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    uncaring students
    By gina

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    Have you heard of a game called KABOOM!? Here are the instructions for creating it (the example is for kinds of sentences, but you could easily adapt it to parts of speech, etc.)

    First make your game pieces - long narrow strips of tagboard or any other heavier paper - with the skills you want to work on. For example, for the 4 types of sentences, write sentences of each type, one per slip, but without the punctuation. Also make six or eight strips with "KABOOM!!!" written on them. Put them all into a container - I used a one pound coffee can that I had decorated with KABOOM and some bombs going off!

    To play the game - divide your class into groups - I used rows as that is how the classroom is set up. Starting with the first student in each group/row -BUT ONE STUDENT AT A TIME, NOT ALL 1ST STUDENTS AT THE SAME TIME - have them come up and pick a paper. They read the sentence and decide (give a few seconds) which type of sentence it is. If correct, they keep it, if incorrect it goes back into the container. Once all the first of the row students have had a turn, then each of the second students in the row get a chance.

    The idea is for the rows/groups to collect as many strips as they can. The catch is that if someone picks a KABOOM strip, the entire row gives up their accumulated strips. I couldn't believe how often the class asked to play this simple drill!

    Once everyone is familiar with the procedure, it can go quite fast.

    Hope it works well for you. Please let me know if you try it.

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