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Door Decorating Ideas

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Looking for a fun way to decorate your classroom door or have your students decorate it for you? This collection is full of creative door decorating ideas and pictures.
Posted by:iluvpooh #1433

Last one
Posted by:hhillhs #2193

Here is a picture of my door. The jerseys are paper plates that I found in our grocery store (HEB) party area. I saw them the other day, so they still have them if you are in Texas!!

I also made the scoreboard to the right, and I used it for class points. The numbers hang on hooks, so I just moved them each time.

Download: Door (2).jpg (16.542 KB)

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Door Decorating
Posted by:Melissa #51975

I have a fun way to involve the kids and make a cute door decoration. Have all of your students trace their hands on green construction paper (different shades is great)and cut them out. They can actually cut through several layers at once with only tracing on the top sheet. I also had them string popcorn at a center and cut out and glitterize snowflakes. I put a blue background on the door (Wrapping paper works great and is just the right size)and arranged the hands into a pine tree, strung the popcorn zig-zag on it and placed the snowflakes on and around the tree. I also put white batting under the tree for snow. It looks so cute and 3-D! Captions can be anything related to Christmas or Winter. (Peace on Earth, etc). I cut the letters out of doilies to go along with the snowflake theme....

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my door
Posted by:Weezer #2605

Hollywood Classroom Pics
Posted by:kacie8 #2592

I just got finished decorating my classroom in a Hollywood theme. I can only attach one picture at a time, but here are some pictures of my classroom. This is my first attachment so I hope it works. This is a picture of my classroom door.

Download: proteacher-Classroom_Door1.jpg (86.514 KB)

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Hollywood Classroom Pics
Posted by:kacie8 #2593

Frog Halloween......
Posted by:garcia #2144

This is my door for October! I drew this and colored it. I teach Reading. I put the boys as the bats and the girls were frogs. They each had to write their favorite book and tell the author.

Download: proteacher-100_1539.JPG (49.648 KB)

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March Door
Posted by:garcia #2145

This is my March Frog Door.LOL

Download: proteacher-100_1952.JPG (59.177 KB)

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Cool Tent!
Posted by:doden #2613

I love ya'll ideas! I also do a camping theme. I've been thinking really hard (and hurting my brain;) ) trying to come up with a way to use a tent with the word tent in the title (like: we're doing some "intentsive" reading, but I just wasn't sure how that would go over.

I also had a literacy lake (word wall)
Camp learn s'more was on my door
Happy Campers for student of the week
Campfire stories (BB for published work)

I've never posted pictures but I'll try...wish me luck

Download: proteacher-door_07-08[1].JPG (161.796 KB)

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Posted by:Weezer #1716

My daughter did camping theme last year. Here is a pic of her door.

Download: proteacher-IMG_1654.JPG (53.961 KB)

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pic of camping door
Posted by:Weezer #1718

She has two doors. This was the other one!

Download: proteacher-IMG_1656.JPG (61.699 KB)

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Classroom door
Posted by:kdeeaot93 #2652

Here is a picture of my classroom door.

Shannon :)

Download: proteacher-Class_door.JPG (72.504 KB)

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Last one!
Posted by:txblonde #2651

This is my actual classroom door!

Download: proteacher-2nd half of door.jpg (48.06 KB)

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rainforest pics
Posted by:Weezer #1947

I've done the rainforest for a couple of years..inspired by an actual vacation to the Amazon. I made a hut out of pvc pipe and grass skirts. I have each of my centers named like Monkey math, Kapok Corner, Reading Rainforest, Treemendous Words.My title on my behavior board is "No Monkey Business". The children love iat. I put a huge monkey on my door and wirte each students name on a banana. The title on my door in 3rd grade,,,What a great Bunch! I've attached pics.

Download: Door.jpg (51.187 KB)

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Door ideas
Posted by:Karen #67461

I just finished a door using the students picture that I think was really cute. I made a list of all the names of the kids in the class and left a spce beside the names:

1. Tom:_______________
2. Peter: _____________
3. Sara:________________

and so on. I gave everyone in the class a copy of this paper and they had to write one nice thing about everyone in the class (beside the name). It could be something they like about them, or something the person is good at (sports, creative writing...)
Then I collected the papers and choose the four best things about each child and wrote it down on paper.

She is good at math
She is kind to others
She is a good helper
She is a good friend

Then you can put it...

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Posted by:Rach #1544

I put flip flops on my door this year! I'm going to try and attach a picture to show you.

Download: proteacher-DSCN0636.JPG (57.014 KB)

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Door for Children's Book Week
Posted by:CageyBee #117499

What about having a referee in the center of the door with his hands gesturing "Time Out!" or blowing a whistle. You could probably find one on the Internet to print. Then have all different sport balls surrounding, baseball, volleyball, tennis, football, etc. Each child could draw and color or paint the balls and decorate with a little glitter on the stitching of each ball. When dry, glue a folded piece of paper in the center of their illustrated ball. This could be their favorite book that they've illustrated as the cover of the paper book. The title could be "Time Out for Reading" or "Time Out for Good Books"
PS: Pressed for time? Go to a teaching supply store and get Carson-Dellosa pads that have sports balls. Then all you have to have the children draw would be their favorite book covers.

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door decorations
Posted by:peach teach #69036

I've used several book titles as decorations. How about use red paper and decorate the door for "The Grouchy Ladybug" and have the students write descriptive sentences on their ladybugs or have them write why they are groughy. You could do your door as "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"--use green paper and make large circles and have students write titles and authors on the circles of books they've read this week. You could use "The Counting M&M" book--cover the door like the cover of book and have students do related math problems on the m&m's same can go for the book "Cheerios". You could use Dr. Seuss and decorate your door like a big red striped hat and have the students make their own hat for the big day. Hope these ideas help you alittle.

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door decoration and beginning theme
Posted by:Becky #12197

This year I am going to decorate my door as a barn door. My bulletin board will be titled "Look who is moo-ving to the 3rd grade" There will be cows/ etc. On the inside I have a board titled The spotlight in on... (with cow print border) The student will change each week. Behind my desk I have decorated the board with apple material and picket fence border. I have a pair of children's overalls with "my" school supplies in the pockets. We are going to hatch eggs the second week of school and have a milking demonstration. I just hope it will be fun for them. What I like about all of this is it will be go into October with out much of a change. Everything goes well with fall.

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Christmas door decorations
Posted by:Christine #97122

Hello--regarding door decorations, I used our die cuts at school to punch out gingerbread men that are about five inches tall. The students used various colors of glitter glue sticks to decorate. They look so darling. Then I'm going to put a gingerbread man border around the inside of the door where all the student's gingerbread men will go. A gingerbread house will go in the middle of the door. This is a great way to decorate your door especially if you have someone who can't celebrate Christmas. It's also a great theme to use during this season if you feel uncomfortable doing a lot of Christmas things due to children who can't participate.

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