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Autumn Leaves & Fall Art Projects

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Art projects using collected autumn leaves or making colorful fall leaves using art materials
fall crafts
Posted by:Julianne #49290

There are two really lovely ways of using leaves to make pictures. The first way is to lay a piece of paper over a leaf and rub over it with the side of a crayon. The veins of the leaves show through if you're careful. You can choose only a few colors, including gold and copper, and have the kids rub leaf after leaf, layered on the same piece of art paper. The colors look best if they're rubbed pretty dark. It helps to have one child hold the paper down while their partner rubs. You can try this activity on black or silver paper, too.

The other leaf activity is to set a leaf on a piece of newspaper and paint it. Now flip it over and press it onto art paper. You can cover it with a piece of scratch paper as you rub it. When you remove the leaf it will...

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leaves/ apples
Posted by:Em #85183

I always either do sponge painting fall trees, they paint a trunk on and then use cut up sponges to make the leaves or ripped paper trees, where they make a constuction paper trunk and then rip little pieces of red, orange and yellow constuction paper and glue them on to make the leaves. With apples I like to do apple prints, using a half of an apple.

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fall art
Posted by:jude #84443

I've done the tree with sponged on leaves many times and it is very nice.

You could also rip quarter-sized (approx) pieces of fall colours from magazines. They could just do different shades of red, yellow, orange or brown. Glue them on a piece of paper about 6x6, simialr to a collage. Then, on a piece of black the same size (6x6) cut out a simple leaf shape. Glue this on top of the fall colour collage. The black is like a leaf-shaped frame. I've never tried with coloured construction paper, but I'm sure that would work also. Do not cut the papre bits, rip them, they effect is much better.

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fall art
Posted by:mike #67556

one thing i do with my grade one class...actually we are starting it tomorrow is leaf prints. i buy cheap watercolour paper and cut it into strips about 5-6" by i guess around 18". but any size will do then we collect up the leaves and soak the paper for about 10 minutes. the kids place their leaves on the paper and then i put the paper in green garbage bags. don't over crowd the bags. i pour in alittle water too. you want it to stay moist. the end of the bag is rolled up and then another bag is put on top. we place them in the basement of the school in a back room that isn't used much. on top of the garbage bags i put books and bricks. then we walk away and leave it. those beautiful imprints that you see on the sidewalk are imprinted...

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fall art ideas
Posted by:pattyk #84255

for what they are worth...have kids draw with crayon the trunk and branches of a tree, then sponge paint the 'leaves' using fall colors. Go on a leaf hunt and bring in a leaf, have children look closely at the leaves and notice the 'veins' and how they branch out, let them draw what they see. Let them try watercolors to paint an autumn scene ( I kinda like watercolors cause they are mostly water, clean up quickly, and don't seem to stain as deeply). Have kids make paper leaf crowns after looking at leaves and finding different types (pre-make some patterns for those who want to trace leaves that are brittle.) Hope these ideas help.

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fall art idea
Posted by:Jen #84445

How about just painting a piece of paper fall colours or just one colour. Two or more colours like yellow and orange, or red and orange together looks good. Let the paint dry. Then use tracers of different shaped leaves to trace and cut out a variety of leaves. They can be used to decorate a bulletin board.

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Posted by:Kim C #69210

Get the book "Fall Isn't Easy" about a tree that thinks fall is hard because it doesn't know what to do with its leaves. It's a bit silly, but the leaves form things like a hamburger, soccer ball, smiley face, restaurant sign, etc. The kids get a kick out of it and after they make their own Fall Isn't Easy Tree. They tear colored paper to form the top of the tree. The book gives them ideas if they can't think of their own and they all come out different anyway. ALos, I traced a maple leaf onto oaktag and let my student scover it with tissue paper squares in fall colors. The 1st graders can cut them out the next day when they are dry. They look great on a bulletin board.

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fall activity
Posted by:Pam #84065

We write fall cinquains. When we finish writing, we create a bulletin board to display the poems. The decorations are leaves that we make out of coffee filters. Each kid gets 3 filters. They trace die cut leaves onto the filters with pencil. Then we talk about fall colors and the kids use 3 markers to color in the leaves ( color darkly). When the markers dry, I sprinkle water on each filter so the colors run together. Experiment with this so you will know how much water to use. A spray bottle helps. When the leaves dry, they cut them out and we staple them to the bulletin board.

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fall craft
Posted by:maryellen #62528

Here are a couple of fall crafts I love every year. I make giant sunflowers using paper plates for the centres. We color the plates brown then cover with glue and sunflower seeds. Then we cut lots of petals from bright yellow to put around the outside, and add a l-o-n-g green stem with a leaf or two. It takes a lot of space to display these, but our librarian loves them every year, and they really brighten the place up. Also, I have 2 fall poems we learn;
Leaves fall,
Fall leaves,
Red, yellow, brown.
Leaves fall,
Fall leaves,
All over town.
I print this poem out on a ledger sized page and the children use their leaf collections and the appropriate crayon colors to do leaf rubbings all over the page. The poem shows through just fine. Another favorite poem...

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Posted by:Kelly K #85182

We did leaves this week...
We made simple "leaf explorer" hats...
The kids cut out assorted fall colored leaves to glue on a long strip of construction paper which I stapled to fit on their heads.

Then we went outside to "hunt" for leaves"
Each child had a plastic bag and we sang...
A leaf-hunting we will go
A leaf-hunting we will go
Hi ho the derrio
A leaf-hunting we will go

Then we came in and counted how many leaves we found. Since it would have been too time consuming to accurately count who found the most, we made piles at our table and everyone got to go stand by the table that looked like it had the biggest pile. The winners were quite pleased with themselves!!

Then we took those leaves and made some art. I came across...

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