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    By Donna

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    I teach first and have been observed. I did a measurement chart. First I read "How big is a foot?", but I don't recommend that particular one since kids don't get that foot does not mean something at the end of your leg with toes!

    The class was in small groups so they could help each other.

    Each child had a chart of three things that the whole class measured, plus two other things they could choose. I used a videocassette case, my shoe, and a 12" ruler. The kids then could measure 2 other things.

    They had to measure everything with unifix cubes (put together), paperclips, and 1" tiles from my math manipulatives.

    First explain, then let them go to it! It helped that my class had been introduced to some measurement before.

    My principal loved the small groups, the movement, the exploration (multiple intelligences). My kids loved measureing my shoe, and they found big books to measure, chair legs, all sorts of things!

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