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    By Linda

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    One activity my students like in 5th is that I tell them they are going to another country and give each one of them a large brown bag. I instruct them that they cannot bring anything with them that will not fit into the bag. They are to go home and decide what possessions they would like to take. I also discuss the weather for the trip, the time frame, etc. I then tape off a section of floor about 3 x 5 ft. and tell them that it is the section for them and their belongings. They may not put any of their stuff in the other squares. It gets quite confusing and noisy but they do realize that the immigrants had it rough on ships. This is just a quick overview and I am sure you can improve upon it.

    I also have a majority of students in my class who have come here from another country and I have them discuss with their classmates why they came here, how, what they brought, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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