary, predictions, feelings etc about what they read. It was like pulling teeth to get this out of some kids, but I think its important. I made sure there was absolutely no excuse to not have it done.

1. The 5 entries were due each week on the same day. No guessing about when its due.

2. Once a week, read/respond was a center. On 3 other days, students chould read during lit circle time (if their group wasn't meeting).

3. Students could respond to their lit circle book that they were reading, full length articles in TIme for Kids and other things they were reading anyway. I would set out books on topics we were learning about accross the curriculum for kids to choose from...

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Reading Logs
Posted by:Kimberly #11740

I do a reading log that is turned in every Monday to me. The log has a form in it where the child/parent logs the date, title of the book, minutes read, and parent initials. The students are required to read 45 minutes per week broken down any way they choose. When they turn it in, I glance it over making sure they read 45 minutes. If not, they miss that much recess (no matter how many days it takes) and read during that time. No make-ups. If they have read 10 books, they get to color in on their Hot Home Reading thermometer. I draw a line across the bottom of the last entry for my ease the next time I check. I only keep track of those who did NOT do their homework. The rest, the kids fill in on the reading board. At the end of the...

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