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    Atom mobile
    By BN

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    I have made atom mobiles using tag board. It works. Make the following patterns for students to trace and cut on tag board:

    Two electron orbits. Two narrow O's.
    One half inch wide.The diameter for #2 is 7 inches(approx. measurements). For #1 4 inches. One is smaller than the other.So they will fit in each other when hanging.

    A smaller circle to fit inside orbit #1. 2 inch diameter.

    Atomic particles.
    Depending on the atom/element you are making the electrons, neutron and protons will be a different amount.I always choose elements with atomic numbers that would be easy to make.

    carbon At#6 or oxygen At#8

    The students would use a penny or nickel to make the E,P,N.Trace the penny (6x3=18) 18 times to make a carbon model.

    The students would trace and cut all the pieces out.
    The atomic particles were colored.
    E red P blue N greens

    The P and N are glued onto the circle nucleus.
    The electrons glued on the orbits. The correct number of electrons on each orbit.

    We punched small holes in the two orbits and nucleus and connected everything with string. On the inside was the nucleus, orbit one and then orbit two. Everything should fit in each other.

    The tag board in stiff enough that the orbits will be straight/stiff. I liked this projest because you don't need a lot of special material. materials:tag board, glue/paste, crayons, string.

    I make a finished mobile for the students to see.I also have drawn all the pieces out on a piece of paper(9x 11) and then copied the original on to tag board by copy machine. We have a machine that you can put tag board through to make copies. The students did not have to trace. They colored, cut and put to together the atom mobile.All the parts will fit on a reg. 9x11 paper.

    I hope you can follow the directions. I can visualize the mobile but clearly writing the dimensions and measurements was a little difficult.Let me know if you have any questions. BN

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