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    how often?
    By I teach 4th

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    Well, I have my kids turn in one letter to me each week. I have it worked out that 5 students write to me on Monday through Thursday. They all know what day their own letter is due. That way, I only have 5 letters to respond to each evening. That works pretty well for me except when I don't do them each night. 20 in one weekend takes some time! I'm afraid 33 would be really overwhelming! One year (I had 28 students in my reading class), I would type my responses and glue them in their notebooks. That seemed to save some time, and the kids didn't mind a bit.

    I know this is a time consuming project for the teacher, but I have to tell you I truly believe it is SO WORTH IT! I love to watch how my readers grow from the beginning of the year in how they respond to what they read. I know it helps with their comprehension, and I know many of my students have turned from hating to read to actually liking it a lot! Isn't that what it's all about?

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