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    I hope you have a great experience with yours! When I student taught, both of my cooperative teachers were fabulous and I learned so much! Unfortunately, when I had my first student teacher, it wasn't the greatest experience. I won't go into that, but you can get all kinds. What I have learned from having one and being one, here are my tips:

    Set up a desk for her. It doesn't have to be a huge teacher desk, but needs to be bigger than a student one. Put the survival basket there for her. Make sure you put some paper, pencils, paper clips, pens, etc. there for her. This gives her her own space (and you can still have yours).

    Meet with her beforehand. I called mine and set up a time to meet. I welcomed her and gave her a set of my rules and procedures.I discussed dress code, emergency procedures, lesson plans, etc. I told her I didn't mind her trying new things, but you must insist that for the sake of the children (and YOUR sanity after she leaves---you don't have to add that!! )you need to keep the rules and consequence in place. (insist, but nicely, because my student teacher wanted to change EVERYTHING!!)I even gave mine our school agenda that has all the school rules, procedures etc. in it.

    Show her around the school so she will know where to find the teacher restrooms, lounge, etc.

    Gradually let her take over--in our district you do two placements, the first you ease into it, the second you go right into teaching fully the second week. Plan accordingly.

    Check into your school's rules on confidentiality. I let mine mark right/wrong on work, but I had to give the grades. I couldn't let her do that, so find out beforehand!

    Be honest! For her lessons, find atleast one positive comment, what she could improve on, and a plan to reach that. Go over the day with her each day. Also, be honest with the university teacher as well (even though they may not really want to hear it). Document everything--copying her lesson plans, feedback sheet, etc.

    I hope this is a good experience for you and her!

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