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    The bad side
    By Sabrina

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    Grading all those papers - I didn't realize until I got into teaching how many hours of grading I would be doing each night at home. It gets better as you get more experience but it still wears on you.

    Discipline - Sometimes administration can be very unsupportive and parents can be as well. I get really tired of saying the same things over and over.

    Money - You have already mentioned teacher pay but do your realize how much teachers (especially new teachers) have to purchase out of their own pocket. If I want extra supplies (besides what the kids bring) I buy them. Teacher resource books, science experiment materials, class sets of novels, rewards etc. It really adds up!

    No Child Left Behind - This act has made teaching even more frustrating in my opinion. We are pushed to get students to succeed at sometimes ridiculous levels. All kids do not enter school on the same playing field, yet this act says they should all be on the same level.

    No time to yourself In the business world, you can sometimes shut your office door and veg a little bit. Not in teaching. You are always on stage. You get a very limited time to eat lunch and your conference is usually taken up with daily paperwork and copying that you need to get done. It gets tiring at times.

    I enjoy teaching. Just go into it knowing that it will be hard. During your first year, you will likely question why you choose to become a teacher many times. It does get better though.

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