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    teaching is a work of heart
    By Donna

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    Dear JS: I changed careers at 39 and have been teaching for the last 5 years. I have never regretted my decision for a single minute. It's good that you know of all the positives about teaching, they are few but far outweigh the negatives. In my district, I find the lack of parental understanding and appreciation for what we do disheartening. I also am disappointed in the manners and upbringing in so many kids that I don't have a fighting chance to instill kindness and compassion in some instances. Also, adminsitrative pressures are constantly increasing and it often feels as if you're being pulled in every direction possible. I know it may sound that I hate teaching, but I really truly love the creative outlet and the ability to touch children's souls. I also enjoy the camradarie and professional stimulation of my colleagues, not to mention some really funny lunch times. Good luck and if it's in your heart, go for it! You may not have the opportunity again.

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